Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wine and Daisies

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing another card featuring the newest Pion Design collection "Summer Falls into Autumn". The beautiful patterns work so well for any autumn occasion, like this birthday card full of colourful florals and rich tones!

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Summer Falls into Autumn - Autumn Delight PD9603
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Summer Falls into Autumn - Tags PD9612
Summer Falls into Autumn - Falling Leaves PD9608
Summer Falls into Autumn - Borders PD9611

I think it's safe to say that summer is officially over. The cold weather has set in here unseasonably early and the leaves are already starting to turn. I can't wait to get some beautiful orange and red colours into my photographs, but until then I will share some photos still rich with greens.

Sweet sweet Chickadee. One of the bonuses of summer coming to an end are these wee birds!

Not too often I would use the expression 'ruggedly handsome' to describe a bird, but I think it's a pretty accurate description of this majestic Cardinal!

My encounter with this gorgeous Heron a few weeks ago was one of my favourite experiences so far as a wildlife photographer (second only to the baby raccoon friend I made!) what a fascinating bird to watch!

"The next time you look into an animal's eyes, look deep and long. You will see their inner beauty and feel their inner soul." ~Anthony Douglas Williams~

"Dang it lady! I come up in the tree to get away from you humans, and here you are!" 
~The Cookie Monster~

This is my new little friend. For the last few weeks he has visited me almost every day. He has learned to trust me and eats right out of my hand. He is so sweet and charming, I will miss him when he tucks in for the winter. 

"Holy snuffleupagus, you've outdone yourself again human! Best peanut I've had all day! 
~Princess Tabitha~

"Grrrrrrrr! Why do they have to hide the peanuts inside these goofy shells!"
~Miss Cherie~

"I don't have a mountain or a rooftop, so I'll sing it from the side of this here tree."  🎵"I LOVE PEANUTS"🎵
~a trail friend~

One Eyed Willamina having some breakfast in the field of flowers next to her tree. I can't think of a more perfect spot for such a beautiful girl! Stay gorgeous Willy!

I didn't get much of a chance this summer to practice my macro shots, but I did take a few of the flowers out on the patio. I mean, how often do you get a chance to look at a flower bud this closely! This is a Verbena bud up close and personal!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.



  2. My goodness, Pamellia, what a beautiful layered and shaped card! I love those papers, and your pearl dots around each of the layers is such a great touch, and must have taken hours and a very steady hand! The lace band and floral spray is breath taking, and the butterfly with the jeweled body is the perfect finishing touch! Love this card, and truly a new favorite! Thank you for making my day!

    I never tire of seeing your wildlife photography, and that heron is certainly an impressive find! And I've never really seen a verbena quite from that view point. I just love seeing all your wildlife photos and enjoy the captions! Sending you great big hugs!

  3. Gorgeous card! I love the colours and all the wonderful layers! Fantastic photos too, as always.

  4. It is a very beautiful card, more wonderful paper and you have so many gorgeous layers.
    I always love seeing your photos of the animals and birds, today's look wonderful.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Beautiful card, Pamellia! I am always fascinated with all the layers you create. Will you be doing any more video tutorials--I, for one, miss them? Love the wildlife photos. The details seen in the photos are amazing.

  6. What a wonderful card Pamellia, gorgeous papers and design, love all your lovely details.
    All of your photos are amazing, but the shot of the heron is awesome, Kate x

  7. My jaw hasn't closed since I opened this post, EVERYTHING you card and your wonderful photos are ALL jaw openingly Beautiful.

  8. Beautiful card Pamellia. The flowers, layers and papers in those wonderful colours are a feast for the eyes.
    Gorgeous wildlife photos too.

  9. Just a gorgeous card. Swoon.................. and always enjoy your nature shots. Have a great week

  10. Oh wow, your card is absolutely stunning, Pamellia!! You truly showcase the papers to perfection!! I love the layers and the amazing details you add!! It truly takes me so long to comment because I'm studying the pictures!! I don't want to miss anything!! Love, love it so much!!

