Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Deck the Halls

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing a masculine Christmas card made with the Christmas Noel paper pack from Recollections from Michael's Craft Store. 

The credit for this card goes to a very talented woman named Margaret of Margyz Paper Games. I pretty much copied one her designs because I just loved it so much. You can find the original card HERE. I highly recommend you give her a visit, you will find as much inspiration there as I do!!

My landscape photo today is an image of the decline in nature around the lake where I live. See that big horrible building in the background? This time last year, I couldn't see it because of all of the trees. 

They have cut down more than 100 trees just on the trail around the lake. It just breaks my heart! Not only does take away homes, food sources and protection from predators for the squirrels and the birds, but it's also effected away my privacy, soundproofing and even the shade and wind protection on the house and the trails. It's a horrible side effect of the mild winters we have been having here. They expect to cut down more than a half a million trees in Southern Ontario this year alone.

OK, on to happier things! For my birds today I have this female Downy Woodpecker and a lovely Blue Jay.

"I'm not coming down until you apologize! You said winter was over, but it's cold and miserable and I just saw a snowflake!" 

Look who came for a visit, it's my handsome little dude, Rusty the red squirrel! He is so tiny and wicked fast. He darts from tree to tree hiding peanuts in the branches, so cute! Looks like he either has a scar over his eye or some serious bed head! Lol

"OK, I think I'm ready. Got my cape? Check. Got my wings? Check. Take the position and here we go...

"I worry for the soul of any man who can look into the eyes of an animal and not instantly want to do everything in his power to protect it." 
~Pamellia and Mistro~

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Wonderful card Pamellia - love the rich colours and the great layering as ever.
    So sad to hear about the trees - they really do give an area so much richness.
    Love your animal photos - we don't get blue jays here, so it is always great to see you photos.

  2. FABulous masculine card the colours in the papers and the metal details with all those wonderful layers..and even the tiny eye on the bird..gorgeous.Hasn't Crystal got the most fabulous tail..lovely photos..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  3. Oh My! This is fabulous and you are way ahead for Christmas now - must make a start!!! LoVe the photos - the woodpecker looks so cute! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. Awesome card, Pamellia! Love these photos! Rusty is beautiful and love the "batman" photo!

  5. Fabulous masculine card the bold papers, the l/o and layering are gorgeous, love the tied down tag and the metal elements.
    Such a shame about the trees...why are they needing to cut down so many?

  6. Oh wow!! Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this in my reading list. This is amazing!!! I am totally gobsmacked that you liked one of my cards enough to do a case of it. I am so thrilled Pamellia, and so honoured. Thank you for the shout out. You have made my day!! I loooveee your version. Never thought this would go so well as a Christmas card but now you've got me thinking .. LOL!! I love the papers you used. The bold, bright colours are just gorgeous and I love that little charm. Beautiful make as always.
    Why, oh why, do they have to cut down so many trees. Doesn't make any sense to me. Trees are so necessary to our environment and yet they are treated as a nuisance. Beggars belief.
    Love the photos, especially the one of Rusty. All of your litle friends are beautiful but he takes it to another level. Such beautiful colouring!!
    hugs xx

  7. Wonderful card, although I don't really want to think of Christmas just yet. Great photos, always love to see your feathered and furry friends. Sorry that so many trees have been cut down, that's always very sad for us all. Hugs, Valerie

  8. You have certainly adapted the wonderful design to make this gorgeous Christmas card Pamellia, I love all the layers and that beautiful snowflake. The white splatters look like snow is softly falling ... a gorgeous Christmas card.

    Love seeing all the beautiful critters today. Honestly, I know Ontario is huge but half a million trees in S. Ontario alone.... that is criminal in my humble opinion. I really don't understand it, we are meant to be preserving the environment..... I will get off my soap box and say... Hugs, Anne xx

  9. Yes I am with you on your final statement on this post x Thanks fro sharing x

  10. Gorgeous masculine xmas card love all the layers and that snowflake . Awesome photos of your furry friends

  11. Terrific to see a masculine card for a change and it has wonderful layers as always

    Hello to the little darlings they look very happy today

    Love Chrissie xx

  12. Hi Pamellia,
    what a very gorgeous card and such a very super design.
    Love everything you have done to create this.
    I expect the lady in question was so pleased with your take on her design.
    Super gorgeous photos as always.
    As you say how can anyone look into those eyes and not want to protect them.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. Oh wow, Pamellia, I absolutely adore your take on Margaret's beautiful card!! The layers are amazing!! I love the details you've tucked in everywhere!! The papers are fabulous!! I so struggle with masculine cards - this one is spectacular!! I want to make one like it now!! So incredibly gorgeous, my friend!! Love, love, love!!

