Tuesday, October 30, 2018

ScrapAndMe - Fairies and Flowers

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing a card for any occasion featuring some gorgeous papers from ScrapAndMe collection "Romantic Garden 2". I have also used a beautiful fairy wood embellishment from Scrapiniec collection "Blueberry Fairy".

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Saturday was a sad day for me as I said goodbye to Chandler, my first born. He's off to the sanctuary where he will spend the winter learning how to be a squirrel in a giant cage with other squirrels. I tried to tell myself that I did my job and he's happy and healthy, but sadness took over. By the end of the video, tears were rolling down my cheeks and I couldn't say anything else.

I know he will do well, but he will always hold a special place in my heart and I will miss him so much every day. Good luck my sweet boy.


  1. Beautiful card, Pamellia! Don't be sad--you helped Chandler grow and develop enough to begin the return to his natural habitat. People like you are giving these little ones a second chance at life.

  2. Such a pretty card Pamellia. What an achievement getting Chandler so far....be proud, you really are amazing what you do for your furry friends. Hugs xxx

  3. Aww Pamellia, try not to be too sad, you've helped him to survive with your wonderful card and now he's off to do what the big boy squirrels do, you've played your part.
    Now for your card... it is stunning, gorgeous papers and embellishments, I love the design, Kate x

  4. Oh Pamellia, I can understand you! You are really so brave growing little wild babies that then will go away, instead pets... But you have to be proud of yourself, you saved him and a lot of others!!! He is a wonderful squirrel and will have a long life free in the wood, once he will have learned about how to be a squirrel! And perhaps one day he will return to your home to say you -hallo, can I have a peanut, please?-
    Your card is a delight, that wonderful wooden fairy butterfly is a catch-eyes with that ponpon lace hanging down!! Love the papers, the laces and the two sweet hearts, great design!

  5. Don't be sad Pamellia, you gave him the chance to survive and get strong and he did. Be proud.
    Your card looks gorgeous , the layers look beautiful.
    Yvonne xx

  6. No need to be sad you should be soo proud of what you have achieved.
    Absolutely stunning card with all your fabulous lace and beautiful embellishments
    Carol x

  7. Awww Pamellia that will certainly be the hard part, saying goodbye to your babies after you've nurtured them. He looks so healthy... good luck sweet Chandler Bing <3 <3
    How are Thelma and Louise doing? did we get an update on the little sweeties that were injured?
    Almost forgot, beautiful card, I don't know how you find the time!
    Anne x

    1. Hi Anne. Thelma and Louise are doing great! Louise's injuries healed up fairly quickly and she was back to normal in no time. Thelma's arm took a little longer to heal, but she's making up for lost time now because she's the biggest monkey of them all! Holy cow, you should see her jump!! Thanks for checking in on them, big hugs :)

    2. Awww I’m so pleased to hear that Pamellia, thanks for the update xx

  8. Another delicately beautiful card Pamellia!! Gorgeous papers and colour and the soft fabrics and laces are beautifully contrasted with the pieces of chipboard!! Simply divine!!
    I can understand how sad it must be to let your babies go Pamellia but, don't ever forget my dear friend, that you made that possible. If not for you, he probably wouldn't be here. Now he has a chance at a full and happy life and that is what I wish for him. Bless you for giving him that chance. hugs xx

  9. Wow, Pamellia! What a gorgeous feminine card that just takes my breath away! Well, they all do! These papers are really lovely and made even more so with your additions of laces, trims, pearls and flowers.

    What a transformation of Chandler from babe to adult! I can understand your sadness over having to send him off, but as others had said, and I know you feel in your heart, his place is in the wild. I remember feeling that way every time we had to release our nurtured orphan wildlife when I was young and living on the farm. You've done a fantastic job of bringing Chandler to this point--he looks so healthy! I so enjoyed your video. Hearing your voice on it was such a special treat for me! Sending hugs!

  10. Sweet Pamellia, you have the loveliest heart... always know how much love and joy you bring to all who know you, as well as the precious little ones you care for. They will keep you with them always. :) Your card is breathtakingly beautiful, with the sweetest details. The colors, the textures, the sheer elegance. Exquisite work as always, my friend. I have missed you dearly and am so happy to be back. Sending endless love and light your way. :)

    Hugs and blessings,

  11. I must be almost there, this has been quite a marathon and I must try harder to keep on top of this.

    This is such a pretty card, fabulous colours and beautiful embelishemnts. I love your gorgeous flowers and lace.

    Bye bye little Chandler Bing, we wish you good fortune.

    Dionne x

  12. Encore une carte superbe de dentelles et de papiers et de fées.
    Bravo Pamellia...
    Chandler restera à jamais dans ton coeur comme tu resteras dans le sien, j'en suis sûre. Tu vas aussi lui manquer, tu étais la dans les premiers jours de sa vie... Il ne t'oubliera pas.
    C'est un mauvais moment à passer, mais pense à tout ce que tu as fait de bien pour lui.
    Bises et Câlins à tes "Loulous".

    Another superb card of lace and paper and fairies.
    Bravo Pamellia ...
    Chandler will remain forever in your heart as you will stay in his, I am sure. You will also miss him, you were there in the first days of his life ... He will not forget you.
    It's a bad time to pass, but think of all that you did well for him.
    Kisses and Cuddles to your "Loulous".