Monday, July 16, 2018

Teacup of Roses

Hello Everyone

Today I am sharing an all occasions card featuring the Pion Design collection "My Dearest Sofia". I have also used some pretty wood embellishments from Scrapiniec.

Scrapiniec products
from collection "Fantasma"


Pion products:

My Dearest Sofia - Lovely Things PD8802
My Dearest Sofia - Devoted PD8811
My Dearest Sofia - Cherry Linens PD8805
My Dearest Sofia - Images From the Past PD1626

I'm not sure if the weather truly is becoming more and more unusual every year, or if I have just become completely intolerant of anything out of the usual. lol. It's been hot, really hot!! Our average day is in the high 30's Celsius, and it's rained only once since spring, that lasted more than 12 seconds that is, so it is dry dry dry! That hasn't stopped me from enjoying my patio garden though!! lol

So this is what I'm going to dress up as next Halloween... A BABY BLACKBIRD!
It's a little bit cute, a little bit bizarre, and nobody will know what the heck I am! Lol

"Oh my gawd, something just fell on my nose! GET IT OFF, GET IT OFF!"
~a trail friend~

"Finally, I'm alone to eat my peanut in peace. I shall savour every moment!" 
~a trail friend~

Does everyone remember my friend with the orange mohawk? Well I'm pretty sure Dale is a girl, which is exciting because perhaps they'll be baby Dales someday! As she molts off her winter coat, she has less of that gorgeous orange hair and more black. Soon she may lose all of the orange. Makes me wonder what she'll look like next winter though... with a full coat on!

For my macro today, some fun green and orange moss growing on a tree branch...

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. So pretty! I especially love all the loose fibers, makes it look so soft and lovely. Wonderful photos, as always. Yes, it's crazy how dry and hot it's least it hasn't been ridiculously humid though.

  2. What a fabulously beautiful card, Pamellia! The details are amazing. You certainly know how to capture such special photos of your wildlife friends! Always a pleasure to see!

  3. More than beautiful. We have high and dry temps in Spain too. Xxxx

  4. Adorable card, Pamellia! How sweet!!! Love so much how you arranged all the white wooden shapes and especially that double oval in the centre! The papers are so sweet and you layered the pieces so well with the laces and the tulle! Any time I see you layering I think that I want try LOL :)
    Rain is missing even here, a lot of clouds and some big raindrops every day, but it isn't rain...Earth is dry...
    Wonderful photos That baby blackbird makes me giggling! How fun and strange little cutie! :D
    Dale too is very fun with half body red and the other half black! :)
    Great shot of the moss, it looks so sunny!
    Big hugs!
    P.S. Seems that you are very busy with a lot of orphan babies and your wild-animals-hospital, isn't it? :) I'm so proud of you, sweet lady! Fingers crossed for all your friends!

  5. Glorious card, so very beautiful, full of texture and wonderful elements. Fabulous photos and great captions, thank you for sharing x

  6. Wow, Pamellia, it's so stunning!! The layers are incredible!! I love the pretty papers and the wood embellies you used!! The flowers, the laces, the fibers...all so gorgeous!! And what beautiful pictures!! I love the first one of the blue jay with his feathers standing up...gorgeous color!! And Dale is so beautiful!! It's been incredibly hot here, too with humidity off the charts. Now we need rain...the grass is starting to turn brown already. Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. It's so beautiful Pamellia, the layers of pretty papers, lace and fibres and the lovely soft colours give this such a delicate feminine air.
    Looking forward to the photos of you dressed as a baby blackbird!!:)

  8. I have not been by for a while- bust=y with elderly mom... I am always inspired and in awe of your work and the pic on your blog. And, love the birds and squirrels as well!!!

  9. What a beautiful floral card Pamellia - love how you have used the frames to accent the papers.
    Your Blue Jay(?) photo is stunning, and I love your fabulous baby blackbird shot - so sweet, as are your squirrels

  10. Such a Delight with lots of ah's and oh's for your card, it's deliciously lovely. Your photos give me a lot of joy too, as I see birds and animals that we don't have in the UK. Your macro is a definite WOW! We have had a long spell of dry and high temperatures too, but as I'm retired I can sit outside under an umbrella and enjoy it all. :)

  11. Beautiful Pamellia, very feminine and delicate looking and your layering, as always is perfect! I love the Blue Jay photo and the macro at the end is superb!! Hugs, Anne xx

  12. This card is so very beautiful Pamellia!! Wonderful layers and textures and so romantic and delicate!! Simply divine!!
    Gorgeous photos as always. I love little Dale. Even though she's losing most of her orange coat, there are still a few speckles of it amongst the black and she is so beautiful!! Love the macro too .. brilliant shot!! big hugs xx

  13. The photos of the wildlife are absolutely amazing! Especially the photo of the Blue Jay... so pretty. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Thanks for the share.
    World of Animals

  14. Beautiful card Pamelia, lots of gorgeous layers and pretty papers.

    Wonderful wildlife shots, the baby jay is so cute, and I love the macro of the lichen, so cool.

    I thought we were experiencing some hot temperatures until I read this post, wow high 30s is really hot, we are experiencing low 30s and that is too hot for me. Like you we have not had rain in ages and there is talk of banning outdoor use of hoses to conserve water supplies.

    Dionne xx

  15. Love this card, with the delicate chippies, the flower cluster and all those layers! Such a joy to see! As are your photos! The blue jay looks so regal--you have captured his beauty with your camera! And that macro shot is fabulous! Hugs!