Thursday, September 21, 2017

Autumn Laughter - With Video

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing an autumn themed card featuring the gorgeous Pion Design collection "Summer Falls into Autumn". I love the subtle, rich tones of these papers, and the images are just so delightful!! I have also put together a video tutorial that I hope you will enjoy. It's been 5 months since I did one, I almost lost my groove!! Do stay tuned for that after the photos.



Summer Falls into Autumn- Falling Leaves PD9608
Summer Falls into Autumn- Autumn Delight PD9603
Summer Falls into Autumn- Days of August PD9607
Summer Falls into Autumn- Borders PD9611
Summer Falls into Autumn- Tags PD9612
Summer Falls into Autumn- September Morning 6x6" PD9701
Images From the Past - Summer Falls into Autumn PD1630
The Witching Hour - Trick or Treat PD8002

So I packed up the patio, put away the furniture and took apart the water fountain... then summer came! The temps have shot through the roof and all my planters started growing flowers again, so strange against the trees that have already started turning colour! Nature is a funny thing!

"Nope, I didn't eat the peanuts! " 
~Mr Cardinal~

Whenever I am stressed out or feeling down, I just need to step outside onto my patio. There will always be a sweet little squirrel visitor and a few Sparrows singing their song to cheer me up.

🎵 "These boots were made for walkin' and that's just what I'll do! 🎵

"Psssst, I think we're being watched!"  ~The Cookie Monster to his brother~

"Pssst! Hey peanut lady, over here. Bring me a couple of those yummy things, will ya!" 
~Suzy Q~

You've all met my handsome little Neddie, but what you can't see in my photos is how amazing he is. He only has a nub of a tail so his balance is not great. He has trouble walking the smaller branches and he walks with a wobble. Despite all his handicaps, he is so strong and resilient. He's shy but seems to trust me, and the way he watches me with such curiosity when I'm outside makes me giggle.

"Holy macaroni lady! I'll forgive you for stalking me if you throw me the biggest peanut you got!" 
~One Eyed Willamina~

My beautiful Missy, still going strong after her near death experience! She never fails to put on a good show for me and make me smile, bless her sweet heart! ❤❤

I figured since I was onto yellow this week that I would share a macro taken earlier in the summer. Just a yellow flower on a bush somewhere one morning as the sun came up.

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Pamellia, your card is exquisite, so many beautiful layers, all arranged so perfectly. I loved your video (the witchy paper looks amazing on the other side!!!), it is such a treat to see how your put your wonderful cards together, you are a layering genius!

    Little Neddie is just adorable and the Raccoon brothers have such quizzical expressions on their faces! Your macro shot is stunning. I think you may be having the 'Indian Summer' that we were promised, but sadly has not happened.... yet! Enjoy the good weather, I am sure your little friends will be loving it! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. Gorgeous card Pamellia, love the paper and all the lovely layers. Wonderful photos of your feathered and furry friends! Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Valerie

  3. GASP!! You have to be the Queen of Layers, Pamellia! I LOVE this card so much and am absolutely delighted you did a video. I think I will be viewing it several times! What a perfectly wonderful card! I LOVE it! Did I say that already? Let's not forget the wildlife photos--love them, too!

  4. WOW Pamellia what a stunner, your layers and detail are amazing and I love the papers, wonderful colours. Your video is brilliant, and fab to see you you reach the end creation.
    Marvellous photos of your little friends too, hope all is well with you, Kate x

  5. Oh, I just adore these papers, they are fabulous! It's a fabulous card, so rich of colors and layers! Great design! The charm with the sentiment is a little delight and such wonderful flowers!!! Love the swallows image!
    A friend of mine recently saved two baby swallows: their mum was killed by a wind storm while she was coming back to the nest. My friend token the two little swallows and now she is feeding them, every two hours... The LIPU (do you know this association for birds?)gives her frozen crickets to put in their beaks(argh!). The baby swallows have to become adult and learn to fly, to be able to migrate toward South in November. I hope that they succeed in it... cross my fingers :)
    I'm amazed by your photos....!! You always put a big smile on my face, thank you! :)
    So happy for Missy, she seems strong and being well, surely has been a lucky squirrel!!! And your "stalking" to One Eyed Willamina made me laught Ah ah ah!
    Awesome young raccoons, so goofy and cute! LOVE the way Neddie are looking to you, he really seems a "home-squirrel" friend. Soooo cute and sweet! Poor little guy, he surely has had bad stories in his life... the nub tail and the wobble make me think that he was attacked.
    The words you you have made to tell at he pigeon made me laugh again!!! :D
    Big hugs!!