    Your nature shots continue to blow me away!! The birds are incredible!! The heron is gorgeous!! I love all of the sweet squirrels!! But the precious raccoon has stolen my heart!! My most prized possession is a stuffed raccoon I've had since birth, so they always have a special place in my heart (even when they are eating my outdoor kitties' food ;) And that macro is amazing!! I hope you are doing well, my dear friend!! It's been chilly here, too. Fall is coming way too fast for me. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. An incredibly gorgeous card Pamellia, the papers are beautiful, I love the shaped elements and the design is just superb!

    Your photography is always breathtaking, I am so glad you have made friends with the beautiful little raccoon, who is adorable. The squirrels all look in great shape at the moment. I would never have guessed that bud was a Verbena - it is gorgeous!! Hugs, Anne xx

  12. Stunning papers and stunning card, so very beautiful and pretty. Love the layering and all the pretty elements. Thank you as ever for sharing your stunning photos and adding the fun captions x The little chickadee and red cardinal look amazing! (don't tell the others as they will get jealous as they are all my favourites x).

  13. Wonderful papers and colors, Pamellia, I always love rich tones and think that brown plus pink is very sweet feminine!! Love the shape of the layers and their distressed edges! And such amazing flowers! That lovely butterfly on the flower seems true!
    Love seeing your photos, they are a joy for me! :) The Chickadee is the cutest bird!! In my zone there are some Herons as this, they are majestic when fly, and so big! :) That bunny is adorable, but the most cute is the baby raccoon!!! Soooo sweet with those black eyes and that fur!!! I would cuddle him (or her? Who knows...) You and him are so lucky to have a friendship! :D
    Princess Tabitha is very fun with that face! And such sweeties are the other squirrels, especially One Eyed Willamina!
    Big hugs, enjoy your days with the wild friends and the warm colors of fall!

  14. Your card is lovely Pammelia, as always!!!!!!!
    xx Gerie

  15. Wow!! Pamellia, this is beautiful! The papers are gorgeous and look at all the sweet layers!! The lace, ribbon and flower look amazing!
    Your pictures are all so fun...the little critters couldn't be cuter. I swear they are posing and all ready to put on a show for you~so fun and so glad you share them!
    Hope you are doing well.. I am really FAR behind lately and will take forever to catch up~ your projects are all amazing as I scroll through your work~
    Have a great evening my friend,
    Sherrie K

  16. Gorgeous matted layers - great work with the new papers. And your photography is, as always, spectacular. Your new balcony room has clearly given you an even better vantage point to capture the creatures of the wood in all their life and variety. How lovely to have made friends with the raccoon - adorable!
    Alison x

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  18. What a beautiful card Pamellia - love the colours in that set of papers, and the baby 'Mum there is perfect.
    Stunning photos - love those birds and wee animals - as for that macro flower shot - it's amazing

  19. Gorgeous creation Pamellia! Beautiful layers and dimension! Love your birds & critters photos too ... you are amazing! Happy Day!

  20. Fabulous card my friend. Gorgeous florals and lace and just look at all of those layers.

    Beautiful nature shots, it is impossible to pick a favourite but your macro needs to be mentions, wow girl, look at those tiny, tiny moisture bubbles stuck in the spines/hairs (not sure what to call them).

    Have a great weekend.

    Dionne xx

  21. More fabulous layered lusciousness Pamellia, love the maroon mat, really brings out the pink and as for your wonderful wildlife shots...mesmerising. hope you are well xx

  22. One of my favorite cards ever that you created... love everything about it and that paper is just so happy/inviting/lovely. Also adore the verbena micro - so incredible to see. And your Heron is a WOW for sure - what a fab photo. Heheheh - love your raccoon friend - so precious. As are all your woodland family Pamellia. You are just sooo talented. XXj.

  23. Your card is beautiful as always Pamellia! You always amaze me with the way you layer different papers and elements and come up the most beautiful arrangement! Those wildflowers remind me of the purple asters that are in bloom across from our home- A sure sign of fall!
    OMGosh- your wildlife is just the best! Every picture and snippet of words you attach is perfect! Your photography is spot on Gorgeous!!
    thank you for making my morning!
    Jackie xoxo

  24. Your card is amazing, love those nested layers. Your photographs are just wonderful, love all your furry friends. I have visions of you walking through the woodland with the animals following you like a Disney film!

  25. Beautiful papers and gorgeous layers and embellishments-you never cease to amaze me with your creations-BUT your animal and nature photos are something special
    Carol x