    How sad they are cutting down so many trees :( My house is surrounded by them and I'd be devastated if they were cut down. Rusty seriously could not be cuter!! And what an amazing picture!! That red is stunning!! Love the close-up, too!! I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, my sweet friend!! I hope the weather is nice and springy there. We are having thunderstorms but at least it's in the 60's. Big hugs!!

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  14. oh my gosh, the card is abosulutely stunning! I love all the deets and bits on it and the papers are gorgeous too! I wish we had a Michaels here too! Guess I have to plan another trip to the States :) But no mon no fun as my Irish Dad used to say back in 1997 where I was an au-pair in Dublin. Have to save up some pennies to go shopping again :)

    Aw bless, Rusty is so adorable and so are all the other furry and feathery friends. I will never understand that there are human beings out there in this cruel world that cannot feel what I (we) feel about animals. They are so much kinder and much more "humane" than we humans are.
    I am so sad to hear about the amount of trees they plan to cut down. It's horrible. When I was in the States and Canada last year I was so happy to see that there still is room for so many woods and forrests and now this!! I am devastated! I recently saw a movie in the cinemas, it's one of the Da-Vinci-Code movies with Tom Hanks. It was about a man who planned to reduce the human species with a poison. And although I know this is the wrong way as I don't want to see anyone killed I have to admit that often I wish that at least half of the human species disappeared so the planet and the animals could finally recover from us <3

    Have a wonderful day, my dear friend!
    xoxo, Ally and Elly

  15. Oh my thats a fantastic card for the male members of the family and friends.
    Again I loved the photos . It was a shame that the trees had to be felled, it does effect the habitat. I hope the animals found somewhere to find shelter.
    Yvonne xx

  16. Wow! I would be a man to receive this gourgous card!! :D LOL Love the colours so vibrant and that tied down tag looks amazing!! That birdie is a delight, awesome papers and such fabulous little details!!! The bronze charm and cogs, the brads.... Oh, they are really beautiful!!! And the tiny gift box too!! I think this card is a bit out of your usual style, but so wonderfully realized!!!
    Instead, it's really horrible what mens are doing in your place!!! So so sorry for this fact! :((( Man is surely the most enemy of Mother Nature! :(
    How tiny is the Downy Woodpecker female! I tought that this type of bird was more big :) and LOVe that Blue Jay, how sweet and cute he is!! Rusty make me laught wit that big peanuts in his mouth!! And Crystal too!!!! Fun words you wrote for her!!! :D
    Great words for the last wonderful photo, I could get lost myself in the depth of those eyes...

  17. Hi Pamellia, that is shocking about the trees, trees are so necessary to the environment, no wonder you're so upset by it.
    I love your card, gorgeous papers and design, the colours are wonderful and so are your embellishments.
    Fabulous photos, thanks for sharing them, Kate x

  18. Your fabulous card is beautifully layered and designed Pamellia and looks wonderfully Christmassy. It's such a shame about the trees being lopped down, will they plant new ones to replace them? Rusty's coat is stunning, you named him well xxx

  19. This looks gorgeous, I love the layers completely. AND so so photos of animals. so cute

  20. Beautiful take on the card that Margaret made, I had a peek at her blog, very inspiring.

    So sad about the trees, we have a big debate at the moment in the UK about the government wasting billions of ££'s on a high speed railway that no-one will be able to afford to use. They will have to destroy 16 ancient woodlands and hundreds of miles of countryside, its just so wicked. The fat cat businessmen sit behind their desks getting fatter, making these stupid decisions without any care for the repercussions - it makes my blood boil (ooops, can you tell!!)

