Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A Little Romance

Hello Everyone!

Been on another break, as you can see. I will try to get around and visit you soon as I can. I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend!

Today I am sharing a card featuring two gorgeous collections from Pion Design, "My Dearest Sofia" and "Theodore & Bella". Isn't it amazing how you can use these papers to create a card for any occasion!


Pion products:

My Dearest Sofia - Rose Linens PD8804
My Dearest Sofia - Generous PD8807
My Dearest Sofia - Borders PD8810
Theodore & Bella - Bunny Hugs PD8607
Theodore & Bella - Time to Cuddle PD8601

The weather here has been perfect for long walks, so I have been taking trips to my neighbour lake and I have discovered several new birds! What a complete thrill to see an animal for the first time, and an even bigger thrill to capture it with my camera!  Here is a Ruby Crowned Kinglet. He is wicked small, wicked fast and wicked cute! I didn't even know these birds existed, how cool is that. 

♫♫ "If you want my body and you think I'm sexy, come on sugar, let me know. ♫♫
~Red Stewart~

It's been a wonderful start to the season this year. I saw my first ever Swan up close! Absolutely amazing birds, and much bigger than I realized!

"Oh this is so gross, I think I just swallowed a bug!" 
~The General~

"Haha! Oh human, you make me laugh with your silly jokes! Go on then, tell me another one!" 

"Are you almost done following me around with that camera? I really need to bury this peanut in a top secret place!" 
~Princess Tabitha~

How excited am I to find a new Red Squirrel friend out in The Briar Patch! With the help of some IG friends, she has been named Ginger! I look forward to seeing her again.

Everyone please keep Pepe Le Pew in your thoughts. He is still struggling to recover from the severe head wounds he suffered at the hands of a neighbourhood cat. I'm watching him closely and will scoop him up if he's in distress, but I would like him to heal up on his own if possible. This is an older shot, before the attack...

"Did you just take a picture of my butt? Don't deny it, I heard the camera click!" 
~Pepe Le Pew~

I'm so excited to be entering my first springtime with the macro lens!! I can't wait to see what kinds of things I can find to zoom in on, like this new pine tree growth. Looks kind of sticky...

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Love the card, I love how you use so many embellishments and it looks perfect.
    Your wildlife pics are super, xxx

  2. Gorgeous layering on your amazing card. Love the colours and as always so much to admire. Fabulous photos...My thoughts are with Pepe x Cute photos and fun sayings etc. Glad you have another bird species to add to your list, hadn't heard of them either. We get a lot of swans near where I live and yes they are amazing creatures x

  3. Wonderful card and photos. Glad you are enjoying a break and discovering new friends, that's always very exciting. I went to the zoo yesterday, and had a fun time there. Hugs, Valerie

  4. Wow, Pamellia, this card is stunning, I love the paper (especially the one with the hearts) and the lovely dies u used and all the lush embellies.
    Aaaaw, the Ruby Crowned Kinglet is such a fluffy puff, I love him :D
    Also the Reddie is a cute one, lock at his face, aaaaaaw, I want him on my hands <3
    Have a wonderful day, sweetie!
    xoxo, Ally

  5. Absolutely Wow Pamellia, stunning card, I love the bright coral shade and your layers and embellishments are so beautiful.
    Wonderful photos as usual,love seeing your beautiful birds and squirrels, and the bunny is so cute, hope all is well with you, Kate x

  6. The beautiful colours really caught my eye Pamellia, what a lovely combination! Fabulous layering and embellishments as always especially that delicate floral heart and the amazing bow...a stunning creation!
    Wonderful wildlife photos, love the expression on the rabbit's face...hope Pepe heals quickly!

  7. Nice to see you and your wonderful friends again.

    The card is amazing with the brighter colours and corrugations. Your layering is stunning as always

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. I love the colours here Pamellia,very pretty.. and all the layers and that gorgeous heart die and lovely pin..GORgeous..hope your little friend will be okay and love your new one..Ginger.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  9. I was so excited to see a post from you, my friend!! I do so love visiting :) And wow, you've knocked my socks off again!! This is spectacular!! The layers are amazing!! I love the pretty heart and all of the gorgeous details!! Another card I could stare at all day!! I love, love it!!

