Thursday, December 22, 2016

Pion Design - Christmas Wish List

Hello Everyone!

Well, last card before Christmas for me. I guess I have to apologize once again for not being around to visit your lovely blogs. I had to take some unscheduled time off, so this is a scheduled post, but I will be back after Christmas and I will catch up with everyone then.

One last Christmas card using Pion Design "The Night Before Christmas" collection. I will be sad to pack this paper away!!

Pion products:

The Night Before Christmas - Christmas Branches PD7804
The Night Before Christmas - All That Glitters is Snow PD7809
The Night Before Christmas - Christmas Ornaments PD7805
The Night Before Christmas - Tree Farm PD7803
The Night Before Christmas - Borders PD7810
The Night Before Christmas - Tags PD7812
The Night Before Christmas - Memory Notes PD7811
The Night Before Christmas - Dear Santa 6x6" PD7902
The Night Before Christmas - Tree Farm 6x6" PD7904

I really wanted to take some pics that were Christmassy for this post, but I didn't have time before I left, so I hope you will enjoy some snowy photos instead. For my landscape shot, this Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere!

For my bird shots today, a Starling, a female Cardinal, a Blue Jay and a Red Breasted Nuthatch eating out of my hand.

"If I just keep hopping, than maybe my feet won't get too cold!"

"I am waaaay too tiny for this crap!"

"OK, I'm coming all the way over to you. You better make it worth my while!"

"Oh, I'm so excited to finally meet you! I traveled for yards and yards to meet the peanut lady!"

My macro for today is this Christmas light covered in ice. Unfortunately my outdoor tree burned out, so the light is not lit. Oh well, next year!

For Christmas this year, all I ask for,  is that you keep this quote and photo in mind, as you stay snug and warm in your houses and feast on turkey and eggnog.

"Humans are not the only animals trying to survive each day." 
~ Anthony Douglas Williams ~

Sending out a huge thank you for another wonderful year of encouragement and support. You give me motivation, inspiration and a reason to continue, no matter what! I wish each and every one of you...

hugs, Pamellia :)

Monday, December 19, 2016

Candy Cane Joy

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe it, less than a week until Christmas, so fun!! Another Christmas card today, this one was put together using products from Michael's Craft Store and Recollections.

Michael's Craft Store supplies: Recollections JOY wood embellishment, wedding flowers, My Mind's Eye Christmas paper pad, Candy Cane baker's twine, Recollections Kaleidoscope embossing powder and iridescent sheer organza ribbon.


The snow continues to fall here at Lake Aquitaine and I couldn't be happier, although some rain yesterday melted quite a bit, but that's ok. For my landscape shot today, two seasons collide with some snow covered berries.

As the seasons change, so does the wildlife. These gorgeous Starlings have started to visit and I am thrilled! They have iridescent feathers, so sometimes they look blue, brown or even green!

"Kindness can reach the deepest call of the heart and soul,
and lead to a different kind of world and self" 
~ Jean Maalouf ~

My token Cardinal shot... coming in for a landing!

A graceful Seagull trying to find a safe place on the lake to land...

The squirrels are having a hard time out there. Yesterday I watched as Crystal fell off of a slippery branch, headfirst into a snowbank. She wasn't moving! I dropped the camera and ran outside! Thankfully she wasn't hurt, but I realized in that moment... it's going to be a long winter!

"I'm so annoyed! Do I look annoyed? I'm pretty frickin' annoyed!"

"I think if I run really fast, I can outrun the cold!!"

"Omg, is there snow on my face! Get it off! Get it off!"

Last but not least, my macro for the day is a chunk of ice in the morning sun!
Hey Sara Emily, how about this for rock candy!! lol

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. Be kind to your birds and squirrels, leave out a few peanuts for them please. 

Patty, thank you for taking care of your backyard visitors, you made me smile!!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Pion Design - Christmas Wreath

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm sharing another Christmas card made using the Pion Design collections "The Night Before Christmas" and "Greetings From the North Pole". You know how when you buy a package of paper, you always use the bits with the pretty designs on them first, and then you end up with a bunch of pieces that have only a pattern, well here is how you can put them to use!


The Night Before Christmas - Tree Farm PD7803
The Night Before Christmas - Christmas Branches PD7804
The Night Before Christmas - Dear Santa PD7802
The Night Before Christmas - Just a Peek PD7801
The Night Before Christmas - Memory Notes PD7811
Images From the Past - The Night Before Christmas II PD1619
Greetings From the North Pole - Winter Branches PD7603

The wreath is made of Holly Leaves from Die-versions and a branch punch from Martha Stewart. I used DecoArt Writer for the snow and covered it with white Flower Soft. The frame is Tim Holtz Bookplates and Tag die. The pinecones are from the yard and everything else is from my stash.

Well the snow keeps coming and I don't mind it a bit. I find it so beautiful and so peaceful. No construction noise, no tourists at the lake, no thumping of basketballs at the community centre, no crazy people on bikes, skateboards or scooters, just a few people enjoying the quiet. I love it.

My landscape today is the trail going to The Shire. I was disappointed to see they were plowing the walkways. All the signs say the don't maintain the trails in the winter and I was looking forward to untouched snow. Oh well, it made walking easier. lol

For my bird shots today, a lovely Blue Jay...

A wee Chickadee...

and my token male Cardinal shot...

The poor squirrels are having a hard time with the deep snow. The food I throw is getting lost and they are up to their necks in it. I have started making clearings for them so they can come grab something from the pile, then scoot up a tree to eat.

"Ohhhhhhh, brrrrrrrrrrr, give a girl a break and toss a peanut already!"

As promised, an updated photograph of my darling sweet KAREN. She is the only one left from the original group of squirrels that started visiting when I moved in. Doesn't she look adorable with those fat cheeks!!

"Dear Santa. All I want for Christmas is a little less wind!!"

It's still way too windy out to get any good macro shots, so I'm sharing an older one from a rainy day in the fall.

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. Don't forget to feed a squirrel or a bird today. It's a tough time of year for them outside, while we are cozy and warm inside.