Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pion Design - Snowflake Joy

Hello Everyone!

Today I am so excited to share my first card featuring the latest Christmas collection from Pion Design, "Christmas Wishes"! Traditional red and green are my favourite for the holidays, and the watercolour style images are absolutely wonderful! 

Pion products:
Christmas Wishes - Good Tidings PD9801
Christmas Wishes - Happy Holidays PD9804
Christmas Wishes - 6x6 December Birds PD9904
Christmas Wishes - Tags PD9812

Just sending out a quick thank you to a wonderful gal Ang of The Ducks Doodahs. She has opened up an online craft shop, and I have just received my first order. See the beautiful Snowflake die cuts above and below, and the wonderful sticky back pearls!! Her prices are amazing and she's adding new products all the time. She doesn't normally ship internationally, but I was desperate and she went out her way to send me some of her wonderful products. She does ship everywhere in the UK though, so please go give her a visit and support a fellow crafter!

So Thursday morning I woke up to a freezing cold house. The temperature had dropped almost 30 degrees from when we went to bed on Wednesday night! I'm hoping to get outside and aim my camera at the autumn colours, but until then, I'm continuing to share some summer photos with you. I hope the weather isn't as crazy for everyone else as is it here!

"We don't need to explain our love. We only need to show it."
~Paulo Coelho~

"Seriously with that camera lady? Seriously!"
~Mr. Blue Jay~

A last look at one of those baby Ducks before he full on look like his Daddy! I love the colder seasons of autumn and winter, but I admit I miss all the cute little babies that the warm seasons bring!

"Oh hello, I'm Big Kate! I think you've met my brother The Cookie Monster. I love the human's patio, there's always lots of food and the patio furniture is so perfect for a nap! The human thinks I'm a pain in the butt, but she also thinks I'm adorable, so she loves me anyway. See you again soon!"

"Hmmmmm, I can't tell if that human is talking to me or the flower? Oh well, nom nom nom." 
~a trail friend~

"Holy crumbdiddle human! This may be your best batch of cookies yet! Go pecans!" 

"Are you gonna drop a peanut, or am I gonna have to go up there and take one!" 
~Suzy Q~

I really enjoyed my photo shoots in the lovely patch of flowers I discovered. The flowers are gone now, but I have a few more pics to share. Call me crazy, but every squirrel looks like a professional model when they're sitting amid all the yellow blossoms!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pion Design - Birthday Blooms

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing a feminine birthday card featuring the Pion Design collection "Patchwork of Life". Blue isn't just for boys, look at how dainty and delicate these gorgeous flower patterns are!

Patchwork of Life - The Golden Years PD9206
Patchwork of Life - Borders PD9211
Patchwork of Life - Family Quilt PD9212

And the heat wave continues. This is as hot as it's been all summer. So hot, that we've closed the outer door, something we've only done once before, since we moved to the new place. Humidity is the 90% range making it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. And here I was thinking we were going to get an early winter, so silly of me! lol

I don't often get the chance to capture a Dove perched in the trees, they spend most of their time on the ground. Such beautiful birds!

When a dance is more than a dance!
~Cardinal vs Blackbird~

How excited was I to see my first ever Quail, and this Gambel's Quail sure was a fun one to watch!

Has anyone ever seen the tv show called "Zoo"? On one hand, how creepy and scary. On the other hand, we totally deserve it, don't we! I've often wondered what some of my wildlife friends would do on an episode of this show? I mean, what would a mob of angry bunnies look like, really?

This is a sweet little visitor I named Porter, you met him back in July. He has a fabulous orange tail and frosted orange tips on his fur! I do hope he visits again some time soon!

Hey Baby Kay! You're supposed to eat out of the dish, not sit inside it! Silly kids!

"OK lady, that's the worst disguise ever, you don't even look like grass!"
~a trail friend~

 My little buddy Rusty, escaping the heat in the shade of the tree leaves.

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Autumn Laughter - With Video

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing an autumn themed card featuring the gorgeous Pion Design collection "Summer Falls into Autumn". I love the subtle, rich tones of these papers, and the images are just so delightful!! I have also put together a video tutorial that I hope you will enjoy. It's been 5 months since I did one, I almost lost my groove!! Do stay tuned for that after the photos.



Summer Falls into Autumn- Falling Leaves PD9608
Summer Falls into Autumn- Autumn Delight PD9603
Summer Falls into Autumn- Days of August PD9607
Summer Falls into Autumn- Borders PD9611
Summer Falls into Autumn- Tags PD9612
Summer Falls into Autumn- September Morning 6x6" PD9701
Images From the Past - Summer Falls into Autumn PD1630
The Witching Hour - Trick or Treat PD8002

So I packed up the patio, put away the furniture and took apart the water fountain... then summer came! The temps have shot through the roof and all my planters started growing flowers again, so strange against the trees that have already started turning colour! Nature is a funny thing!

"Nope, I didn't eat the peanuts! " 
~Mr Cardinal~

Whenever I am stressed out or feeling down, I just need to step outside onto my patio. There will always be a sweet little squirrel visitor and a few Sparrows singing their song to cheer me up.

🎵 "These boots were made for walkin' and that's just what I'll do! 🎵

"Psssst, I think we're being watched!"  ~The Cookie Monster to his brother~

"Pssst! Hey peanut lady, over here. Bring me a couple of those yummy things, will ya!" 
~Suzy Q~

You've all met my handsome little Neddie, but what you can't see in my photos is how amazing he is. He only has a nub of a tail so his balance is not great. He has trouble walking the smaller branches and he walks with a wobble. Despite all his handicaps, he is so strong and resilient. He's shy but seems to trust me, and the way he watches me with such curiosity when I'm outside makes me giggle.

"Holy macaroni lady! I'll forgive you for stalking me if you throw me the biggest peanut you got!" 
~One Eyed Willamina~

My beautiful Missy, still going strong after her near death experience! She never fails to put on a good show for me and make me smile, bless her sweet heart! ❤❤

I figured since I was onto yellow this week that I would share a macro taken earlier in the summer. Just a yellow flower on a bush somewhere one morning as the sun came up.

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.