Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Little Romance

Hello Everyone!

Been on another break, as you can see. I will try to get around and visit you soon as I can. I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

Today I am sharing a card featuring two gorgeous collections from Pion Design, "My Dearest Sofia" and "Theodore & Bella". Isn't it amazing how you can use these papers to create a card for any occasion!


Pion products:

My Dearest Sofia - Rose Linens PD8804
My Dearest Sofia - Generous PD8807
My Dearest Sofia - Borders PD8810
Theodore & Bella - Bunny Hugs PD8607
Theodore & Bella - Time to Cuddle PD8601

The weather here has been perfect for long walks, so I have been taking trips to my neighbour lake and I have discovered several new birds! What a complete thrill to see an animal for the first time, and an even bigger thrill to capture it with my camera!  Here is a Ruby Crowned Kinglet. He is wicked small, wicked fast and wicked cute! I didn't even know these birds existed, how cool is that. 

♫♫ "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy, come on sugar, let me know. ♫♫
~Red Stewart~

It's been a wonderful start to the season this year. I saw my first ever Swan up close! Absolutely amazing birds, and much bigger than I realized!

"Oh this is so gross, I think I just swallowed a bug!" 
~The General~

"Haha! Oh human, you make me laugh with your silly jokes! Go on then, tell me another one!" 

"Are you almost done following me around with that camera? I really need to bury this peanut in a top secret place!" 
~Princess Tabitha~

How excited am I to find a new Red Squirrel friend out in The Briar Patch! With the help of some IG friends, she has been named Ginger! I look forward to seeing her again.

Everyone please keep Pepe Le Pew in your thoughts. He is still struggling to recover from the severe head wounds he suffered at the hands of a neighbourhood cat. I'm watching him closely and will scoop him up if he's in distress, but I would like him to heal up on his own if possible. This is an older shot, before the attack...

"Did you just take a picture of my butt? Don't deny it, I heard the camera click!" 
~Pepe Le Pew~

I'm so excited to be entering my first springtime with the macro lens!! I can't wait to see what kinds of things I can find to zoom in on, like this new pine tree growth. Looks kind of sticky...

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pion Design - The Cherry Tree

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm sharing a beautiful all-occasions card made using the newest collection from Pion Design, "My Dearest Sofia". I just adore these Cherry Tree images, they work so well with the soft blue and pink tones!

Pion products:

My Dearest Sofia - Lovely Things PD8802
My Dearest Sofia - Cherry Linens PD8805
My Dearest Sofia - Caring PD8812
My Dearest Sofia - Borders PD8810
My Dearest Sofia - 6x6" Lovely Things PD8902

I had a lot of inquiries about the horrible loss of trees here in Southern Ontario, so here's a quick rundown on one of the problems (there are more than one). There's a bug killing our Ash trees that spread to us a few years ago from the US, it's called the Emerald Ash Borer. It has gotten quite out of control the last couple of years due to the mild winters, as the prolonged cold would normally help to kill off the larvae. 

Where I am located, a good portion of the trees are Ash, and they are all being cut down even though they look just fine. There is a treatment for this infestation, but it would take a few years and a few million dollars, so chop chop chop is apparently the option!!! I've been told that there is no plan at this time to plant more trees in the barren areas. IDIOTS!!

OK, back to the business of cute furry friends!! For my birds today, I have this stunning Grackle...

and this handsome House Sparrow...

How excited was I to see this sweet little Cottontail last week. There aren't many left in this area, so I was thrilled to see him! Can anyone tell me, is this a Mountain or Eastern Cottontail?

As spring arrives, it's time for me to find a spot to set up my photo shoot for the summer. I still don't have the heart to go out to The Shire, so I have found a new spot that I call The Briar Patch. I have made a couple of new friends I would like you to meet.

This is SCARLET. She is really brave and likes to cover huge distances to bury her stash. She's very smart, she recognized me on just my second visit!! Can you believe that!

This is WINSTON. He is a funny little fellow as you can see. He like to pop out from behind the trees, give me a good stare down, then dart around collecting his lunch! So adorable!

"What do you mean share? No way, these are both mine! Finders keepers, right? That's the rule!" ~Winston~

The best part about The Briar Patch, is that I pass right by MISSY's house, so I get to say hello to her twice on every trip!! Notice she doesn't hide behind the trees as much as she used to!

"Ummmmm, you're staring at me! Am I supposed to do a trick or something, because that would have been useful information before I took the peanut! " 

For my macro today, a rainy day Burr...

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Deck the Halls

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing a masculine Christmas card made with the Christmas Noel paper pack from Recollections from Michael's Craft Store. 

The credit for this card goes to a very talented woman named Margaret of Margyz Paper Games. I pretty much copied one her designs because I just loved it so much. You can find the original card HERE. I highly recommend you give her a visit, you will find as much inspiration there as I do!!

My landscape photo today is an image of the decline in nature around the lake where I live. See that big horrible building in the background? This time last year, I couldn't see it because of all of the trees. 

They have cut down more than 100 trees just on the trail around the lake. It just breaks my heart! Not only does take away homes, food sources and protection from predators for the squirrels and the birds, but it's also effected away my privacy, soundproofing and even the shade and wind protection on the house and the trails. It's a horrible side effect of the mild winters we have been having here. They expect to cut down more than a half a million trees in Southern Ontario this year alone.

OK, on to happier things! For my birds today I have this female Downy Woodpecker and a lovely Blue Jay.

"I'm not coming down until you apologize! You said winter was over, but it's cold and miserable and I just saw a snowflake!" 

Look who came for a visit, it's my handsome little dude, Rusty the red squirrel! He is so tiny and wicked fast. He darts from tree to tree hiding peanuts in the branches, so cute! Looks like he either has a scar over his eye or some serious bed head! Lol

"OK, I think I'm ready. Got my cape? Check. Got my wings? Check. Take the position and here we go...

"I worry for the soul of any man who can look into the eyes of an animal and not instantly want to do everything in his power to protect it." 
~Pamellia and Mistro~

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.