Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pion Design - Christmas Santa

Hello Everyone!

I never get tired of playing mix and match with the Pion Design collections, so today I'm sharing a Christmas card featuring the papers from this year's Christmas collection "Long Ago in Bethlehem", and last year's collection "The Night Before Christmas".


Pion products:
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Mary and Joseph PD9401
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Angels Singing PD9404
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Blessings PD9407
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Borders PD9411
The Night Before Christmas - 6x6" Dear Santa PD7902
The Night Before Christmas - Borders PD7810
Pion Design Palette - Pion White I PD6101

Pion Design proudly presents Summer Falls into Autumn - a collection capturing the golden moments of the season. More information coming soon!

Sometimes a happy accident in photography is just as rewarding as a happy accident in crafting. I saw this sweet Cardinal playing in the grass, but there was a fallen tree between the two of us. I knew if I stepped over the tree, I would scare him off, so I laid down over the log sideways with my head resting on the ground and the camera was at an odd angle. I just figured I would just rotate the photos in post, but it turned out, he was bent sideways as well, making for a super unique photo!

One of my favourite parts of the day is Chickadee feeding time. In the afternoon the Chickadees will perch on the edge of the patio and sing to let me know that they're hungry. I step outside with their treats and they fly to my hands. What a great feeling!

"Sorry Miss, but I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to show myself yet. I'm having a bit of a bad hair day you see!" 
~Mr Blue Jay~

"Go away, I'm trying to sleep!" 
~Miss Swan~

"Really with the click click click! I'm trying to play hide and seek here, and you're gonna give away my position!"

"Oooooo, if you have what I think you have in that bag of yours, then welcome to my territory!" 
~a trail friend~

"I'm confused, you moved the food bowl again. Are you playing games with me, human!" 

"Do you ever get the feeling like you just stepped into a magical forest!" 
~a trail friend~

"The idea that some lives matter less, is the root of all that is wrong with the world." 
~Dr. Paul Farmer & my best bud Crazy Karen~

It's been a while since I attached the macro lens to my camera. This is one of the flowers I planted this year. There was no tag on it, so I don't know what type of plant it is. You should zoom in on the stamen centre, so cool!!!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Lovely card and fantastic photos of your feathered and furry friends. Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  2. A very beautiful card using the wonderful designs.

    Your photographs just get better and better. You must have an amazing camera Pamellia and certainly your eye for design and structure shows through in your pictures as well as your cards.

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. Wonderful love the card and the pics, xxx

  4. Gorgeous card and layout Pamellia. Lovely Christmas colours Faboulas Poinsettias, just doing a T H myself
    You given me some inspiration now which I needed.
    Fab pics hope your patio is still looking gorgeous.
    Jules. Early for me this time.

  5. Stunning card Pamellia, such a beautiful design. Wonderful photos x

  6. Your card is just stunning. You have a fabulous style and are so talented. Love the bird pictures, how amazing was the first one! Of course though my heart was stolen by your amazing photos of the squirrels. I think if I were you I'd have my walls groaning under all the weight of the canvas prints of them all. Crazy Karen is just amazing and obviously trusts you so much, how wonderful. Take care and have a great week x

  7. Oh Pamellia, such a delightful card!! Love how you create the design and all the fab details in it!! The gorgeous poinsettias with the gold rolled roses look magnificent! The Santa in the frame is a lovely catch-eyes with the delicate doily around! Amazing charms and bow and the papers are wonderful.
    I always enjoy so much seeing your photos of your friends, any time they melt my heart! That fabulous cardinal -WOW- this is a photo for a publication on a magazine!!! Bless your happy accident! :)
    Wonderful birdies that eat on your hands in the patio, you are a lucky lady!!!
    And love the racoon face, such a cutie!
    Your wonderful squirrels friends make always me smile, little sweet cuties!!
    And your macro on that purple flower is amazing! I have never seen this flower before now, but it looks so precious!
    Big hugs, here the weather is still hot and there are problems with water scarcity and some fires in the woods... :(

  8. Fabulous card, Pamellia! What magic you work on your cards as well as your photos of all the animals! I could look at all of them forever. You are so lucky to have developed such a close relationship with the little critters.

  9. It's always a joy to visit you Pamellia!! A stunning crafty creation and superb photographs as always xx

  10. Absolutely stunning card, Pamellia!! Wow!! The layers are amazing, as always!! You integrate the two different paper stacks together perfectly!! I love how you framed Santa!! The poinsettias are gorgeous!! All of the details are just spectacular!! I love, love it, my friend!! So amazing!!

