Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Pion Design - Country Christmas Reindeer

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing this neutral toned Christmas card featuring the Pion Design Christmas collections for 2017, "Long Ago in Bethlehem" and "Christmas Wishes". Don't you just love the vintage look of the browns and tans for the holidays! Such a cozy cottage feel!


Pion products:
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Church PD9406
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Holy Scripture PD9410
Christmas Wishes - Snowflakes PD9809
Christmas Wishes - Borders PD9811
Christmas Wishes - Tags PD9812
Christmas Wishes - Santa's Friends PD9806

So I finally had some time to get out on the trails to take some autumn photos and guess what... there is hardly any autumn out there at all! There's the odd tree with a touch of colour, but any leaves that fall onto the ground get scooped up by landscapers like they're coated in anthrax! All the bushes with berries have been cut back and all the wildflowers chopped away. Geez people, are we that allergic to a little nature!

Anyway, this photo was taken at the neighbour lake early in the morning before the sun was up in the sky. I just love me a misty morning!

As summer comes to a close, my sweet friends the Red Breasted Nuthatches have started to visit again. Much like the Chickadees, they perch outside and chirp to let me know it's time to load my hand up with treats. They sure do capture my heart!


I'm just so in love with the Blue Jays. Such smart and beautiful birds. We don't get many in the summer time, but hopefully I will get the chance to see more of them soon.

Still riding my Heron high! One of my favourite experiences this summer!

When someone steals your peanut and you refuse to just let it go...

"So I'm sitting here enjoying my lunch and I'm thinking to myself...lady, buy a lawnmower would ya!
~a trail friend~

My best bud Crazy Karen has had a horrible summer. She has had two very serious injuries, one right after the other just after Baby Kay was born. She seems to be mostly healed up now, and although she still has a limp and she still lays down when she eats, she's smiling again and that brings joy to my heart. Stay strong little girl, I love you!!!

~One Eyed Willamina~

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Wonderful, vintage card and fantastic photos of your little friends, all so beautiful! Have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  2. That is a gorgeous vintage palette and card Pamellia. Poor little animals survive is amazing...great photos and fun to see your Heron. Take care. Hugs xxx

  3. Oh my Pamela! I can't imagine how patient you must be or how long this took you to make but this really is the most beautiful card! The layers, the colours and the embellishments are all superb! Loving your photos - a shame that the trees are cut back so soon but I suppose it has to be done before the heavy frosts come! So pleased that Karen is healing! I am looking forward to getting back to regular visits here- IF has it's place but nothing like a blog visit! Hugs,Chrisx

  4. Absolutely stunning card Pamellia, beautifully designed and love the neutral shades, always so much to see on your creations.
    Wonderful wildlife photos as always, Kate x

  5. Wow!! What a stunning vintage Christmas card Pamellia!! I adore the neutral shades and, as always, the layers and embellies are perfection! This is so beautifully feminine and old world .. I love it!!!!
    You are heading into Autumn and Winter, and we are into Spring and Summer. We have just had some really beautiful days down here but, just tonight, it has started to rain. Can't complain though as rain is always good for the garden and they say we're going to have a dry Summer so we should be grateful for whatever we get. Just hope this Summer isn't going to be as hot as last year. I hate the hot weather.
    Loving your photographs of course. Always so lovely to see your little friends .. the heron is magnificent and I'm so glad that Karen is on the mend. Take care my friend and have a wonderful day. hugs xx

  6. What a gorgeous card, Pamellia! We haven't had a change to Fall colors yet. We get a couple of really crisp Fall days and then we get more summerlike days with temps near 80! What season is it?!! Anyway, love the critter photos. So glad Karen is doing better. BTW, I sent you a pm on Facebook.

  7. Adorable card Pamellia, I can feel the first cold breeze here :)Love the charms and the wrapped lace around all the beautiful layers! Great details as always and your splattering and tiny balls here and there look wonderfully!
    People leaving near you are allergic to a little nature... and I am allergic to them! LOL Such stupid people! In Nature any little thing has a scope and they make a big mistake doing so!
    LOVE you and your feeding little wild friends, instead! :)
    I'm so happy for Crazy Karen's health, finger crossed for her and her little baby :)
    One Eyed Willamina is so sweet and cute with her treasure, as well the your trail friends... and that one since peanut makes my heart melts :)
    Lovely photos of the birds, you always cached their beauty!
    Here the sun shines, days are warm but the nights now are more cold. Autumn is coming? Perhaps yes...
    Hugs my dear friend!

  8. Както винаги, прекрасно уловени моменти и възхитителна композиция в картичката!Адмирации,от мен!

  9. You never fail to enchant with your wonderful cards Pamellia! Love the beautiful cream and earth tones on this fabulous design.
    Amazing nature photos as always, thankyou for sharing the magic!

