Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Pion Design - Birthday Blooms

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing a feminine birthday card featuring the Pion Design collection "Patchwork of Life". Blue isn't just for boys, look at how dainty and delicate these gorgeous flower patterns are!

Patchwork of Life - The Golden Years PD9206
Patchwork of Life - Borders PD9211
Patchwork of Life - Family Quilt PD9212

And the heat wave continues. This is as hot as it's been all summer. So hot, that we've closed the outer door, something we've only done once before, since we moved to the new place. Humidity is the 90% range making it difficult to enjoy the outdoors. And here I was thinking we were going to get an early winter, so silly of me! lol

I don't often get the chance to capture a Dove perched in the trees, they spend most of their time on the ground. Such beautiful birds!

When a dance is more than a dance!
~Cardinal vs Blackbird~

How excited was I to see my first ever Quail, and this Gambel's Quail sure was a fun one to watch!

Has anyone ever seen the tv show called "Zoo"? On one hand, how creepy and scary. On the other hand, we totally deserve it, don't we! I've often wondered what some of my wildlife friends would do on an episode of this show? I mean, what would a mob of angry bunnies look like, really?

This is a sweet little visitor I named Porter, you met him back in July. He has a fabulous orange tail and frosted orange tips on his fur! I do hope he visits again some time soon!

Hey Baby Kay! You're supposed to eat out of the dish, not sit inside it! Silly kids!

"OK lady, that's the worst disguise ever, you don't even look like grass!"
~a trail friend~

 My little buddy Rusty, escaping the heat in the shade of the tree leaves.

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Beautiful card, love the colour scheme. The photos are great, that quail is really gorgeous, never seen one of those over here. Here it's definitely autumn, with a nip in the air! Hugs, Valerie

  2. So gorgeous, love the pastel shades of blue and cream. Once again, fab wild life pics, xxx

  3. Lovely once again Pamellia.with all those misty soft colours Faboulas design.
    Fab pics all so good.
    Jules xx

  4. Fabulously feminine with the beautiful floral papers, gorgeous flowers and layers and delicate die cuts! The soft blue shades are so pretty.
    Fantastic photos, the squirrels never fail to delight...the cardinal with the spread wings is stunning.

  5. I wish there was such a thing as touch-a-vision so I could reach in and check out firsthand your beautiful cards. That's just me--I like to feel all the textures and layers in amazing things like your cards. We also are having awful summer heat still but I hear the weekend will be more seasonal. Love that photo of Baby Kay sitting in the dish.

  6. Hi Pamellia,
    oh my word this creation is soooooooooo! stunningly beatiful.
    Love all the wonderful elements your have used to create this stunner.
    Such pretty die cuts used as well as the gorgeous flowers.
    As always your photos are so amazing and wonderfully captured.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. What a Gorgeous card !! I loved the colours a lot :)

  8. Stunning card Pamellia, beautifully designed and embellished, the papers are gorgeous and I love all the details.
    Wildlife photos are amazing, your little squirrel friends are adorable, Kate x

  9. How sweet and delicate look has this card!! You always amaze me with your diecuts and flowers arrangements! Delightful card!! Love the string of pearls!!
    Finally I look here at a bird that I can see daily: the dove LOL :) The most birds that you photograph don't leave in my zone, as the stunning photo of Cardinal vs Blackbird... such a stunner!!! And that Gambel's Quail... she (?) is so fun!! :D
    Adorable hungry rabbit, so cute!! And love your new friends Porter, Baby Kay and the darker "No Name" :) Your photo of Rusty is fabulous!!
    Here sun, then rain (finally) and then sun again... the weather is almost hot as at summer.
    Big hugs!

  10. Dainty and delicate gorgeous flower patterns on your amazing card. So so pretty and yes blue is not just for boys. Yey to your new friends and fabulous photos and comments but not Yey to your weather! x

  11. Beautiful card Pamellia..so soft and dainty with so many gorgeous details..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  12. I've had another lovely visit to your blog Pamellia. Its a gorgeous card, I am always in awe of you creative layers and design.
    The animal photos are adorable, loved the one who was sitting in the feed dish.
    Yvonne xx

  13. What gorgeous paper - and a wonderful creations Pamellia.
    Your bird photos are amazing - especially the Cardinal and the Blackbird!! I love quail too, and where I grew up they were often seen, along with pheasants. Your squirrels are as entertaining as ever,

  14. Once again, you've amazed me with your card making skills and eye for design and color! Those papers are gorgeous and you have made them breath taking! I love your layered die cuts and all those fluffy foliage die cuts to show off those amazing flowers and sprigs! So pretty and cooling for those hot humid days. I do feel for you, Pamellia! When are we going to get some relief?! I have totally neglected my garden this season due to the intolerable heat.

    Your wildlife shots tickle me pink...I especially love the cardinal and blackbird cuttin' some rug! Amazing photography! Sending your great big hugs and some extra air conditioning! I do hope you get some fall weather soon! It's cooling here in the evenings, but the humidity is so high, I still come home dripping wet from a night time walk.

  15. I agree blue isn't just for boys, the delicate colour with white, the beautiful paper and beautiful details make this another of your Stunning cards, so very beautiful in all ways. THEN! your photographs just so professional with wonderful quotes with them making a little story of each. Have a wonderful week, hope the temperatures get better for you to enjoy.

  16. Totally stunning, so feminine and delicate... the papers are gorgeous but your design really does bring it to life!

    I do watch the Zoo and have to agree with you, I dread to think what would happen if the animals took over - and who could blame them?? I saw from watching the Invictus Games that it is hot with you at the moment, I think you might be having the Indian Summer that we were promised.... and has yet to arrive.

    As always your beautiful creature shots are just amazing, I love Rusty and the Quail is so lovely!!! Hope the weather settles for you soon. Hugs, Anne xx

  17. Stunning piece, I love the delicacy of these papers. The butterfly is stunning and I love the addition of the pearls and as always your flowers are the perfect accompaniment. Adore your nature shots too, really uplifting. Tracy x

  18. Your card is just stunning!! I seriously think you should be designing for a major company Pamellia!!

    Again, your photos crack me up- always the best captions with them! The Dance is probably my favorite this week! heehee
    sending hugs,Jackie xo

  19. Another stunning work of art. Loving the wildlife photos. I don't know about a mob of angry bunnies, but a nethie bun who's annoyed with you is scary, especially when they turn their back to you and show you the bunny bum of disgust!

  20. What a stunning design! love the cream/blues and gorgeous layerings! Wonderful photos too!

  21. I noticed they all have black eyes. Are there many birds or animals that have colored eyes?

    1. Hi Cynthia. I actually don't think any of them have black eyes, they just look black at certain angles. When the light hits a squirrel, you can see that they have light brown eyes and so do most birds. It's just that I usually don't take pictures of them when they are in the sunlight because it causes harsh shadows. I will try and find a couple of photos and post them next week so you can see. Keep your eyes open for that. hugs :)

  22. Oh boy, what a fabulous card, I love those colour combinations and lots and lots of terrific layers, topped with all of those beautiful flowers. This is a stunning creation.

    Keep all of your wildlife shots coming, I enjoy seeing them so much.

    Dionne xx

  23. Such pretty blue Pamellia on your gorgeous card. Blue is my favourite colour. How crazy is your weather but enjoy it with your furry friends while it lasts. Take care Hugs xxx

  24. The colour palette of this card makes me happy - so gentle and serene and pretty. Amazing birds today - what a haul for a "twitcher" (slang for a birdwatcher in this country, but maybe not where you are?!).
    Alison x