Monday, May 30, 2016

Pion Design - Feminine Treasures with Video

Hello Everyone!!

Seems I disappeared for a week or so, and for very good reason. Hubby and I decided to take some time off and enjoy some of the amazing sights of our new home. We crammed a lot into our week together and I took over 2500 photos...YIPES!! Anyway, I apologize for not being around to visit you, I will be catching up with everyone soon as I can. I hope you all had an amazing week!!

For my card today, I have used the new Mister Tom's Treasures paper collection from Pion Design to make a feminine card. These papers aren't just for masculine! There's a video tutorial as well.

click on any image to view the full Pion Design collection


Mister Tom's Treasures - Morning Glory 6x6" PD7503
Mister Tom's Treasures - Tom's Garden PD7407
Mister Tom's Treasures - Morning Glory PD7404
Mister Tom's Treasures - Vintage Newspaper PD7406
Mister Tom's Treasures - Tags PD7412
Mister Tom's Treasures - Borders PD7410
Scent of Lavender - Small Leaves PD7203
Pion Design Palette - Pion Blue VIII

I am entering the following wonderful challenges:


One of the things we did on our week off was spend a day at the African Lion Safari. This place is amazing. It's not like a regular zoo. Most of the animals are NOT in cages or behind fences, they are running around free and you just drive around and see them up close and personal!! So cool!!

Since the animals are not in cages, there are no signs to tell us what we are looking at, so some of the animals were a mystery to me. I mention the unknowns, so shout em out if you know what they are!

I love zebras! They are such a magical creature, straight from a fantasy novel!

We were constantly having to stop to let the animals cross over the road...WHAT!!! There's a baboon on my car, helloooo!! See the little baby in the background? So cute!

Not sure what these beautiful deer-like creatures are, but have you ever heard the expression...
LIKE FATHER - LIKE SON!! (lick those lips boys!)

Not sure why this cheetah was behind bars. Mating season, grumpy, sick??

We took a boat tour around the islands, so beautiful and relaxing!

Well, it's a bird...but that's about all I can tell you...
He looks so soft, I really wanted to reach out and touch him, but that's strictly forbidden.

The next few shots are some fancy photography tricks I've been practising. Beautiful but require a bit of trickery. This first one is me trying to capture the water drops. Not quite there yet, but not bad.

Another panning shot. This stork flew right over my head, what an amazing thing to see!

This owl was in complete darkness when I took this shot, so I'm pretty happy with the details.

No post would feel complete without my token shots, so here is my morning coffee shot...

and a baby squirrel...awwwwwwwwww!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Pion Design - Congratulations Dad!

Hello Everyone!

I'm back today with another masculine card for Pion Design using the new collection Mister Tom's Treasures. This collection came out at the perfect time for me because I need a whole of cards for the men in my life this summer. This one is for my Dad's 20 Anniversary of his looking after the resort Chateau Woodlands. We are having a surprise party for him in July, so shhhhh. lol

I've added a lot of black stitching to this card, which I love the look of. It's something I don't normally do, but I was really inspired by the Spotlight Post my teamie and friend Anne of Redanne put together over at Anything But Cute about Adding Sewing to your Project. Please do check it out, it's such an informative and inspirational post.

Mister Tom's Treasures - Vintage Newspaper PD7406
Mister Tom's Treasures - Pocket Watches PD7409
Mister Tom's Treasures - Old Factory PD7405
Mister Tom's Treasures - Tags PD7412
Mister Tom's Treasures - Vintage Automobiles 6x6" PD7502
Mister Tom's Treasures - Borders PD7410

I can't even begin to tell you how gorgeous the weather has been this week. I have been out on the trails almost every day for several hours, so I have soooo many photos piling up. Here are just a few of my lovely sightings while I've been out and about.

This week I am entering all of my photos into Our Beautiful World. The prompt this week is MY HAPPY, and being outside in the nature with the wildlife...that IS my happy!!

Here you can see a Red Winged Blackbird nest. There are three unhatched eggs and one nestling. He's less than a day old because there were four eggs there yesterday. I will keep checking on this nest daily.

I saw my first ever Mink!! Wow, he was so much fun! I couldn't get any closer because he was out on the floating island. Maybe next time.

Some beautiful unknown tree flowers. I've decided trying to identify them is insane. I will just wait and see what grows on them later!! tee hee.

A Mamma raccoon watching me very closely from her home up in the tree.

Oh my gosh, would you look at this little baby squirrel!! He was running across the trail, then he saw me and just froze in his if he stayed really still, I wouldn't be able to see him. HILARIOUS!

A Seagull flying overhead. Not everyone's favourite bird I realize, but I've been practising my panning with the camera, a difficult technique, so such a crisp image was a happy outcome for me. Besides, I think they are such a graceful creature.

Out front was a line up of House Sparrows. They were patiently waiting for the Red Winged Blackbirds to get the heck off the bird feeder. Funny creatures!

Something really different for my token morning coffee shot today. I swear this is a real photograph, I know it looks fake, but it's truly how bizarre the sun looked on this morning!!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.