Monday, December 12, 2016

Starry Night with Video

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was quiet here, just the way I like it! It's time for another Christmas card video, this time using some products from Michael's Craft Store and Recollections. Hope you enjoy.

So I finally get to show you a few shots from my couple of hours out in the snow. We are due for a big dumping of snow Sunday night, so I hope that, as you are reading this post, I am outside with the squirrels, frolicking in a full size snow bank!

My landscape shot is a little of the snowfall as the sun is rising...

For my birds today, I have this male Cardinal taking a walk in the snow...

and the female watching carefully from the tree...

I am loving my new bird feeding spot. I really need to video it some day because sometimes I have two or three birds fluttering around waiting to land on my hand and grab a treat, they are even landing on my shoulders and arms waiting for their turn at the buffet!! It's incredible!

This is a sweet Red Breasted Nuthatch.

and a Black Capped Chickadee.

With all of the construction building the Community Centre this summer, I avoided the lake because of the noise, but they are all done now. I will be going back more often, I really missed the ducks, geese and seagulls.

Some of my wintery squirrel friends were very hungry! Don't you just love their wintery coats? So fluffy and colourful, and those chubby butts really make me giggle!

I love the way the snowy world reflects in their eyes, making them look even more beautiful!!

Last but not least, my macro shot is some snow crystals on a, still very green, piece of foliage.

A couple of years ago when I started making fancy cards, I scoured the internet for some cute poems that were related to giving a handmade card and not a store bought one. I really didn't have any luck so I decided to start writing my own. 

From now on, every year I will share one of my Christmas poems with you and you can feel free to use it on your own handmade cards for your friends and family. I only ask that you don't publish the poem anywhere on line, and if someones asks, you let them know who I am. Fair enough? I hope you get some use of this (sorry it's a little late, next year I will post it earlier)...

This card was crafted just for you
with tender loving care.
The paper was cut, the glue was placed
and glitter went everywhere.

Every flower and every leaf
was placed with rhyme and reason,
in hopes it brings a smile to you
this Merry Christmas season.

I address the envelope, add a stamp
and send it off to you.
And with it I send my wishes 
for a Happy New Year too!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Stunning card. I always love your videos and this is the best one yet for me as it showed me how to lots of things I do in the wrong way and they look a mess when I do them. Thanmk you for taking time to make your videos.

    Beautiful and caring photographs as always and the stand out Snow Crystals are brilliant

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Another gorgeous card hun, lovely layers again as usual, love the verse hun, however if your ever stuck put in verses/poems for say family for handmade cards, usually a few come up,

    you've had snow!!! lucky you, were away for a few days, we were hoping for a little snow too, but it's given 12 degrees, so just the usual rain then, catch up when we get back, hugs Liz xx

  3. Wonderful card, love the white on the dark blue background. Great photos, too, we haven't had any snow here yet. Have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  4. Beautiful card as always Pamellia. You are amazing with these. I love this different shade of blue and glad to see the bonus of out door snaps and the snow, which unfortunately we dont experience in this part of India. Hugs my friend.

  5. Oh my goodness, Pamellia, I so enjoyed reading your amazing post, with a fantastic card, awesome video, phenomenal photos and even a fabulous poem! You are so generous, my sweet friend! What a super multi talented lady you are! Thank you so much for this huge portion of beauty!
    The card is spectacular with such a perfect layering, as always! Only your super creative mind can create such a stunning composition of so many fantastic details!
    I am so glad you filmed the process! It's brilliant!
    Thank you so much for the poem! Everything you do, you do with so much love and creativity and passion, my friend!
    I could stare at your beautiful photos for hours, really! Oooooooh, again, that macro one has stolen my heart! I can't help myself :)
    Sending lots of love to you! Branka xx

  6. Oh, I forgot to say that I adore you nail polish! Perfectly matched the color of your exquisite card! Big hugs! B xx

  7. What a gorgeous snowy card Pamellia, perfect for the snow you are now getting. I am a little bit jealous that you are getting snow but not with the chaos it causes in the UK! Your photos are so tranquil...just like the silence with the snow...magical. Thanks for the poem , it is wonderful. Keep snug, hugs xxx

  8. A delightfully decadent card with all it's layers, glitter and lacy trimmings. Blue is a colour that I very seldom use, not that I don't like blue but I find it difficult to match with other colours and I tend to lean towards warmer shades. But this one is such a gorgeous, frosty creation.

  9. Your gorgeous card perfectly captures the magic of a snowy Christmas Eve. All of the lovely details and embellishments work so perfectly together. I haven't had time to check out the video yet, but rest assured I will when I have time to e njoy it properly!
    Hope you're out playing in the snow!