    What beautiful photos!! The birds are gorgeous!! That up-close of the swan is amazing!! Wow!! And ha - the bunny sticking out his tongue!! Perfect timing!! The squirrel babies are all so precious!! I love laughing Leanne!! The macro is stunning!! I hope you had a wonderful Easter, my sweet friend!! Happy Wednesday!! Sending lots of big hugs your way :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. Gorgeous card my dear! Thank goodness you are back! I missed your pretty creations :)
    Paper Talk with Samra

  11. Its a gorgeous card and its good to see you back.
    I look forward to seeing your photos as well and the stories you add to make the animals and birds all seem so real. Yes I know they are, but the words always add to the pleasure of seeing them.
    Yvonne xx

  12. Another amazing creation, Pamellia!! This card is absolutely gorgous with this colour scheme and the fab design!! The heart doily looks delicious on the red corrugated panel and LOVE all the precious details! Fabulous!!
    Hope you have enjoyed your break, and I think the answer is yes :D
    I have never seen a Ruby Crowned Kinglet, but he remembers me the European "Cardellino". He's really cute and tiny! The cardinal (if the red bird is a cardinal, I'm not sure) made me laught!! Such a fun guy!! :D Lovely swan (here there are a lot of them at the mouths of the streams, even in the city) and your photo with the water is amazing!
    Fun rabbit and Leanne! Princess Tabitha and Ginger are sooo cute! So sorry for Pepe Le Pew, hope that him can have his health again!! Fab macro, your skills are going up and up my friend!

  13. Another stunning card, beautifully designed and perfect for a romantic occassion. I love the colours you have used, the gold looks fabulous against the red.

    Wonderful wildlife shots, cute little Ruby Crowned Kinglet - a first of me and I love the close up of the swan (I know somewhere where they will eat from your hand and let you stroke them!) but my favourite is the red squirrel, she is super cute.

    Dionne xx

  14. WOW~So stunning! I love all the fun layers! The patterns are so pretty and oh my gosh, is that heart beautiful! So delicate! All the fun details are amazing..the charm, pins all of it is spectacular!
    Have a great evening!
    Sherrie k

  15. Hi dear Pamellia, how good to see your post. What a pretty card, that rich red works perfectly with all the hearts and fab textures. It's good to see that spring is now with you and that you managed to see a swan close up...our pair have flown to other climes to breed again this year, no doubt that will be back to the ponds soon. Sending my best wishes and huge hugs to you, take care xxx

  16. C'est une très jolie carte! c'est toujours un plaisir d'admirer vos photos d'animaux,je les aime beaucoup!

  17. Your card is just divine and your photos are beyond amazing. Sending healing vibes. Cara x

  18. Those papers are truly beautiful and your card is just stunning - beautiful layering, wonderful design - love it so much!!

    Great animal and bird shots too, that new little Kinglit bird is just adorable! So sorry to hear about Pepe le Pew, I hope he stays safe and heals well... Ginger is beautiful and I really do love your macro shot today! Hugs, Anne xxx

  19. Pamellia, you know me...I was starting to worry when I hadn't seen a My Little Craft Things e-mail pop up. But Yippeee, you're BAAAACK! And what a wonderful card to make my day! I love the delicate die cut heart, the stickpins, the dainty flowers, and the tiniest butterfly! Gorgeous make, my friend!

    Love, love, LOVE seeing all your wonderful shots of the birds and furry friends and had the biggest giggle over Red Stewart and The General. What amazing shots you have gotten of all the flora and fauna-even that sticky icky shot of the pine tree. So sorry Pepe le Pew was attacked by that cat--they can do some damage. I hope he heals and you are smart to allow him to try to mend on his own, but so loving to be there to help him should he not succeed.
    Ginger is the sweetest! I have so enjoyed my visit here today--thank you for blessing my day! Sending hugs!

