Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pion Design - 'Be Mine' Valentine

Hello Everyone!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Today I am sharing this Valentine's card made with the Pion Design collection "To My Valentine". I just adore the rich, vibrant reds, the elegant rose patterns and the vintage images! So romantic!!


Pion products:

To My Valentine - Love Letters PD6807
To My Valentine - Rose of Love PD6804
To My Valentine - In My Heart PD6801
To My Valentine - Love is in the Air PD6803
To My Valentine - Tags PD6812
To My Valentine - Borders PD6810
Scent of Lavender - Small Leaves PD7203

Well that 10 cm of snow we were supposed to get on Saturday, actually ended up coming on Sunday. It was really amazing, and I spent several hours outside taking photos. It has mostly melted now, but I sure did enjoy our snow day while it lasted!! 

In honour of the special day today, I thought I would include these two lovebird Starlings...

and, this obviously married couple of Sparrows...
"What did you just say to me!!!"

A sweet Chickadee waiting for me to pull out my bag of goodies...

and a female Sparrow watching as I feed the other birds. I think she's sizing me up!

You all know my best bud Crazy Karen. She is smart and fast and quite the funny girl. She hangs from the screen, eats from my hand and smiles to say thank you. She's been visiting me since I moved here and she's the only one left of my original squirrel visitors. She has a hard life and so I dedicate this post to her health and well being...

~Crazy Karen~
"Go ahead, snow all you want! You're not going to stop me from eating my walnut!" 

~Busty Bertha~ (who is actually a boy, oops)
"I'm just going to pretend I DON'T see this snow falling right now!" 

"My Mother always warned me that my face would freeze like that!!"

For my macro today, a branch with some ice and snow. Oh how pretty is winter time!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.



  1. Gorgeous and ver luxurious card, love the colours, too. Wonderful snow photos, but I must admit I am happy now that the snow has gone - today it's bright and sunny but with a biting wind. Have a fun day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh, my Gosh, Pamellia! There must be a dozen layers to this lovely Valentine's Day card! How beautiful are these papers carved into this delicious greeting! You have brought them to life with your doilies, lace, die cuts, bits of cheesecloth, clay hearts, pearls, stick pins, and gorgeous flowers! What a breath taking card!

    Love seeing your snow, and those sweet squirrels! The "love" bird shots are my favorites this time especially the captioned one that certainly MUST be a married couple! Ok, I see the next step for you to be to write a book using your photos and captions! They are hilarious! Happy Valentine's Day to you, sweetie!

  3. You have such a gift in making cards and taking photos, Pamellia! The card is gorgeous, of course! Yay! I'm so glad you got snow! Love those sweet little critters.

  4. So romantic is this gorgeous card...love it love the papers. Your snow is beautiful, compared to our heat wave I prefer snow...love your sweet little creatures, they are adorable.xxx{aNNie}

  5. More than gorgeous and I love your pics, xxx

  6. Oh my, this is absolutely stunning, Pamellia!! Oh, I am in love with all of the layers and the gorgeous papers and every single detail!! The hearts and roses are beautiful!! This is the perfect Valentine's Day card!! I love, love it!! Wow!! Romantic and gorgeous!!

    That snow is so gorgeous!! I love looking at it...from a distance ;) Your wintry scenes are framed so beautifully!! I love the V-day theme of bird couples :) The obviously married Sparrows are too cute!! And Crazy Karen is absolutely adorable!! The shots of Busty Bertha the boy and Rocky are so sweet!! I just love them all!! I hope you have a wonderful, happy Valentine's Day, my dear friend!! Thinking of you and sending lots of hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. A stunning romantic card Pamellia..love the red roses, pretty dies and papers..GORgeous..glad you enjoyed your snow and lovely to see your feathery and fluffy friends..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  8. Absolutely gorgeous card Pamellia, the layers are amazing and all your embellishments are fabulous.
    Wonderful photos, Kate x

  9. Oh Pamellia, such a romantic and vibrant card!! Love these roses! The swirls matches very well with them! And the label with that sentiment is just adorable!! Amazing piece of lace, too, and all the others fab details!
    Sthe snow in your landscape photos is just magical, such a peace feel it has! Great macro, too!
    Adorable birdies and poor squirrels... snow for them isn't fun as it is for you. The birds seem take less snow on them. Crazy Karen is a delicious little girl, I remember her very well!! Instead I didn't remember to have seen Busty Bertha and Rocky. Welcome! :D Hope that they go quickly in their homes in the trees after launch! Brrrrr!
    I have a lot of cought and fever... I'm feeling no well in these days.