  10. Fantastic card Pamellia !! Awesome color scheme ,layering and your poem is cherry on the top !!

  11. A totally stunning card Pamellia. I so adore the many layers you manage to add to your cards without making them look overloaded .. there always seems to be just enough. The same with all the embellies you use. There is just the right amount of lace and the right amount of bling not to mention just the right amount of splatters and 'snow' .. absolutely divine!!! .. and I love seeing it all come together .. you make it look so easy!!
    Love, love, love your photography too. Never get tired of looking at your darling little squirrels and sweet little birds. Thank you so much too for that wonderful poem .. you are so multi talented .. makes me jealous, LOL!! Thank you so much for sharing!! hugs xx

  12. Oh my gosh, what a totally amazing card, Pamellia!! The layers are spectacular!! I love how you framed Santa and the perfect details you added!! I'm so excited there's a video!! Yipee!! This is truly stunning my friend!! I don't know how you do it each and every time!! I can't wait to see how you put it together!!

    Wow - the nature shot today is so artistic and beautiful!! And seriously, how do the animals keep getting cuter!! I love, love the shot of the bird in flight!! I'm thinking National Geographic needs to hire you!! Seriously, Pamellia, your photography is perfection!! The macro is stunning...even if it does make me shudder!! We had a small dusting of snow the other day but it quickly melted. It's been chilly, too. I'm one of those sick individuals who does not want a white Christmas!! And good grief, is there nothing you can't do?? That poem is amazing!! Perfectly constructed and it would be so wonderful in a card!! I love, love it my friend!!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!! I've still got so much to do before Christmas...I fear I might not get done!! Happy Monday!! Big hugs sweet friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  13. OMG Pamellis your card is stunning, I love the frosty look and the shades of blue are fabulous, lots of beautiful embellishments too and the Santa image is wonderful.
    Your birds are amazing, especially the Cardinals, and what a lovely poem, there is not end to your talents you clever girl, hugsKate x

  14. Okay, that tears it! Beautiful cards, best videos ever, stunning photography, wild animals and birds eat out of your hand (and you manage to hold the camera steady to take pictures of them while they are doing it)...and now poems? Sorry, Pamellia, I no longer think you are human. You're on a whole other level, my friend. Thank you for sharing with us. :-)

  15. Another stunner Pamellia..beautiful colours and your berries and the little frame around Santa..gorgeous..I love your Christmas poem and thank you for sharing..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  16. Wow! your card is fantastic, and thank you for the lovely verse. I will have to keep it for next year now

  17. Photography, exquisite cardmaking, video production, and now a poet! My dear you are good at everything you do! What fun it was to scroll through this post today. The card is just amazing as are each of your birdie friends. Christmas hugs, Autumn

  18. Oh, your card is so elegant and gorgous in blue and white with the touches of silver!! Amazing peeking background that seems a starry night!! Love the SantaƬs topper and all the wonderful details! Great distressed layers and adorable diecuts and flowers!!!
    So so happy that you have been in the snow and feeded your furry/feathered friends!! :D They surely blessed you!! Amazing photos of the cardinals and the little blak capped chickadee is the sweety in person!!! All the birdies on your arms waiting for food... This is magical!! :D And I could stay here hours to look at the hungry squirrels eating their peanuts!!
    Hugs my friend, cross my fingers and hope that you can go in the snowy wood again and again!

    1. .... Forgot to say that you have really a lot of talents, my friend!! Such a lovely poem to write on Christmas handmade card! All the recipients will be stunned twice: one for the card and the second one for the poem!!

  19. Absolutely stunning card,love how you tuck so many things into your layers and fabulous texture beautiful verse to another string to your bow
    Carol x
    meant to say great video

  20. Well that's a Bobby dazzler and no mistake!! Beautiful colours and layering. Love the snowy shots today and thank you for sharing your poem xx

  21. Your card is exquisite, the video, as always is amazing!

    I don't know if it is just me but your photos just get better and better, the bird ones today are superb and the squirrel ones make me just want to reach out and touch them! That seagull is a fabulous shot and so is your macro today!

    I love your poem, I remember it from my lovely card from last year - how lucky am I ?? Hugs, Anne xx

  22. Its a wonderful post to read again today. Your card and video were awesome.
    The photos are stunning, loved the squirrels and yes you can see reflections of light in their eyes.
    Its a lovely poem as well Pamellia.
    Yvonne xx

  23. Gorgeous Christmas card Pamellia, love the textured layers of beautiful blues and gorgeous embellishments.
    Your photos really are amazing, you can see so much detail on these beautiful birds and squirrels.
    Lovely verse you talented lady! thank you for sharing.
    Hugs Pam x

  24. Gorgeous card, Pamellia! Love the video! Your photos are simply stunning!

  25. You really are a fabulous all the birds. Maybe a new career? LOVE your card book make! Great pages, and love the the stars...beautiful layers.

