Saturday, April 20, 2019

Pion Design - Celebrate

Hello everyone!

Today I am sharing a lovely card for any celebration featuring the stunning Pion Design collection "New Beginnings". I am so in love with the birds and floral designs of this latest collection, just perfect for any occasion!

Pion products:

New Beginnings – PD26007B
New Beginnings – PD26011A
New Beginnings – PD1646
New Beginnings – PD26006A
New Beginnings – PD26001A
New Beginnings – PD26009B

When we moved to the little place by the lake, we thought we'd found paradise. But then the construction workers arrived. In the last 2 years, they have ripped out hundreds of trees, all of the flower beds, the bushes and the wildflowers. They built a community centre and renamed the park trail "Terry Fox Marathon Trail". It's now become a tourist attraction and the hub of the neighbourhood. It's noisy all the time, it's littered with garbage and the wildlife is gone, so I am leaving too.

In other words, I've been MIA because we move in two weeks. Got ourselves a little farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbours and nothing but trees and wildlife to keep me company! WOOHOO!! I'll be able to expand my wildlife orphanage to take in more animals and that's the best part! 

I'll see everyone on the other side! Here's a couple pics of a couple of my current residents (I have eleven so far this season). 


  1. Beautiful card, Pamellia! I am so happy to hear you found a new home that you are looking forward to moving to. Sounds ideal! One question--do your other squirrel and raccoon friends still come around?

    1. Thanks Patty. Yes, they do still come around and it breaks my heart so much to leave them all behind. Crazy Karen has been with me since just a few days after we moved in here and I cry every time I see her peering over from the tree wondering why the bridge I built is gone. I hate it. :(

  2. Stunning card Pamellia --your new home sounds idyllic although sad to leave your little friends behind
    Carol x

  3. Hi Pamellia, I'm so happy for your new home, wll done! It surely will be the best for you!!! But I'm also so sad to hear that the wonderful place I have seen in these years isn't no more :((( And so sad and worried for all your wild friends.
    I know my thought is crazy :((( but... there isn't the way to keep them in your new paradise? I think they could be more sure there, and could find a new home themselves...
    Your card is a delight, love those birds and your wonderful layering with papers and laces!
    How cute are your new babies! :) And so tiny!!!
    See you later for hearing of your moving :)

  4. Oh my goodness Pamellia, I am so excited for you. I know how unhappy you have been at all of the building in your little bit of paradise and I have noticed that you no longer take your long walks with your camera. What a wonderful now chapter you have ahead of you and I am really looking forward to hearing about the exploration of your new environment.

    Good luck with the move.

    Dionne xxx

    PS Love the card, as always.

  5. You and Pion are the perfect match :) A GORGEOUS frothy card, love the bird. Your little babies are awesome, so much work and dedication from you. Well Done. Good luck on the move.
    Faith x

  6. What a gorgeous gorgeous card Pamellia!! I love the bird image and and all the beautiful layers and embellies. You are amazing! I love your new little ones, you season is taking off with a bang :)

  7. Oh Pamellia, I hear your cry about the development and consequent rubbish and lack of wildlife - what a wrench though to be leaving Crazy Karen and co. Your current babies look so tiny!!
    Your card is exquisite - love those papers and the way you have used the multiple layers to create this beauty

  8. Such a lovely vintage card., love the layers and the lace!

  9. So sorry to read the news but what an idyllic place to look forward too x. You will expand what you love doing most and how rewarding is that? Thank you for sharing the adorable photos of those cuties and what a stunning card....I have missed them and your blog posts x

  10. Love this beautiful card! Hope the move goes well! Chrisx

  11. Not sure what happened here! Chrisx

  12. Je te souhaite de trouver la quiétude dans ta nouvelle maison entourée de la nature et la faune que tu aimes tant.
    Et que ton orphelinat s'agrandisse.
    je suis moins sur Facebook en ce moment, mais mon mari me montre régulièrement tes vidéos de bébés écureuils et souris.
    Bien amicalement.

    I wish you to find tranquility in your new house surrounded by nature and the wildlife you love so much.
    And let your orphanage grow.
    I am less on Facebook at the moment, but my husband regularly shows me your videos of squirrel and mouse babies.

  13. Pamellia, I've enjoyed my little catch up here this morning. You've truly made my day with your beautiful posts and cards. This one is a favorite, of course, because of the birds.

    I think of you all the time, especially when I see some strange wildlife. Last week I saw a baby possum make it's way across our backyard just after dusk. And I saw a black squirrel (!!!!!!) with what appeared to be a white nose while driving the other day. Could have been something he was eating at the time. I did some research, and found that Southeastern Fox squirrel has these markings.

    Although I don't get time to open my e-mail posts all the time, I'm comforted to know they are coming in regularly. I started to get worried when I realized I hadn't seen anything in a while. So happy to know you are in the midst of a happy move. The new place sounds like Heaven to me! Can't wait to see/read the details. Sending big hugs!

  14. Hi Pamellia, it's some time that you are disappeared :D I know that you have moved in a wild piece of paradise and hope that all is going well for you and family.
    I can't wait to see the photos of your new home and wood, of the growing babies and to hear the good news from you...
    Big hugs and enjoy your new place!

  15. Cette carte est vraiment sublime, je l'adore !
    Tu n'en mets plus en vente pour ton orphelinat ? Juste des photos ?
    Il est adorable ton bout de chou... Quelle chance tu as !
    J'espère que tu t'es bien habituée à ton nouveau lieu de vie.
    Plein de Bisous de France et une caresse à tes petits pensionnaires.

    This card is really sublime, I love it!
    Do not you sell more for your orphanage? Just pictures?
    He is adorable your little one ... How lucky you are!
    I hope you have got used to your new place of life.
    Full of Kisses of France and a caress to your little boarders.

    1. Thanks so much my friend. No I don't sell the cards for the orphanage any more. By the time I paid for shipping and handling and the packaging, there wasn't much money left in the profit, so now I only sell the images as a way for people to make a donation. Thanks again for your kind words. hugs Pamellia :)