Saturday, November 25, 2017

Birthday Daydreams

Hello Everyone!

Taking a break from Christmas today because I was way too excited to play with my new Lemoncraft papers sent to me by the very talented Lisa of A Mermaid's Crafts. These papers are from the Daydream collection and you can purchase them at Lisa's Etsy shop here.

For my birthday, my Mom sent me a gift card and I got a whole bunch of new Venice laces and chiffon flowers! I'm so in love with how these items look all loaded up on a card!

This week was my baking week. I find during the holidays that I really crave cookies and squares with my tea or hot chocolate, the types of sweets you can't buy at the grocery store. My favourites are coconut/pineapple squares, and peanut butter/butterscotch cookies!! I'm all stocked up now, and I even made a fun batch of pecan cookies for the squirrels that they are loving! 

For my birds today, this handsome Blackbird getting some take out...

a Chickadee...

and a ruggedly handsome male Cardinal putting on his best pose...

"Oh, it's you again. Didn't you just take a picture of me like 5 minutes ago!" 
~Mary Jane~

Oh Mr Chubb, what big eyes you have!

"I wish I may, I wish I might, find a butt load of peanuts tonight!" 
~a trail friend~

It's been pretty windy so my macro shots haven't been as great as I hoped, but I did snap this rain drop one on the beautiful red leaves.

So what kinds of goodies do you bake up for the holidays?

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Gorgeous card, have fun with your new goodies. Great photos from your little friends. I don't bake much these days as there's nobody else to eat it! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Fabulous card with those lovely papers and those laces are indeed beautiful! Great photos again too, love the one with the eyes cosed, what an expression :o)
    Though I love cooking, I'm not much of a baker, but I shall try my hand at some German Christmas gingerbread cookies soon, at least that's the plan right now....
    Happy weekend! xxx

  3. How sweet and delicate card with all these laces and the soft colors! Really delightful!! Love the touch of the pearl in the rose!
    Love Mary Jane cute face :D and Mr Chubb looks wonderfully in this photo, such fab fur and eyes he has! My favorite birdie is always Chickadee, it's so sweet and tiny! But love so much also the other birds, I love all the animals! :)
    ...I haven't time for backing :( this time I'm too much occupied with my school works
    Big hugs, today here it's cold and rain, winter seems arrived

  4. Oh my goodness the lace and flowers are indeed beautiful Pamellia, and so fitting for your stunning card, gorgeous colours and papers.
    Once again your photos are amazing, the Blackbird with the splash of red is fabulous, ours are just black, but beautiful too. Hope you are having a lovely weekend, Kate x

  5. Stunning card, the papers and colours are beautiful, and look wonderful layered up with the fabulous flowers and exquisite lace.
    Hope the squirrels appreciated their pecan cookies!
    Happy weekend

  6. Прекрасни, вдъхновяващи снимки и великолепна, многослойна композиция!Адмирации!!!

  7. Gorgeous fresh card, beautiful detail hun and colours, hugs Liz xx

  8. Wow! You certainly had fun with your textures, ribbons, bows, laces on this pretty card, Pamellia! How did you EVER manage to find the perfect spots for all these delightfully feminine treasures? Gorgeous creation. Your "I wish I may, I wish I might..." caption completely had me in stitches! LOL I love talking on behalf of the animals. We are having a bit of an overrun of crows here - this is disturbing because the more crows there are, the fewer of the smaller species. We have not seen any black birds for a while - and I wonder if it is because of the crows. Two other seldom seen visitors are the pileated woodpecker and the smaller woodpeckers. Perhaps there is not enough "dead wood" around here, but they don't just peck on dead wood - also, they usually drink from the communal fountain, and haven't seen them there, either. Wishing you a fantastic weekend, Pamellia! xx

  9. Gorgeous card Pamellia, the lace and flowers look fabulous with those beautiful papers.
    Stunning photos, love the one of the squirrel with his eyes closed.
    Your cookies sound delicious, I've just baked 3 Christmas cakes.
    Hugs, Avril xx

  10. Golly gosh this is so pretty Pamellia, those flowers are spent well girl!! I love Mr Chubb, he is such a handsome chap. I have a passion for mince pies at this time of year (mince, if you are not familiar, consists of mixed peel, glace fruits, raisins, sultanas and a slug of brandy gently cooked down). Despite many years of trying I am afraid my pastry is always found wanting (!!) and I have to resort to buying them. Now Christmas cake I can, and do, bake every year, in fact I have the ingredients ready to put together on my day off next Wednesday!!