  26. I really enjoyed the video and it is a beautiful card. Thank you

  27. Wonderful card and video Pamellia, I love watching how you put everything together so beautifully. Love your nature collection of wintry photos, I would so love to see some snow here in the south of England but at the moment we are predicted the warmest Christmas ever :0( xxx

  28. Stunning creation Pamellia, full of so much festive delight and enchantment, exceptional design work, your pictures are magical as always, thank you so much for sharing
    lorraine x

  29. Wow beautiful card hun! I love all those layers and texture. Plus, what GORGEOUS photos sweetie, you must be in your element now with all that beautiful wildlife around, and they're eating from your hand.. incredible! Hope you're well hun, massive seasonal hugs, Gee xx

  30. I really enjoy your videos and your card is stunning!! Like how you added the straws in there too! Gorgeous photos... How do you take a picture with a bird on your hand? Love your poem too ... Multi talented, sweet and kind lady!

  31. Gorgeous shabby chic card in my favorite colors!
    Thank you for the inspiration.
    Paper Talk with Samra

  32. Pamellia, this post was truly a treat for me this morning! I got to see that amazing vidoe, and it really brought your lovely layers to life! I am so in awe of your vision for these products and how you execute their use! Every time I walk around Michaels' I think "How would Pamellia use this?" Just stunning, my friend!

    Your photos are the icing on the cake, and I'm so looking forward to seeing more snowy shots! Your landscape and macro shots make me wish for snowy days! We had our "winter" days over the weekend with temps in the 20's, then back to a gorgeous spring day (dang, had to work!) yesterday and by the end of the week we will be back to winter (after the moisture moves out), and then summer on Sunday! Geez! Talk about crazy weather!

    Sorry if I sound like a goofball. Where my computer is might as well be Grand Central Station, and I keep getting interrupted! This is why I don't go on my computer much these days, but it is the only spot in our home my computer picks up WiFi! Sending you big hugs! Thank you for all your inspiration!

    PS Have you checked out the magazine "Birds and Blooms"? I think your photography would be snapped up by them!

  33. Wonderful, I really could sit and watch you create all day long, I find it so uplifting. Thank you for this fabulous video and what a stunning card, wow! I love all of the blues and what about all of the bling and glitter? All of the layers and beautiful flowers, I could go on and on.

    Great to see some snow at last and I cannot get over how tame all of those little birds are. It is also lovely to see you back at the lake.

    Dionne xx

  34. Hi Pamellia,
    You make me happy again with this video card and inspire me very much!
    A shabby Christmas card in nice colors, snow and glitters...and the book page is cool!!!
    And you've got snowfall...I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, hihi
    Thanks for your Christmas sweet!
    Gerie xx

  35. Another lovely video to watch and great card. Loving all your photos.
    Julie x

  36. Gorgeous Pamellia, I adore the midnight blue with the snowy details. Wonderful layering and the focal image is beautiful . Alwaysnlove seeing your nature pictures. Tracy x

  37. Pamellia I am awestruck at your wonderful card - love the hints of blue on it, and the gorgeous blue bow!!
    Your wee friends really know that you are to be trusted - what wonderful photographs you have.

  38. WHat a treat to the eyes! Beautifully made starry night card! The birds and friends around are really really adorable! Thanks for making our day with your stunning creations and photography Pamellia! :)
    Suchi xx

  39. You may receive amazing comments, but that is because you are amazing!!
    Thank you for such a beautiful post!
    Sending love & hugs,Jackie

  40. So glad I took time out with my coffee for a catch up. Love this card and thanks for sharing the video which I will look forward to watching. Amazing wildlife photos today. Love the gift you make for Lisa in the previous post too.
    Avril xx

  41. I can't wait to get home so I can watch the video! So very thankful that you do the videos, it sure helps this girl out very much. And that you got most of everything from a place AI can get it as well. That Santa is something I must get my hands on! Bwahahaha! Lovely lovely lovely design and details of course. Such a perfect Christmas card!

    Your macro shot is gorgeously splendidly Wowzers! That is amazeballs and so very detailed, hence macro shot right? Lol. The furry christens are very happy to have you around dearie. Fantasmic! Hugz to you muffin and hope you aren't frozen solid. ~Doc

  42. Oh My ! What a post! I love this card with those fabulous blues - will have to return for the video another time)Your photos are just amazing as usual of course! (Refusing to look at the Nuthatch eating from your hand!!) Hugs, Chrisx

  43. A glorious card again... and I'm saving the video for a Christmas treat once all the chores are done! Your rhyme is so cute - and I can see why you would need it. Receiving one of your amazing creations, it would be hard for a non-crafter to believe it was done by human hand! I'm so envious of you having the Shire to play in, and all those woodland creatures as your friends...
    Alison x