  10. Oh my goodness, this is stunning, Pamellia!! Wow!! I just can't look at the pictures enough!! I seriously keep scrolling back up to gaze at your magnificent card!! You are so right...this does have a cozy cottage feel!! Each detail is perfection!! Gorgeous design, amazing layers, perfect details!! It's a wintry Christmas masterpiece and I adore it!! Pinning for future reference, too :)

    Wow - that misty morning lake shot is a work of art!! And what a joy to see the heron up close!! I wish I could pack the bags of my Blue Jays and send them on a plane to you!! I have three outdoor cats and the Blue Jays swarm and eat all their food, squawking the entire time (I think they are mocking me!!) Oh, I just want to hug Crazy Karen!! She is so sweet and I'm so happy she is smiling again!! She's lucky to have you!! All of your pictures are amazing as always!! I hope you are doing well, my dear friend!! It's been so chilly here...highs in the 60's and lows in the 30's. I miss summer!! Thinking of you and sending big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. A lovely post as always. The card is gorgeous and your photography shots are amazing.
    Yvonne xx

  12. Stunning card Pamellia, love your gorgeous layers and texture to create this amazing card.
    Photos are fantastic.
    Hugs Pam x

  13. Oh wow, the neutral shades are so beautiful, I love the little scrolls, the wonderful layering and the amazing texture that you always manage to create in your gorgeous cards!

    The animal and bird shots are wonderful too, I love that you love the Heron so much, we have one who makes daily visits, they are so majestic, if a little awkward at times. I really hope that Crazy Karen makes a full recovery and manages to get through the winter! Hugs, Anne xx

  14. Simply breathtaking make Pamellia!! Love the colors and all the wonderful embellishments you used to put together this crafting gem!
    Nature pics look great.
    Paper Talk with Samra

  15. A fabulous card! Love those neutral tones! Your bird and squirrel photos are amazing like always, but sorry to hear so much of your beautiful parkland has been chopped away, - why one wonders...?

    Sorry for my lack of visits but I am still in Australia spending time with my grand children and there is little opportunity to spend time visiting my favourite blogs... xxx

  16. I can never have too many expressions of how wonderful your work is, both your cards, awesome! and your photographs - you should be being paid for those!
    Have a wonderful weekend my friend and I hope your Autumnal photos are caught before being cut down LOL.

  17. Love the shades, layers and texture of your beautiful card x Great photos as always and thank you for sharing them with us...I love seeing them x

  18. Wow! What a stunning card, love the 3d effect and beautiful details.
    Amazing photos x

  19. A beautiful card, lovely colours. More incredible photos xx

  20. Absolutely stunning card love all the fabulous layering and looks good in neutral colours -i bought some straws a couple of months ago to use on cards---still looking for them!!!-Beautiful colouring on the wet Grackle
    Carol x

  21. What an impressive assemblage on your card Pamellia - it's stunning. Are the leaves being claimed for mulch by gardeners, or just being cleaned up as they are not 'nice'?
    Love your photos - the wet Grackle looks so cross! Love your photos - and comments.

  22. Another stunning card. Give those squirrels and especially Crazy Karen a kiss from me x

  23. Pamellia, I never thought of the cards in those shades, but i am really digging on it! I just love the rolled papers you added- very clever!

    ahhh, your photos bring such warmth to my heart and joy to my soul...and you are right, life has become allergic to nature and all it's goodness! When did it happen that the prettiest lawn was the most perfectly manicured lawn,insecticides and growth hormones for grass, let's just kill of all of eco system folks! At this rate, their will be nothing left here for future generations to come-ok, don't even get me started here...

    your post is a beautiful one as always and i am sending good wishes for safety and good health for your critters..especially dear sweet Karen.
    sending love & hugs,Jackie

  24. Beautiful card, those are such lovely papers. We are on our 2nd day of high winds, trees are being stripped of the beautiful colored leaves and large branches being stripped. Don't know how I missed this post but it's about a week late. Enjoy a great week

  25. Absolutely stunning card, the neutrals are fantastic. I adore the pine cones, snowflake, natural ribbon and berries. Just a wonderful combination of wonderful elements. Your photos are simply stunning. Tracy x

  26. What frosty goodness exhibited in your beautiful wintry card, Pamellia! If Nature could ever adequately reveal herself in paper, THIS masterpiece would definitely be it! Breathtaking, P, and it exudes Canada in Winter to me. Your ability to capture glimpses and essences of the beautiful scenery around your home always brings great joy to me. I feel your Love for all Life in these photos! XXOO

  27. Stunning layers and gorgeous colours Pmellia..I love your rolled scrolls and "snow" details..poor little Karen she must a very strong little girl to survive and hope she gets an easy winter..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  28. Wonderful masculine card and just take a look at all of those truly fabulous layers and fabulous embellishments. Such an amazing design you clever girl.

    I adore your misty autumnal scene, so evocative, and beautiful pics of the birds and squirrels.

    Dionne xx

  29. Hi Pamellia
    Yes, its me finally catching up. Lots going on here with website, health and friends going through sadness.
    Anyhoo, this card is simply stunning. Love the simple unfussy colour choice which compliments the design.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x