    Have a lovely day

    Anne xx

  21. What a wonderful card!! I love the masculine touches! Superb photos Pamellia!

  22. Beautiful creation Pamellia !
    Lovely details .
    Hugs Doris

  23. Another so FABULOUS card and very masculine, not like you at all, BUT you should keep doing it, as they will be MUCH appreciated, LOVE the cog and the present charm, all the papers are perfect. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    As for the trees? There HAS to be a good reason, isn't there? We have had thousands taken down over our mountains around here due to a fungas that affects them and they die and just fall themselves, so they are taken down for safety sake. Even our Ash has a fungs affecting it, sometimes Nauture does strange things, sometimes with the help of man!
    Take care my friend and enjoy all the little friends you capture and show us.

  24. Wonderful card for a male Christmas card Pamellia, love the layers and fabulous papers.
    Such a shame removing trees..
    Love your gorgeous Pics with these fabulous animals.
    Pam x

  25. Another amazing and gorgeous card! The layers are spectacular as always! I love your paper choice and the little metal pieces are perfect! Always enjoy seeing your work. You are incredibly talented!
    That's a shame about cutting all the trees~why so many? Safety reasons possibly? Your pictures are amazing of your sweet furry friends! So sweet!
    Sherrie K

  26. Faboulas Male Card Pamellia gorgeous layers and embellishments love it
    Great pics as well
    Best wishes
    Jules xx

  27. Hi Pamellia
    A change for you not to be floaty and feminine but you do manly brilliantly too (that's the card, not you lol!).
    Why are they chopping all these trees down, especially if its not to build on the land. Trees are the lungs of the Earth. Such a shame.
    Ang x

  28. Fantastic take on Margaret's card Pamellia! I love visiting her blog too :)
    I like the way you used all the pretty patterns and put together such an amazing Christmas card.
    Paper Talk with Samra

  29. Omgosh! How ever did you get so close to get that eye shot? Beautiful as is the quote! <3
    Why oh why are they cutting down all of those trees Pamellia??? It totally baffles me how throwaway man is! as I am sure they will not be replanting,right? Cut down paradise, put in a parking lot...
    Jackie xo

  30. Hi, Pamellia, so sorry I'm late! Way too much outdoor work that needs to be done, and just not enough hours in the day to visit all the blogs I love visiting! Your rendition of Margaret's card is beautiful! Such a fabulous design and I can see why you cased it! Now I just may have to do the same! I got such a kick out of how she then cased YOUR design! You have worked magic with those papers and I love the bits of "snow" and the sweet little charm you added. Be prepared to see your's and Margaret's designs on my blog in the future!

    Love all your photography; those pretty birds and Rusty's portraits really take my breath away! You are so blessed to have such a variety of squirrels in your area! And the close up at the end is just fantastic! Terrible news about those trees; I feel your pain! I am probably one of the original "tree huggers". And hugs to you, sweetie!

  31. Masculine cards are so hard I think we could all take a leaf out of Margaret's card design book, wonderful design Pamelia. To e honest I am not sure which of you I should e praising!

    Wonderful wildlife shots as always, that close up of Mistro is amazing and I just love the little red squirrel, they are so cute.

    Dionne xx

  32. I admire anyone who can get in the Christmas spirit at this time of year - but you've showcased those fabulous papers so well, and I love the layered look. So sad to hear about the decimation of the natural environment... Why are they cutting down so many trees? It's horrible.
    Alison x

  33. Fabulous layer Christmas card and just been to check out your friends beautiful cards too-love the nature pics
    Carol x

  34. Okay, I can totally see this is my house and anyone's for that matter. This is da bomb and then some. I love how you incorporated the gears into this masculine masterpiece. The blacks, greens and golds are subliminal and wowzers! I think I may need to make something like this as well. It hits all the right buttons.

    So sorry to hear more about the trees. I can't believe they are cutting down so many! If there is a disease that was carried around it is understandable but otherwise it is not. Rusty is so freakin adorable! Loves him! Hugz to you muffin! ~Doc

  35. ...goodness me another post that didn't show in my reader....and a beauty. Margaret's design is awesome isn't it and you have made it your own...fab male card, they are so tricky aren't they? More hugs xxx