    1. Oh yes, my Mom used to make Mincemeat pie every year when I was younger. I don't recall having much of a liking for it though, I believe my Dad was the only one who truly looked forward to it. Probably why she quit making it. lol.

  11. Beautiful card the laces and flowers and gorgeous soft colours in the we in NZ have our Christmas in the heat of Summer our Christmas is very basic, like a BBQ..I know, so untraditional..I used to do it ALL but is just gets too hot to enjoy..[ in saying that it will probably turn cold and rain I will have to eat cold salad.]

    Luv CHRISSYxx

    1. I can understand that. We have a rule in our house during the summer, no foods that require the oven to be turned on. BBQ or stove top only. It makes it fun when we switch seasons and I can prepare something that we haven't had since last the last time it was hot, or cold. hugs :)

  12. Oh my gosh, I am in love with this card!! Wow, Pamellia, it's so stunning!! You've showcased the papers perfectly!! I love, love the beautiful laces and flowers!! They look so amazing!! Every detail is perfection!! It's truly spectacular, my friend!! Wow!!

    How adorable is Mary Jane!! She's posed so perfectly!! Mr. Chubb's eyes are quite big!! And beautiful :) And haha, your trial friend is so sweet enjoying that peanut!! The birdies are all so gorgeous!! I'm having a bit of a problem with a little downy headed woodpecker deciding he wants to enjoy my house (cedar siding) instead of the suet cakes I so graciously provide him :( Your macro is stunning!! I hope you have a great weekend, dear friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

    1. Hi Lisa. Woodpeckers hammer holes for several reasons. To set their territory, attract a mate, build a nest, dig for food, or store food. Attracting a mate or building a nest is more of a spring thing, so I doubt that would be the reason. If he is digging for food or trying to store food, there are several deterrents you can use (some would require chemicals to kill the bugs), I prefer the safer ones. They don't like owls, so you can put out a fake owl (although that can scare away other animals as well). They also don't like shiny reflective things, so you could place something like that outside. There is also the eyeballs on a string or ball that seems to work?? lol Hope that helps? hugs :)

  13. Hi Pamellia,
    oh now you have done it made my mouth water with your baking.
    Those recipes sound gorgeous.
    Any chance of the recipes.
    As always your card is so stunning and very beautifully created.
    Love the colour palate and the gorgeous feminine feel to this superb creation.
    I could spend hours looking and finding more all the super gorgeous elements in this.
    As alays your feathered and furry friends photos are outstanding and so superbly photographed.
    Have a very lovely weekend.
    PPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSS don't tell Ang Mrs Duck about your baking.
    As I think she loves nice treats now and again. LOL.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. Pamellia, you have done a beautiful job with those Lemoncraft papers, your card is gorgeous. I do love the fantastic laces you added, they are so elegant!!

    As always, your furry and feathered friends are adorable - especially Mr Chubb, I just love him... Sadly, no baking this year, we are trying to lose weight (not very successfully but we keep trying!). Enjoy your cookies! Hugs, Anne xx

  15. A stunning card, the lace and trimmings are gorgeous. It looks really feminine.
    Great photos and it sounds like you had a delicious baking session.
    You even remembered your sweet furry friends as well.
    Yvonne xx

  16. Gorgeous feminine card love all the lacy layers,flowers and distressed/torn edges
    Carol x

  17. Oh, what a dreamy card this is, Pamellia! I absolutely love it! You are making me quite hungry with the description of your desserts! I will probably wait until the middle of December to start baking my cookies for the holidays. Tomorrow, my mother and I are making a family recipe for Kielbasa. My father is Polish and my mother is Irish but she makes all the Polish dishes. She just made a batch of pierogies for the holidays. Always delicious! I always enjoy your animal photos, too. They are adorable! Is your Christmas tree filled with crafty items?