  10. Beautiful card Pamellia! Happy Valentine!
    xx Gerie

  11. Yes Winter is pretty indeed x As is your amazing card and your cute and adorable photos x

  12. The card is stunning and the papers and additions are so beautiful.

    So pleased you have snow and the animals seem to be so happy with it all as well..enjoy it while it lasts

    Love Chrissie xx

  13. What else can one say but STUNNING love the paper and the roses are beautiful tucked in with the lacy and cheesecloth .

  14. Fabulous Valentines card and your wintry photos are all amazing! Shame it lasted only the one day.....

  15. Your card looks stunning and romantic.
    Super snowy photos , I always enjoy reading the messages you post with the photos. I can almost imagine you talking to them as you see them on your walks.
    Yvonne xx

  16. This is absolutely stunning Valentines card Pamellia, gorgeous papers and layers of beautiful embellishments..
    your photos are adorable today, love your feathered and fur friends..
    Hugs Pam x

  17. A goregous valentine card and amazing close ups of your furry and feathery friends. Hugs Mrs A.

  18. Oh my, who would not want to receive a gorgeous Valentine card like this one, it is truly gorgeous Pamellia, so many wonderful layers - I love this!!

    So pleased you got some snow, it looks so beautiful (we managed 1/2" for a couple of hours - lol!). The bird pairs are so lovely and it is good to see Crazy Karen looking so well too. Busty Bertha (Bert?) is just adorable. Your macro today is incredible. Happy Valentine's Day to you too lovely lady! Hugs, Anne xx

  19. Wow!! You've knocked my socks off once again Pamellia .. such a stunning, romantic card. Love that paper .. so gorgeous. The roses, the delicate die-cuts, the luscious lace .. all the embellies are just perfect and perfectly placed. Simply divine!!!
    Your photos are, again, a delight to the eye. The landscapes are incredible and your bird shots are so beautiful. You can see their markings and colouring so clearly .. stunning! Of course, the squirrels are always my fave .. fat and healthy and just gorgeous .. and so happy to see you and your treats each day I'm sure,especially ion that weather. Love, love, love!!! Hope you had a lovely Valentines Day and have a wonderful week! hugs xx

  20. you are multi talented pamellia, awesome photography with a gorgeous card

  21. What a gorgeous and ever so romantic card Pamellia - a lovely creation.
    As ever I love your photos - and your names for your squirrels are fabulous - thank you for sharing your world.

  22. Such a romantic card Pamellia, red and love can never be really separated can they! At last you got some snow and how wonderful it looked. Your photos are so beautiful but it looked sooo cold. Glad your sweet furry friends are doing OK out there. Hugs xxx

  23. PS I hope you had an awesome Valentine's day xxx

  24. Such lovely rosy layers on the card - delightful. And so much animal love in the photos - another really wonderful post.
    Alison x

  25. I would have expected a Valentines make from yo to be beautiful, romantic, with roses and lace and I'm not disappointed! It's gorgeous.
    So pleased you got your much anticipated snow, your photos are wonderful. I love the sparrows, that's brilliant. Your squirrels must be even more appreciative of the food you give them in this weather!

  26. Stunning Valentines card, Pamellia! Love the bright red paper and the layers you so expertly add. All the little bits n pieces peeking out here and there and oh..over there! Beauty in paper! :) :) :) Lots of smiles here for the love birds. Gorgeous pics of the birds. And I agree with a comment above....put a book together of your animal pics with the comments! Your natural. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day ! Hugs

  27. Romantically Resplendent Card. Happy Valentine's Day to you too Pamellia.

    Love your snowy shots - so amazing to see. Xj.