  6. You use so many parts of these lovely papers Pamellia to create your gorgeous card. Summer really is morphing into autumn and the nights are drawing in. Good to see you back doing your fab videos. How funny that you pack up your balcony and the weather typical. Enjoy it while it lasts. I'm typing this from my hotel room in Harrogate...I'm at Tim Holtz's workshop in the exciting. Take care my friend and sending hugs as always to you and yours xxx

  7. Absolutely stunning. Love the love laugh live token, and I adore how you use these papers, you showcase them beautifully. Your bow is beautiful. I also adore your pumpkin card below and your photos are divine. Tracy x

  8. Beautiful card Pamelia :)/Thanks for sharing the video,missed them :)

  9. Wouw...absolutely stunning card Pamellia..The autumn colours are beautifull
    and also the Pion collection. Thanks for sharing the video and lovely pictures
    from your friends!
    xx Gerie

  10. Another glorious post Pamellia and a video too...I love your videos and although I keep threatening to craft along I never seem to get the chance too!! xx

  11. Absolutely breathtaking - thank you for the lovely video too!

  12. A BEAUtiful card Pamellia..I got so excited to see there was a video I rushed into the kitchen, made my coffee and toast with a puddle of butter on it and all ready to eat, got so entranced with your video I forgot to eat and my butter solified on my love your videos so much..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  13. A stunning layered card Pamellia, you always have so many beautiful additions for us to see.
    Today's photos are wonderful and as always the captions you add are good to read and make the photos and animals so special.
    Yvonne xx

  14. Hi Pamellia
    Oh my, this is so incredibly pretty. You really get the most out of these lovely papers.
    Flora and fauna snaps are a joy to see as always.
    Take care.
    Ang x

  15. Wow, I am in love with this card, Pamellia!! The layers and dimension are amazing!! Each detail is perfect!! I can't tell you how happy I am there is a video, too!! I've missed your videos!! The papers are stunning and as always, you showcase them perfectly!! Spectacular, my dear friend!!

    Neddie is so sweet!! And that shot of Missy is gorgeous!! All of your shots capture the personalities of the squirrels perfectly!! The Cookie Monster and his brother make me smile :) I am leaving on vacation and won't be around for a couple of weeks. I'll stop by when I get back!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  16. What an amazing creation Pamellia - you put so many layers together and they always look so wonderful... you leave me breathless!
    You photos bring me joy - as ever - you are so blessed to be surrounded by such friendly wildlife

  17. What a glorious Autumn card! So perfect for this season Pamellia! I know what you mean about summer returning- crazy huh??
    Love your photos as always!
    hugs my friend Jackie xx

  18. I'm always lost for description words when I visit, I'll have to go visit a thesaurus to make a comment on this post, it's is just all so incredible, from the wonderful (not enough of praise word!) to the most wonderful nature photos, the yellow flower is just a picture of sunshine all - Fabulous.
    Have a good week my friend, I look forward to your next post.

  19. Beautiful card, Pamellia, and such wonderful colors and layers! I enjoyed your critter photos today. We have lost at least 4 cardinals from the hurricane. A male cardinal discovered my little "el cheapo" solar water feature outside my craft room window. He enjoys hopping around the edge of the big "pail" and flying through the water as it shoots up from the fountain. Very cute. The birds were so traumatized after the hurricane that they did not even eat from the bird feeders on Tuesday - a full day after the eye had passed by. But they have made up for it since then. Apparently some of the food for the larger birds is not available, and they are adapting to feed from our feeders by remaining "in flight" to acquire the black-oiled coated sunflower seeds. That is everyone's favorites.

    I especially like your "strutting" pigeon above. I am leaving a much dreaded copy-and-paste phrase on my friends' blogs. Trying to get back into the groove of normal, everyday life. The recent events in Florida caused circumstances which triggered exacerbations of my diseases. Hoping that my hands heal, and strength returns soon - the rest of it can be coped with easily enough. Thanks for understanding my inability to accomplish very much - maybe in October? love and hugs, de

  20. Lovely card, Pamellia! The papers are gorgeous and you have layered them up perfectly! I adore all your beautiful details, especially the lacy foliage tucked in.

    Enjoy your second summer; it won't be long before it's too cold to be outdoors. Love your wildlife photography and your funny captions. Really made me smile this morning! Sending hugs to you, my friend!

  21. I think your work of art is just stunning. The weather is doing odd things all over the place at the moment, it's definitely taken an autumnal turn here now. As ever amazing photos of your fabulous furry and feathered friends, I love seeing them and your mind reading!

  22. Amazing card, love all the texture, the layering and all the wonderful elements. The most beautiful colours and images too x Had a giggle with your fabulous photos and captions x Yes the world is a funny place weather wise and not always very kind with it x

  23.!! So much work!! The card came out amazing!

  24. Your card is exquisite Pamellia!! I just love how you manage to add so many layers and they all complement each other and your card never looks over crowded .. brilliant!! Love the papers and love the colours!!!
    Your photos are always brilliant as well. Had a giggle at the strutting pigeon and, of course, I simply adore your squirrels and I'm sure they are all enjoying your late summer. Down here, winter just doesn't want to let go. We get a couple of beautiful sunny days and then it's back to cold and rain. Ah well, I guess all we can do is put up with it and, although it looks like we're going to miss Spring, I hope Summer will get here when it's due!!! Have a wonderful day!! hugs xx

  25. Oh my goodness a video. I am so excited, I adore your videos and I have really missed them. This was worth the wait, what a sensational card, it is like a walk down a country lane in autumn. All of the beautifully coloured leaves, the grasses and the little butterflies, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

    The same could be said for your cute little woodland friends. Your weather seems to have been very topsy turvy this year, I hope it does not mean that all of your little friends are going to be in for a harsh winter.

    Dionne xxx

  26. That's a stunning autumn card - I've saved the video on youtube to admire later.
    Alison x