Bon Jovi

BON JOVI - an Eastern Grey Squirrel with a ginger coat and caramel eyes in the summer. In the winter her fur was frosted with blonde tips, the reason for her name. She was living in Maplewood Park in Mississauga Ontario until October 21st 2016. Age unknown, but possibly the mother of twin black squirrels with ginger tails, their whereabouts are unknown.

For those of you who have heard the sad news on Instagram or Facebook, I apologize, but I feel I need to share it with everyone or I may never heal. Do you remember my mention of the horrible man with the slingshot? I ran into him on October 21st.

Well I had't seen my beautiful Bon Jovi since that day. I spent days and days combing the woods and park searching for her, but it wasn't until the leaves fell off the trees that I was able to see her broken body slumped over a branch.

The damage to her was such that it was obviously not done by a predator, and she had been there like that for some time. That wretched man had murdered her that day, before I had a chance to chase him away. He was standing only a few yards from her body when I chased him off, and I didn't even realize it. I can't help but wonder... if only I had arrived a couple of minutes earlier??????

How can someone be so cruel? She never hurt anyone. She wasn't digging up gardens or eating someone's bird food, she was an innocent being, a one of a kind creature, and my heart is so heavy.

How do you look at that face and look into those eyes and NOT see a living being, a soul and a friend! It's beyond my ability to reason! I have lost other squirrels before to sickness and I miss them very much, but this just feels so much worse.  I haven't been out to The Shire since I found her body, so I will be showing older photos for a while, until I can brave looking at the world without anger and disappointment.

Thank you for listening to my story and I hope I didn't get you too down, or put you off too much. I will leave you with one last thought for the day and send my hugs to all of you for your support and kindness.

"Real men know that showing kindness to the innocent
does NOT show weakness,
but rather shows a more important strength...
a strength of character that does not weaken with age."


  1. Sso sorry to read this Pamellia, I really don't understand what pleasure there is in folks going out hunting/shooting killing innocent creatures.
    Hugs, Avril xx

  2. Oh, Pamellia, I am in tears after reading this. How could this happen to such a sweet darling creature. I am so very sorry. One can only hope that it was quick and that she didn't suffer. She is with the angels now. I can understand completely how you must be feeling but, please don't let this terrible, ugly horrible person (he is not a man) win. Don't let his abominable actions take you away from these dear little souls who have come to know you as a friend. I know it will be hard, but I hope you will be able to return there soon. I wish I lived close enough that I could go with you and help you through it. All I can do is send love and hugs to you and all the little creatures of the Shire. God Bless. xx

  3. How can someone be so cruel? As if there is no other way to spend his time. What a sad soul that would want to do this. Hugs to you Pamellia.

  4. It truly is beyond me that anyone could do such a cruel act to a beautiful and helpless animal, words actually fail me.... I feel so sad for Bon Jovi and for you too Pamellia, I totally understand your heavy heart and your reluctance to go back to the Shire for a while.... Man's inhumanity is a constant source of concern for me... Big hugs my friend. Anne xxxx

  5. It truly is beyond me that anyone could do such a cruel act to a beautiful and helpless animal, words actually fail me.... I feel so sad for Bon Jovi and for you too Pamellia, I totally understand your heavy heart and your reluctance to go back to the Shire for a while.... Man's inhumanity is a constant source of concern for me... Big hugs my friend. Anne xxxx

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. I don't understand cruelty, either. Be careful when you go back there. He could hit a person with that slingshot.

  7. Oh, Pamellia, I am devastated by the news...I can't imagine how you feel. When I saw the post on FB I hoped...prayed it wasn't true. How someone could deliberately harm an innocent animal is totally beyond me. I loved seeing your pictures of beautiful Bon Jovi. I totally understand you not being able to go back for a while. I wouldn't be able to, either. I am so, so sorry. Big comforting hugs sweet friend.

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. So very sorry to read this post Pamellia. What a horrible man, and an unwarranted act of malicious cruelty. How awful for you to find your beautiful little friend this way.
    Thinking of you, hugs Chris

  9. What a piece of scum he is..what goes round comes round and he will get his one day..and on that day.. I will smile.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  10. Hi Pamellia,
    oh I am so sorry to read this.
    I am in tears thinking of those poor defencless mights, and what horrible people do to them.
    He is just such a nasty person to hurt a poot lovely creature like she was.
    Just what is wrong with live and let live.
    My Dear Hubby won't even kill a spider as he believes they are here for a purpose, and so is every living creature on this planet.
    Love and big hugs to try and help.
    Lots of crafty love, Jenny L.

  11. This is beyond words I shall send my heartfelt hugs to you. So cruel and such a waste, so sorry and so very sad x I echo Chrissy's sentiments x

  12. So sorry to read this Pamellia, it is beyond me how anyone could be so cruel to defenceless animals..
    Sending you hugs and love.
    Pam x

  13. Oh Pamellia, my heart goes out to you with love. There are many folk out there who have no concept, on the need to value life. I mean all life, human and our animal friends who do us no harm. You must be in tatters after finding him as you did.
    Time heals and I think all your sweet animal friends that you also love dearly, will give you hope to carry on. In their way they will be missing you.
    Lots of love and hugs
    Yvonne xx