  20. Beautiful card, Pamellia. Love the fancy diecuts. I do hope Pepe recovers quickly. Love your photos. The expression on the rabbit is priceless!

  21. Your card is gorgeous Pamellia! Yes, this series of papers you have been working with are definitely some of the finest i have seen!

    Oh you precious fur friends! They make me laugh and smile- thank you always for sharing and for sure Pepe' is in my prayers!

  22. Oh, I love the colours yu've used on this card Pamellia .. so pretty!! The delicate die cuts are gorgeous .. especially the heart .. and I love the stickpins!! You reminded me of some I made ages ago that are still sitting in my stash .. must use them up!! This card is absolutely stunning .. I love it!!!
    Beautiful photos!! Love the new birds you found and another red squirrel .. awesome!! Will definitely keep Pepe in my thoughts and do hope he recovers soon. Another fabulous post!! hugs xx

  23. I'm wowed by the color combo on this card - so unique and intriguing.

    So thankful you are there for Pepe... and I laughed out loud at The General!! Always the high point of my week to share time with you and your family Pamellia. Xj.

  24. Hi Pamellia,
    so glad you had a good break.
    Your card is again so stunning and a very super design too.
    Love the colour choices and the beautiful papers used.
    Gorgeous and super flowers and pin.
    Oh my your photos are again outstanding as superb.
    Your furry and feathered friends are so wonderful.
    I do hope Pepe recovers how dreadful, and worrying for you.
    I was cleaning my silk flower arrangement in the garden the other day, and saw the most wonderful little bird on my bird bath not seen one like it before it was balck and red.
    I can't believe he sat there chirping not far from me as I was cleaning the dust from the arrangement with a cold setting on my hairdryer, and he wasnt perturbed one bit.
    The arrangement is rather large one my mother made years ago and I can't part with it.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  25. forgot to say I wish I had had a camera by my side.

  26. Another stunning creation Pamellia, beautiful layers of gorgeous papers, love the heart, look`s like one I have and used once!! your flowers and embellishments are perfect.
    Fabulous photo shots.
    Hugs Pam x

  27. Beautiful papers and love the distressed edges,embellishments and layers-fabulous nature pics and hope Pepe Le Pew is okay
    Carol x

  28. I love the combination of papers and colours you brought together in this beautiful design Pamellia. How wonderful to see and capture a photograph of something new and I had a real giggle at Red Stewart (the real Rod is one of my all time favourite artists). Sending healing thoughts for Pepe. Have a fabulous weekend xxx

  29. Hello Pamellia! I've been on a little break too and it's lovely to come visit you and see those cute animals and birds and I laugh out loud at your captions!! Stunning card! Beautifully done as always with the tiny details and beautiful layers... Enjoy your day!

  30. Hi pamellia lovely once again gorgeous layering and colours you have used with lots of attention to details
    Nice pics
    Set wishes
    Jules xx

  31. Hope you've been enjoying your little break and doing something lovely with the time.

    The card is simply charming, with those warm golden tones heated up even further by the pretty cherry reds. Stunning photos (as always - do you get bored with hearing it?!) - Leanne and Princess Tabitha made me laugh out loud today.
    Alison x

  32. Oh! WOW WOW WOW, a BEAUTIFUL card, so ruch and luxurious, love the red "bling", everything about it is so lovely. Your photos are so fun with their great quotes and the sticky pine bud is a wonderful closeup.
    Have a wonderful week.

  33. Hi Pamellia
    Marvellous card. Would make a beautiful Valentine.
    Terrific wildlife snaps as always. Hope Pepe is doing better now.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  34. I love the tan/red mix of colors on this beautiful card - and your wonderful animal buddy photos!!

  35. Oh My! I am on a catch up and musty that this colour combination is fantastic! I love that Ruby Crowned Kinglet - that teeny tiny bit of red on his head - wow! Your photos as always have made me smile! Hugs, Chrisx