Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Blue and Pink Fairy Wishes

Hello Everyone! Today I am sharing a birthday card featuring Pion Dion collection "Four Seasons of Fairies". I love pulling out a collection I haven't used in a while and discovering the gorgeous designs and colours all over again!

Pion products:

Four Seasons of Fairies - PD24005B
Four Seasons of Fairies - PD24006B
Four Seasons of Fairies - PD24005A
Four Seasons of Fairies - PD24004A
Four Seasons of Fairies - PD24010A
Four Seasons of Fairies - PD1644

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Hugs, Pamellia

Saturday, December 12, 2020

Pion Design - Double Christmas Wishes

Hello Everyone! Today I am sharing two festive cards for the holidays. I simply couldn't decide which of the gorgeous Pion Design palettes to use from the new collection "A Woodland Christmas Tale", so I decided to use more than one! Don't you just adore those beautiful wintery images and patterns!

Just a moment of pure cuteness with Cedrick, my skull fracture boy on the left and Jennifer, my skeleton girl on the right. They are house mates now because they're both a little fragile and require a special cage. Believe it or not, they are the same age. Jennifer will catch up eventually, but for now, she needs a partner who moves slowly and plays gently. 

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Hugs Pamellia :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Pion Design - Wishing You Joy

Hello Everyone! Today I am sharing a holiday card featuring Pion Design’s 2020 Christmas collection “A Woodland Christmas Tale”! As you know, I am a huge lover of wildlife, so this collection is very special me. I just adore all of the gorgeous outdoor scenes and wonderful wildlife images! So serene and festive! don't miss out on this gorgeous collection!

Pion products:

A Woodland Christmas Tale – PD33004A
A Woodland Christmas Tale – PD33006A
A Woodland Christmas Tale – PD33007A
A Woodland Christmas Tale – PD33012A

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Pamellia :)