Saturday, August 5, 2017

Pion Design - Angel Ornament

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing an ornament shaped holiday card featuring the papers from this year's Christmas collection "Long Ago in Bethlehem", and last year's collection "Greetings From the North Pole". I just adore the soft angel images, so magical!


Pion products:
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Mary & Joseph PD9401
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Three Wise Men PD9403
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Borders PD9411
Greetings From the North Pole - Snowfall PD7607
Greetings From the North Pole - Snowflakes PD7604
Pion Design Palette - Pion White I PD6101

There are so many birds on my photography wish list, and I get so excited when I get to see something new out on my hikes, but my world wouldn't be the same without the familiar sounds of these amazing Sparrows. I missed them so much during construction time and I'm glad to have them back keeping me company and making my patio a more enjoyable place!

I don't normally take shots in the high contrast created by sun and shadows, but I just couldn't resist the beauty of this Blue Jay enjoying the sunrise!

"What can I say, I don't have an air conditioner!" ~Mrs Mallard~
(ducks stand on one leg to help control body temperature)

"I'm thinking the coast is clear, let's get the heck outta here!" 
~Baby Raccoons~

"If the thrill of hunting were in the hunt, or even in the marksmanship, a camera would do just as well."
~Jonathan Safran Foer~

"HOLY CANNELLONI! Did I hear the words homemade cookies? Count me in!" 
~Crazy Karen~ my best bud

"Oh crap, you caught me! Just back away slowly because I'm still taking the cookie!" 

"Oh this peanut? This is nothing. Last week I found a peanut, and it was THIS BIG!" 
~a trail friend~

"Yuuuuuck! You tricked me! There's vegetables in those cookies!" 

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Beautiful card and wonderful photos!

  2. Love the pics, so beautiful, as is your Christmas card, xxx

  3. Fabulous card and fabulous photos!

  4. Love that gorgeous bauble card Pamellia and as for the baby raccoons...adorable!! xx

  5. Love your beautiful card, Pamellia. The colors and the photo are so sweet and peaceful! The critter photos are adorably sweet--always a delight to see!

  6. Great shaped card, so fresh and magical! Fabulous idea for Christmas and amazing colors combo, very elegant! Love all the distressed layers and the sweet embellishments! The flowers arrangement is delicious!!
    So happy to know that the sparrows have came again to your house :) The duck's shot made me smile, such cute position! And amazing hight contrast photo of the blue jay!You know that love seeing your wildlife, and today all the critters are soooo fun!!!! And a photo of TWO baby raccoons, too! Yay! How lovely!
    Enjoy your patio and the natural place around you! Hugs

  7. Love your shaped cards, and this one is chock full of snowy gorgeousness! I love the little wooden elements tucked in here and there and your poinsettia cluster is just stunning topped off with the clay angel! What wonderful inspiration from you today!

    Love the nature shots, especially delighted by the little guy bragging about his large peanut and those sweet baby raccoons! Now that's something I don't get to see too often! Sending you big warm, rainy hugs!

  8. Just love the shape of your card Pamellia and all the beauty you added to the shape as well.

    Fantastic photographs and quotes with even a lesson about ducks as well. I didn't know why they stood on one leg until today

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. A gorgeous shaped card Pamellia, lovely papers and layers.
    Super photos I was smiling as I read the captions to added.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Oh wow, what a stunning Christmas card, Pamellia!! I love the ornament shape!! As always, the details you add are so perfect!! I love studying the pictures and finding things I missed in previous ones!! The layers are amazing!! The angels are so sweet and you showcased them perfectly!! Love, love this, my friend!! So gorgeous!!

    That is the most beautiful shot of the sparrow!! I never realized how pretty they are!! And oh, I just want to hug those baby raccoons!! Your squirrels shots are amazing and I don't know how you come up with such perfect captions!! The size of the peanut one made me laugh out loud!! Absolutely stunning shots, my sweet friend!! I so enjoyed visiting with your animal friends!! They always put me in a happy mood!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. What an amazing christmas card Pamellia, the papers are gorgeous and your layers are fabulous, so much detail to it.
    Photos of your feathered and furry friends are wonderful, Kate x

  12. Oh Pamellia, I have had such a laugh at the expressions on the faces and your subtitles, especially that last one, Tippy really tickled me, they are all adorable!! Such fun! The Blue Jay is gorgeous.

    What can I say about your beautiful card, the shape is wonderful and your design and embellishment of the card is just superb my friend, Love it!! Hugs, Anne xx

  13. Your project is stunning, love the little cherub tucked into the flowers. Stunning wildlife photos, the squirrels are so expressive and lovely to see Crazy Karen looking so well x

  14. love LOVE your wild life photos, P! That raccoon photo is the cutest one I've ever seen! Wouldn't these be adorable on a card? Any of theme would be pretty featured on a card, and the sentiments can be just about anything, including your voice talking for the animals!