  18. I looove your cards, and they are a hyge inspiration for me when i make my own cards. And i must sat that i’ve come to enjoy your wildlife picktures more and more. So i’m a happy follower both here and on Instagram and Facebook. Thank you for all the eyecandy ����

  19. Another gorgeous card Pamellia - such a wonderful combination of soft blues with the white (my favourite combination!). The papers look wonderful and they are stunning with your new purchases. Love the wildlife photos too. Enjoy the rest of the weekend x

  20. Oh my, this card is sooooo gorgeous, Pamellia!! I love the soft blue and white combination, my absolute fave!!! I also love all the bits of lace you've layered in amongst the pretty papers and those lovely little ribbon bows. Super, super gorgeous!!
    As always, your wildlife photos are amazing. I honestly don't know how you manage to get such perfect close-ups. I adore them!!
    Baking?? Did you say baking?? I'm afraid that's a four letter word to me! No, no, no .. I do not bake. I don't like being in the kitchen much, not my thing at all so, if I need baked goods, I head to the shops. LOL!!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!! hugs xx

  21. Gorgeous card. The delicate blue and white is stunning. Gorgeous delicate flowers which combine beautifully with the layers of lace. I adore your wildlife photos. Tracy x

  22. Beautiful card. Love the layers.
    Nature pictures are great

  23. Love the card. Your cards are always the best. The pics are awesome. Love the critters.

  24. Baking is not for me but I love the sound of yours ...yummy xx Cute photos of the birds and squirrels and love that you baked for them x Spoilt or what xx Love the layering on your amazing card and the colours are so very pretty x

  25. Beautiful card Pamellia, loving all the soft blues. Ha ha that picture of the squirrel with his eyes closed is priceless!!!
    Donna xx

  26. Gorgeous birthday card Pamellia! Love those soft blues and all the fancy lace! Simply stunning!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  27. Wow another stunning card! Gorgeous colours! Mr Chubb is so dark and mysterious!! Hugs, Chrisx

  28. Oh Pamellia, this is stunning! Absolutely love all the laces. The critters are super cute today. Love the trail friend grimacing with its eyes closed. :) Have a wonderful week! Huhs

  29. Stunning creation, I love all those yummy laces. Wonderful wildlife photos, I do love your squirrels x

  30. so gorgeous!
    love photos!
    so cute animals!

  31. Your cards remind me of a delicious dessert... So full of cream and layers! This is wonderful as are your photos... Lucky squirrels getting handmade treats!

  32. Your card is beautiful! I love your frayed edges- so shabby!!

    What wonderful wildlife again! And those red leaves are just stunning!
    Jackie xo

  33. I don’t know why I keep missing your cards Pamellia. This is so cool and pretty all those gorgeous laces
    And pretty Bows very nice.
    Great pics to.
    Jules. xx

  34. Oh, you make me want to run to the Closet and pull out my Lemoncraft papers and get frilly! Wow, Pamellia, this is gorgeous! I love going over this inch by inch and discovering all those feminine details--the laces, the flowers, pearls, ribbon and twine, and of course the basket filler that I finally got a hold of and never use! This reminds me of a frilly petticoat or a lovely wedding gown! GORGEOUS!

    Love those captions with your photos, especially 'a trail friend'. You have made my day, Pamellia! Oh, and last year I did not bake at all for Christmas. This year may be a challenge, too, since we are heading south to visit Mom. But traditionally we make Christmas mice cookies. They are peanut butter cookies with m and m eyes and nose, peanut ears and Twizzler tails. Fun! Before kids, I would bake a lot at Christmas--fancy filled cookies usually involving chocolate and liquor. I actually won the coveted Martha Stewart prize at a cookie swap one year. Yes, I know you don't like MS, but it was fun to get the award. :) Hugs!

  35. I am loving all of the lace and flowers on this one. The lace in particular looks amazing, it works so well with the ice blue on the papers. Gorgeous.

    Wonderful wildlife shots, as always, you never cease to impress the shoes off me. You have so much tallent.

    Dionne xx