  28. gorgeous card!
    and lovely photos!

  29. A stunning Valentine card, love the papers and all those gorgeous layers.
    Wonderful snowy photos, but I bet the squirrels were pleased it only lasted 1 day!
    Avril xx

  30. Your Valentine's Day card is just beautiful. I love the rose paper and the added roses. I always like the cheesecloth you add.

  31. I can feel the love oozing from this beautiful romantic work of art Pamela, beautifully done, as usual. Wow...now that IS snow, not like our piddly half a dozen flakes!!! Such incredibly beautiful photos xx

  32. Roses for Valentine's are so perfect and this is tops! Those swirly dies really add to the romantic feel here - swoon!!! Happy belated Valentine's Day, Autumn

  33. So romantic is this gorgeous card...love the beautiful details lovely papers gorgeous card !!
    Greetings Doris

  34. Well if this card doesn't say Love & Romance I don't know what does! It's exquisite!
    I just love seeing these photos ... They are crystal clear and the birds are amazing! gotta love those cute squirrels... Keep them coming!

  35. STUNNING card and STUNNING photos, sorry can't say more, BUT I can't say enough either.

  36. Gorgeous card Pamellia! Super pretty papers and gorgeous layers! It's packed with lots of love and wonderful details!
    So glad you enjoyed the snow~the pictures are beautiful and great pics of your furry friends!
    Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
    Sherrie K

  37. Hi sweetie
    Your card is a masterpiece just like all your cards are. I can't stop looking at it and the vibrant colours (which I adore too), especially red is one of my faves.
    I so love your stories of the animals and I love the names you give them. I hope especially Crazy Karen will be with you for a long time (I have no idea how old squirrels get). Awesome shots!
    xxx, Ally

  38. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous card. Sooo romantic and just perfect for Valentine's Day. All of those beautiful elements, the papers and the wonderful red roses and the lace, the layers and the whispy bits. Gorgeous card.

    And wow, what about that snow? How excited must you have been? I LOVE your first snowy pic, the wonderful black and white scene with just the bench in colour, it almost looks like you hand painted it. So silent and serene, great composition. Also, such wonderful shots of the wildlife.

    I hope you have another wonderful weekend.

    Dionne xx

  39. your talent is totally amazing....I am in awe!!
    xx Karen

  40. So happy you got your snow!! Such gorgeous winter photos Pamellia and happy to see Karen's precious face! xoxo

  41. Oh My! So many gorgeous layers in this beautiful Valentines card! I loved seeing the view of the lake and the bench! Your birds and squirrel friends do look suitably cold! I love the starling photo especially!! Hugs, Chrisx

  42. Hi Pamellia
    What a stunner. Romance personified ....... or cardonified I should say lol! Its beautiful.
    We are supposed to get a heatwave here on Monday. 17 degrees! Washing will be out that day lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  43. Gorgeous layers,love the beautiful papers and rich red -love all the dimension in your cards
    carol x

  44. Super gorgeous Valentine card, Pamellia! Your layeringis always out of this world beautiful! What a great attention to details you have, my friedn! I absolutely love this one! Actually, I love everything you do in crafting and photography!

    Oh, Crazy Karen is one of the most beautiful squirrels I've seen! She is my favourite! Exquisite set of photograph, as usual!
    Have a great day, my friend! Big hugs :) Branka xx

  45. Awwwwww yes! Anything with red is awesome in my book and this card reads romance and elegance rolled into one. Those roses are resplendent and gorgeous! That little ticket with the sentiment and the heart-swoon! And of course those die cuts look so soft and stunning. Gorgeously gorgeous gorgeous card Bubbles! One of my new faves of yours.

    So happy to see that you were finally able to get a bit of snow and get some more brilliant pictures. Please give Hugz to all the furry critters for me! Hugz to you muffin! ~Doc