Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Communion for Girl

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing my first ever Communion card featuring wood embellishments from Scrapiniec and papers from Pion Design collection "My Dearest Sofia". Communion cards are supposed to be simple designs, how hard was that for me!! lol

Scrapiniec products from collection
"Tatting Communion"


Life has been a tad crazy for me here this last while. With my squirrel nursery now open for business and I have also taken in my very first baby raccoon! Feedings every 2 hours makes it difficult to find time for anything else, but it's totally worth it!!


"I can totally see you back there! You aren't fooling anyone, human!"

Does everyone remember my raccoon friend Big Kate? Well she's the proud Mamma of three little babies! I've named the two larger boys Lesley and Wesley. There was a wee runt too, and I've named her Little Kate! This is one of the boys!

"Oh, it's you again. Are you going to follow me around all day? I'm getting bored of posing for you!
~Cher Cher~

My little friend Dale. I still haven't gotten a clear view to see if Dale is male or female. Either way, Dale is such a special little squirrel and I'm so glad to have met her. I mean him, I mean her... Doh!

"I know what you're gonna say human, but I'm raising like a billion babies, so I'll lay down in the buffet if I want to!
~Crazy Karen~

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Beautiful card, Pamellia! I am so happy to see Big Kate and Crazy Karen as well as the other animal friends again. Those babies are adorable! I love the beautiful coloring of Dale's fur. What a joy it must be to have them trust you so!

  2. Gorgeous card, so delicate. Lovely to see Crazy Katen looking so well again x

  3. What a stunning communion card, Pamellia!! The layers and laces are so gorgeous!! I love the design and colors!! So elegant and beautiful!! I love, love it!!

    How exciting your squirrel nursery is open for business!! What an wonderful thing you are doing :) Your pictures are so beautiful!! Dale is adorable!! And how sweet Big Kate brought her kids for you to meet!! Crazy Karen is so precious :) I hope you are doing well and having a wonderful spring!! How could it almost be June already??!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Amazing first Communion card, absolutely beautiful. Wonderful photos and how exciting about the squirrel nursery and also the raccoon x

  5. Stunning communion card love all the distressed layers,gorgeous bow and layers of lace-great pics too and a squirrel nursery sounds so exciting and hard work!!!
    Carol x

  6. Gorgeous card Pamellia, love the beautiful decoration and colours.
    Hugs Pam x

  7. What a gorgeous card Pamellia and a wonderful keepsake for the little girl.
    Wonderful photos and well done for getting your squirrel nursery up and running, Kate x

  8. Wow!!! You made a really amazing communion card! The wooden frame under the IHS stamped imge looks so gorgeous and matches so well with the doily and all the laces!! Love the colors, too, and the little flowers!!! It's more simple that your usual shabby cards, but not too much, with all these layers!! :D
    What means "squirrel nursery"? You have some baby squirrels at your home? Adorable googling and dove and such a surprise knowing that Big Kate has three cute baby-raccoons! The male on the tree just melts my heart!! :)
    So glad to "meet" (virtually)your new squirrel friends, Cher Cher and Dale! So cute!
    And I'm Sooooo Very Happy to see Crazy Karen again!!! :D Yay!
    Biggest hugs!

  9. Its a beautiful Communion card Pamellia. One that will be treasured as a memory of the special occasion.
    The Squirrel Nursery sounds an exciting and rewarding venture, I hope it all goes well for you. Todays photos looked wonderful.
    Yvonne xx

  10. I love your lace and layered card Pamellia, such a pretty design. Congrats on your nursery, it sounds amazing. Xxx

  11. A simply stunning Communion card Pamellia!! A truly elegant design, lovely colour mix and so beautifully embellished. This will be treasured for sure!
    How exciting that your squirrel nursery is now open and you actually have taken on a baby raccoon. Will be a lot of hard work for you but so worth it and so rewarding as well! Love the wildlife shots as always, especially the raccoon and little dale. He/she is gorgeous!! Have a wonderful day! hugs xx

  12. A beautiful card Pamellia - just perfect for the occasion.
    Love your photos, especially of Crazy Karen and Dale - he/she looks as though they are half undressed the way they are moulting.

  13. Gorgeous card and as per, great pics, xxx

  14. Such a soft and beautiful card Pamellia, I am sure it will be treasured! All your wild life photos are wonderful, but my favourite must be the little raccoon, - what a darling!!
    Best of luck with your squirrel nursery too!!

  15. Your card will be treasured forever, such a beautiful card, doesn't look like you found it hard to do. Love your piccies, I got down to take a piccie at ground level today, struggled to get back up, so your patience of getting down and dirty is to be VERY much admired LOL.

  16. What a pretty and very elegant card Pamellia. The squirrel nursery sound amazing..well done you! Hugs xxx

  17. Such a beautiful card Pamellia, delicate, elegant and a wonderful design!

    Golly, you are a busy bee, every two hours is a huge commitment and well done you for taking it on, I am sure the babies will develop well under your wonderful care! Hugs, Anne xx

  18. Oh so pretty! Such lovely colours too. So happy to hear you get to spend time doing something you love so much.....I bet that baby raccoon is super sweet! (Not to dismiss how cute the squirrels are, of course, but we have baby raccoons around here now and again so I'm more partial to them. (: )

  19. Gorgeous card Pamellia! Love all the layers in the background.
    Paper Talk with Samra

  20. What a beautiful card... who said communion cards should be simple! The recipient will be delighted with this work of art

    Lovely to see your woodland friends, we don't have racoons in the UK, how adorable :)

    Have a good weekend
    Anne x

  21. Hi Pamellia
    Gorgeous card. Must confess that I had to look up what IHS is (I've led a sheltered life lol!).
    Lovely to see Crazy Karen doing so well.
    Ang x

  22. Oh wow Pamellia, your communion card is gorgeous, so increadible pretty. I love all of the layers of lace and the fabulous soft colours.

    It is wonderful to see all of your friends, the new babies are so sweet but it is great to see Crazy Karen doing so well. The colours in Dale's coat are amazing.

    Have a great weekend.

    Dionne xx

  23. Yes, I am really late, and I know I've missed a few more. Just no time for the computer these days. But it sounds like you would totally understand with that feeding schedule! How sweet you take on these babies! Love the new raccoon family and the names you've given them! Has Dale been shaved? My Biscuit looks like this right now--really starting to lose a lot of fur. Vet says it's fleas, but she's been on meds for months and we have never found a flea on her. If she's not asleep she's pulling her hair out.

    Your Communion card is gorgeous, even in it's simple (but not really) design! You can make anything look beautiful, you know that? Hugs!