  14. Oh, no... Pamellia, I'm speechless... I know how has been terrible found her in this way... Such a horrible man!!! I hate him very much!!!!! And I hate all those that make bad things to the animals, expecially those that aren't be able to defece themselves!!! Horrible man, so cruel, he think to be the king of the earth and don't know how much beauty there is in little animal soul!
    Poor Bon Jovy, she was so sweet and friendly! A so beautiful simple soul!
    ... So so sad for Bon Jovi and for you!! Sending you big heartfelt hugs, my friend!! RIP sweet little squirrel, your soul now is free of climbing on the clouds of the Rainbow Bridge...
    Pamellia, all the other friends in The Shire needing you... Be brave, take all your courage and come out from your sadness and anger, they are the medicine for your broken heart, and you are the life for them.
    I have to tell you a strange fact: today I made a card, so strange for this time of the year, but I was very inspiring to do it. It's as a walk in a forest, with wild animals and squirrels. I published it before coming here and reading your post! I think perhaps it could be a sign for you. I'm fool, I know... but I think seriously that in The Shire you can found a bit of peace and think also that these last days before winter times are precious for giving some food to the wild friends that are waiting for you, sweet lady. You are too much important for those wild little creatures...
    Thinking of you and for them, and sending a lot of love there

  15. Oh Pamellia my heart breaks for you - don't torture yourself over the timing of things, rather be encouraged that you possibly prevented other needless suffering and deaths of those innocent woodland creatures.
    Bon Jovi was beautiful - I pray you can remember her as she was in life.
    Hugs and blessings

  16. Oh Pamellia, this nearly made me cry, the cruelty and senselessness of it all is unbelievable! What lives in the soul of a human being who does something like that I wonder??? Has he been the recipient of cruelty in childhood? Sending big, big hugs across the miles, my heart breaks for you, but please don't caryy the burden of "if only".... I am just wondering whether there is someone you can report this too, - someone like that should be banned from ever entering the Shire again..... Hang in there my friend, we love you and your beautiful soul so much! xxxxx

  17. I am sorry to hear about bonjovi. This is absolutely horrible. It is so cruel that humans can behave as wildly as animals but yet that little squirrel was minding his own business and living quietly.

  18. Pamela - my heart goes out to you. Such senseless violence for innocent creatures.... but please don't rack yourself over your timing. Life evolves and happens - we have virtually no control over that aspect. I echo Astrid re whether or not you could report this to someone. And if not, why not? Something perhaps for the future. In the meantime, hugs and tears of solidarity.... I fear for my country at the moment in many ways, not least of which is mentalities like this. Know that you are loved, as are your friends, and whatever we can do let us know! xxx Lynn

  19. People who hurt innocent creatures often "graduate" to hurting other people. Is there a park ranger you could tell about this? Maybe take a picture of this man the next time you see him to give to authorities. They usually take this kind of thing seriously. Good luck and so sorry to hear this.

  20. So sorry to hear that some cruel person could do this to any creature and can understand how deeply hurt you must feel . I'm sure it probably isn't the first time he's done something like this .

  21. I am at a loss for words. I would be inconsolable. Bon Jovi was one of my favorites because of her beautiful coloring. I'm so sorry. I only wish there was some kind of retribution for this cruel person. A lot of men are cruel and heartless when it comes to respect for living creatures. I'm sorry that one thoughtless low living creature has ruined something so special for you. Take time to grieve. Then put it aside and go back out to your nature sanctuary. He can only take it away from you for a little while, then you must reclaim it. Your other little friends will be missing you.

  22. I am sick to my stomach...
    What a bastard! Excuse my language, but I cannot even think of another word at this moment.
    Pamellia, I am heartbroken for you over your loss... I cannot say more
    sending much love and healing thoughts,jackie

  23. My heart is so heavy reading this ...I can imagine your grief as I know you can imagine my anger! You know Pamellia I stopped following some blogs when I realised that they bragged about hunting deer and such ... for sport!!! How can killing a living thing be fun??? And bringing up their little ones to think is was a good thing just got me so angry, especially when they gave the impression that they are gentle church going people who love to sit and make pretty things.
    Go back to the Shires my friend and continue to share kindness... It will be hard but we are all thinking of you and those you have lost will be along side you too.
    Big hugs and much love

  24. Oh Pamellia! I hardly know what to say! Nature is cruel sometimes but to think that a (so called) human being did this is unthinkable! Please my dear Pamellia, when you do venture back into the Shires, do not confront this man should you meet him - I understand your anger but just ignore his presence - he will surely get his comeuppance one day! May poor sweet Bon Jovi RIP! Hugs, Chrisx

  25. Hello Pamellia,
    Today I found your blog in search of card making and animals. Especially squirrels, because they visit my
    garden often and they amaze me every time. So sad your story and it made me cry too.
    But keep enjoying all the lovely animals and give them your love !
    Greetings from Petri- Netherlands

  26. I read this with utter sadness my friend, there are some very cruel people around and like you I am unable to reconcile the wonder of nature and our beautiful world with those who want to kill and destroy it. My heart is heavy for both Bon Jovi and you to have had to bear such pain, my thoughts are with you and I send you huge cyber hugs and lots of love xxx

  27. Oh Pamellia I am so sorry to read this sad news, I cannot believe how some people have to spoil nature and such harmless ones at that, we live in a very cruel world.
    I love reading your tales and pictures they make my day.
    Sending massive hugs hun xxxxx

  28. Oh Pamellia
    I wish that cruelty to animals came as a surprise but sadly no. Some can't treat other humans with decency so what chance do animals ever stand?
    I'm deeply sorry to read what has happened to your dear Bon Jovi.
    Please return to The Shire dear, for several reasons. Your furry and feathered friends will be missing you, you will be missing them (and the beauty that you moved to the area for) and to make sure this a#$*hole doesn't keep doing this (excuse my French!)
    Big hugs.
    Ang x

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