Sunday, August 12, 2018

Pion Design - Jolly Christmas Greetings

Hello Everyone!

Today I am excited to share with you, my first holiday card featuring the gorgeous “Let’s Be Jolly” Christmas collection from Pion Design. I know I say this a lot, but this may be my favourite holiday paper collection of all time, just wait until you see how fabulous these designs are!!

Pion products:

Let’s be Jolly – PD20001A
Let’s be Jolly – PD20006B
Let’s be Jolly – PD20001B
Let’s be Jolly – PD20007B
Let’s be Jolly – PD20012A
Pion Design Palette – Pion Green III PD6120

The property owners apparently had received complaints about raccoons wandering around the property, hiding in the trees and bushes.. well of course there is!! The garbage room door is always left open and people are too lazy to throw their garbage down the chute, so it's all just piled up on the floor. So in all of their lame ass wisdom, they decided to cut down all of the trees around the back side of the complex. Oh yep, that should solve the problem! IDIOTS! So now the raccoons are just walking up and down the sidewalk because they have no trees to travel in or bushes to hide under!!!

Thank gosh I live on the front of the property where it's visible to guests. I'm hoping they would never dare cut my tree down for fear of  putting off other potential owners.

Anywhoo... a shot of a Chickadee

A gorgeous Cottontail. I have gained so much respect and insight into these amazing animals since I started my training. I still have a ways to go until I can care for these little ones, they are the number one hardest wildlife baby to rehab, with only 10% surviving until release! Poor things.

"OK, I really want to bury this peanut, but the camera lady will just NOT go away!"
~a trail friend~

Oh my gosh! Flashback to when Baby Kay was teeny tiny last spring!' 
It's unbelievable how much she looks like her mother now that she's all grown up!

"I don't have time to fake laugh at your flower-hat jokes. I'm too busy peeling this almond!"

More mushroom macros!! These little mushrooms were so freaking tiny,
the little one with the water droplets wasn't much bigger than a pea!!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Gorgeous Christmas card love all the trim and gorgeous bow--but sorry pride of the post goes to Petunia and her little flower hat lol-great timing
    Carol x

  2. WOW love the seamless and splendid fusion of fabric , paper and wood on your card...lovely as everything you share Pamelia
    Dr Sonia

  3. Never mind the card Pamellia, Petunia and her hat wins...hands down!! Gorgeous photographs as usual. Sorry to hear the raccoons have been deprived of habitat because of ignorance and laziness. Now the card, so pretty and really appeals to my love of gingham xx

  4. Hi Pamellia, how lovely to see your first Christmas card and what a beauty it is too. How mad about the trees, people look no further than the end of their noses! I loved the photo today. Hope you are keeping well, so sorry for my lack of comments here but I do look at every one of your delightful masterpieces when you post them. I have been super busy, in a good way, this summer and time has just flashed by. Hugs xxx

  5. Oh my pamellia it it that time again Christmas. Faboulas Card and combination of embellishments.
    Love the check bow. Hope your well not be around much had a little time off for a break.
    Jules xx

  6. I just love anything Christmas or Winter! I want to lose myself in this gorgeous card, Pamellia! Love it! Good luck with the neighbors. I love the Petunia photo and those droplets on the tiny mushroom!

  7. A gorgeous Christmas card, I am not even thinking about this festival yet.
    The photos look lovely and Petunia looks so cute.
    Yvonne xx

  8. Oh my.... Just as Sarah said, I'm stunned and so so sorry to hear the poor raccoons have been deprived of THEIR OWN habitat because of ignorance and laziness of humans!!! Such a shame!!! And poor trees, that gave free homes surely also to birds and squirrels! I'm hungry with humans, they always have to ruin Nature's beauty!!! |:((
    Your card is pure gorgeousness, and you are in right, such wonderful papers are these!!! Amazing layering and details, and that gingham bow with the pompom trim is a delight!!
    Lovely photo of the chickadee and the cottontail, so sad to hear of their difficulty to survive... :(
    But Petunia make my heart smile... such marvellous joke seeing her with the flower on hair LOL! :D :D
    Baby Kay is just a cutie!!! How lovely!!
    Great macro as always!
    Big hugs

  9. Oh Pamellia what a fabulous Christmas card - love the layers and those papers are stunning.The photos are gorgeous, as always, and Petunia looks so sweet with the flower hat :).
    How frustrating for you to see the trees felled because of human laziness!

  10. I love this one Pamellia, big bows are hard to use without looking as though they were an afterthought. This is divine, it works so perfectly with the rest of the card.
    The ignorance, greed and cruelty of man is staggering, not just for your poor raccoons but Worldwide and we will destroy our beautiful planet and the wildlife on it.
    I heard a question on a quiz show recently, what percentage of species that have ever lived on Earth are now extinct? the answer was over 99%, 5 billion - a staggering statistic
    Anne x

  11. Hi there Pamellia, how awful for the Raccoons, but that's the human animals for you. Just sheer laziness to put their trash away properly and to cut down trees to solve the consequences of their behaviour is staggering. I'm so sorry to hear of it.
    I love your gorgeous vintage, shabby card, the papers are gorgeous and all those layers are divine, hugs Kate x

  12. I get into to your blog and stay for a while with my mouth open and in a dreamy state :) Your card with it's little "skirt" is fabulous, wonderful paper and details as always. Your photos are also awesome. Such a shame about your trees, when will people learn to live with nature? They won't stop it. They have to adapt, to NOT doing things to attract them if they don't want them, but what joy they bring when allowed too.

  13. Sweet and folksy, your Santa/Father Christmas creation reminds me of the days gone by when pioneers dreamed of a good dinner to celebrate with the hope of visiting friends. It's beautiful, Pamellia! hugs, de

  14. Stunning card and love those papers and your layout is amazing x. Great photos of your furry friends and had a little chuckle at petunia and the 'flower' in her hair...LOL x Sorry to hear about the trees and long live the raccoons x.

  15. Oh no, it seems everyone but me are making their Christmas cards. This one is fabulous Pamelia, wonderful papers, beautiful materials and the true feeling of Christmas.

    So sorry to read about your trees, I know how much you cherrish them, and I agree with you about them taking all the wrong precautions, but people are both short sighted and lazy.

    Dionne xx