    Your photos are stunning!! What a happy, artistic accident with Mr. Cardinal!! I love all of the shots!! The raccoon is absolutely adorable!! And your furry friends are precious!! It's so sweet how they eat from your hand!! I hope you are doing well, my dear friend!! Thinking of you and sending lots of big hugs your way :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. Absolutely stunning card Pamellia, such detail and gorgeous papers. I love your attention to detail, you are so very artistic.
    The Cardinal bird is amazing, fabulous colours and the Blue Jay is a hoot with the bad hair day, all the photos are wonderful, Kate x

  12. A stunning card Pamellia..love the flowers and layers and gorgeous papers...beautiful..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  13. Definitely a marriage made in heaven Pamellia! The papers are beautiful and your card is quite simply - STUNNING!!!

    Your animal and bird photos are, as always, amazing - the definition on the Raccoon is incredible and Crazy Karen is just as adorable as ever! Your macro is superb, love that colour! Hugs, Anne xx

  14. Absolutely stunning card Pamellia, such detail and gorgeous papers you have used.
    Your photos are stunning!!
    Could your flower be a Clematis! we have them and they cover a shed or wall?
    Hugs Pam x

  15. A stunning card and as always a wonderful post to read and see the fabulous photos.
    Yvonne xx

  16. Geez... so much goodness on this post... as usual, soooo much goodness that I can't even decide what to go ga-ga about: the fabulous project or the birds!

  17. It's a beautiful Christmas card Pamellia, wonderful layers and lovely new papers.
    The poinsettia is so amazing...also the bow and winterlook with the paint and it's always joy to see your blogpost! Wonderful animal photo's!!!!
    xx Gerie

  18. What a beautiful card! It's a gift on it's own! And I adore your photos... That Raccoon is beautiful!

  19. Pamellia I love all your cards but best of all your Christmas ones...Amazing and so beautiful x Fabulous photos and fun captions. How lucky are you that teh birds and some of the squirrels eat from your hand? Macro shot of the flower is sensational. Lucky shot too of the cardinal ....Thanks for sharing x

  20. More WOW's from me, such a VERY beautiful card with so many layers and interesting bits added to make it a treasure. Your photos are, like I have said before worthy of publication. I have only seen a Cardinal in photos, but certainly never in such a closeup, as for the birds feeding from your hand? WOW. Another fabulous blog post from you my friend.

  21. Your Swan Caption completely cracked me up, Miss Pamellia! LOL Loving how the cardinal inadvertently posed for you, and how the chickadees sing for their food before mobbing you! How delightful! I am still amazed at the steadiness of your hands when shooting a photo. It takes both hands for me, and the photos often blur because of my shakiness LOL - I do LOVE your photos AND their captions - so full of antics.

    The snowy goodness in your Christmas masterpiece is pure magic! Beautiful card with the loveliest of tiny details. Lots of golden metallic pieces from the lace to the fabric in the tiny roses! Beautiful, P! hugs, de

  22. Beautiful card Pamellia!
    Hope your summer has been full of sunshine and fun!
    Jackie xx

  23. Hi Pamellia,
    nearly missed this beautiful and stunning creation as I was not blogging whrn you posted it.
    Such a very stunning design and those papers and embellishments are so pretty.
    Love the beautiful white poinsettias, and your wonderful die cuts.
    Super wonderful photos of your feathered and furry friends.
    My you are such an expert at capturing the wonderful moments.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  24. I'm pretty sure you've got a scaevola there, Pamellia! How beautiful to see it in all it's glory with you behind the camera!

    I had to say, I almost spit out my cling peaches when I saw the blue jay and read your caption! Too hilarious! As always I love seeing your photography!

    Your Christmas card has once again taken my breath away, and I'm (almost) at a loss for words to describe how beautiful it is! And you are the MOST creative when it comes to adding flower centers! Who'da thunk a little rosebud would be a fantastic poinsettia center? What a magical card! Oh, I wish I could create like you! Miss you a bunch! Hugs!

  25. Definitely looks like a scaevola to me too-stunning Christmas card Pamellia-love all the beautiful snowy layers -all your cards are such beautiful keepsakes-fabulous nature pics too
    Carol x

  26. OMG, what a fabulous Christmas card. Stunning papers, gorgeous flowers beautiful die cuts - but it is really your amazing talent which combines all of these elements to make such memorable cards.

    It is great to catch up with all of your wild life buddies, they are all so photogenic. You really know how to capture their good side.

    Take care my friend.

    Dionne xx