    So happy to see the return of your ornament-shaped cards. This one is especially pretty with the "pinked" edging, and the fantastic navy colors and sweet cherubs, so innocently participating in the call of the Birth. Lovely card and wonderful layers of goodness, Pamellia. Wishing you a great week-end. hugs, de

  15. Hi Pamellia, how pretty is this shaped Christmas card. So many crisp pretty layers, like new snow.Great photos as always..those racoons are just sooo cute. Happy August my friend and sending my very best to you as always. Hugs xxx

  16. That last Squirrel [ Tippy] made me chuckle with the veges in the funny.A GORgeous card today as always those faces of the sweet angels and the beautiful soft colours.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  17. Your Christmas card is breathtaking! Love the blue tones and those angels are such a great touch! Love the floral arrangement and that stunning shabby bow!!!
    Your nature pictures are fantastic as always, so clear and captivating!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  18. Oh I love this style of Christmas card and really look forward to seeing them when you post them. All of the flowers look amazing. Dark blue is not a colour traditionally associated with Christmas but it looks quite stunning here againsts all the whites and it picks up all the other blues you have used. I have been so busy perusing my other interests recently I have not taken part in the Christmas in July card making fun most card makers get involved in and I am feeling very guilty about how behind I am with my Christmas card making this year. Looking at all the beautiful Christmas cards you have made recently is really making me want to get out my card, pens, glue and glitter!

    I do not know whether it is because I am using my iPad today and not my laptop but the clarity of your wildlife shots today is quite staggering, especially the birds. The Blue Jay looks gorgeous in that lighting and the raccoons soooooo cute. I also love the shot of the lady Mallard and I did not know that about standing on one leg ... But then we do not get really high temps in the UK that often - te he!

    Dionne xxxxx

  19. Stunning photography! My you are such an expert! And I love you beautiful snowy bauble!

  20. what a sweet ornament!!

    Omgosh I always giggle at your words you put with your critters- heeheehee I love that little tongued squirrel! LOL
    I have to say <I am not a fan of those House/English Sparrows,as two years in a row they have killed off our Bluebirds. Last year they killed the parents and built their nest atop the clutch of four babies, they all died, and this year, they killed the momma and dropped the eggs to the ground- they are nasty little creatures- "(
    i do love your photos and am so happy you share them with us Pamellia! xo

  21. Now you know I always comment on your 'captions' but you've outdone yourself today. Made me chuckle so much. You are so clever ....With your card making too! Stunning bauble with teh prettiest of colours, images etc. Didn't know ducks stood on one leg to regulate their temperature xxx

  22. Gorgeous bauble shaped card love the beautiful vintage image and fabulous layers and embellishments-brilliant pics and captions
    Carol x

  23. The Christmas ornament is delightful - I've just been admiring it over at Pion. And what a fabulous set of photos today. The blue jay and the raccoons are my favourites I think, but I still adore all the squirrels too!
    Alison x

  24. Such a beautiful post. Loving the Christmas card ornament and all your special friends.

  25. Hi Pamellia
    Absolutely stunning. Would look wonderful hanging from a Christmas Tree.
    Your garden room also looks marvellous. What a lovely little sanctuary for you.
    This duck stands on one leg when reaching for a tall cupboard lol!
    Take care.
    Ang x

  26. Hi Pamellia it is so lovely to be visiting again this creation is stunning and so enchanting, the detail as always is out of this world, stupendous make and wonderful photos.
    lorraine x

  27. Oh Pamellia, your card is spectacular, I love the shape of it and all those angelic additions. As to your photos? You have no idea how much I admire your skills, those racoons, OMG, - but all of them are amazing and your captions made me laugh out loud!!!! Here in Scotland I have never seen a duck on one leg (probably not warm enough ever) but that was an interesting bit of info, - thank you!

  28. Wow!! Those papers are so gorgeous and I just love the shape of this card Pamellia!!! So many beautiful details and, although I usually prefer the traditional Christmas colours, I really love the blues and creamy whites! Divine!!
    Your photography, again, is spectacular!! I love the birds but the squirrels will always be my favourites!! Absolutely adorable!! Have a wonderful day!! xx

  29. So lovely with your cherubs and snowy splatter! Sweet photos too!

  30. For some reason I'm always attracted to off white colors with navy. Your card is really lovely. Just checking in to tell you I 'watching' and enjoying your posts dear friend. Sending you much love and hugs. Xj.

  31. Faboulas design Pamellia. With those cool winter colours and gorgeous embellishments.
    Looking at your other photo of your patio it looks a Faboulas tranquill place to sit and relax.
    Gorgeous baskets and water feature.
    Faboulas pics.
    Have a good week out photographing and enjoying the wildlife.
    Jules xx

  32. So beautiful and elegant as always my lovely - I do hope you're well! xx

  33. OH! my goodness how did I miss this? I LOVE the ornament, such pretty colours and image, beautifully shown off in your inimitable way. Always wonderful work from you and photos to die for, those raccoon certainly posed for you and the "high contrast" Jay? is beautiful. Love ALL your work. Hope all is good with you and you are enjoying your "new" space.