Friday, August 12, 2016

Live & Love Crafts - GDT - Cherish Everything

Hello Everyone!

I am back again today as a Guest Designer for the amazing blog Live & Love Crafts! I have put together a shabby chic all occasions card using products from Sandra's shop Live & Love Crafts. If you haven't visited Sandra's shop, you really should, she has just stocked the brand new Pion Design Greetings From the North Pole Christmas collection plus much much more!!

Thank you to everyone for all your sweet comments about my two little miracle squirrels Linda and Princess. I read all the comments to them while they ate breakfast this morning. Call me crazy, but I think I saw Princess smile! lol

For this card I used Maja Design papers from the Vintage Spring Basics Collection and the Vintage Autumn Basics collection. I have loaded up with pearls. There are flat pearls, pearl strands and even some liquid pearls and they are all available in Sandra's shop!

All of the following products that I used can be purchased at Live & Love Crafts

Continuing with our adventures of Escape from Belfountain mountain, we are finally on the last leg of our journey. At long last, we had come out of the forest and we were walking around the lake, back to the car. There was something very calming about these trails. So flat and safe looking, like finally reaching the surface after being deep underwater.

One last over the shoulder glance at the beautiful lake, then off we go, up the mountain of stairs that leads to the parking lot.

It seemed like a reward after that trek through the wilderness, to have this little guy just sit and pose for a picture as we climbed up the stone stairs. Almost as though he knew we were way too tired to be of any danger to him. lol

I'm sure you are all wondering why I felt the need to document our adventures of Escape from Belfountain mountain with such great detail. Well, next year we intend to go back to that mountain and attack that so-called 'expert' trail, and I want all of my moaning and groaning regarding this trail completely on the record. That way, you can feel free to mock me when I remember the good-ole days when my biggest concern was a rickety forest staircase! lol

I had some questions about that creepy cave I took a shot of, so I went on a hunt for some info. In the 30's, it was the summer home for some dude named Charles Mack, and that cave... just the main foyer!! You know you have a nice house, when after you die, they use it as a tourist attraction!! I thought it was rickety now, no way I cross that toothpick bridge! Helllooooooo!

Architecture may have gone down hill, but at least the cameras have improved. lol

And back on the home front (safe and sound), we have our sweet little baby Sparrow sitting up on the roof, watching Daddy as he treats himself to my new bird feed brand. They seem to love it.

TINY TINA has decided to take over my side stand and have a little lay down. By any chance Tina, do you know a guy named Junior?? lol

And how is JUNIOR doing? Well he's pretty much full grown now, and he doesn't laze around on furniture as much as he used to. Perhaps he's off building his own home, or maybe he's busy finding a girlfriend? I hope he doesn't forget about me while he's off being all grown up. I miss him already :(

My morning coffee shot.

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Wonderful card with amazing details.
    Valerija xx

  2. Stunning hun, fab pictures again, I can just see you walking/ screaming over that bridge, lol
    Hugs Liz xx

  3. As always a stunning piece of artwork Pamellia.

    B x

  4. Gorgeous work Pamellia and I loved you final photos of your "easy" walk....I'll remind you of it when you go for your weekend. Hugs xx

  5. Gorgeous work Pamellia and I loved you final photos of your "easy" walk....I'll remind you of it when you go for your weekend. Hugs xx

  6. Hi Pamellia,
    another stunning creation, and such a ver lovely design yet again.
    Love the colour choices, and that lace is beautiful.
    Wonderful photos as usual.
    Yes I'm with you about that bridge years ago.
    Lovely shots of your super furry friends, and my that cofee shot is fantastic.
    Isn't nature such so amazing and beautiful sometimes, as it can also be very nasty too.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Such delicate colours on this beautiful piece Pamellia. No wonder you are inspired with all the wonders that surround you in your life and the support of the wildlife as well.

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. Love your creation Pamellia - so frilly and fluffy and gorgeous!
    That was one main entrance, but like you I would not have liked to have crossed that toothpick bridge!!
    Oh, do hope Junior comes calling again, and as for Tiny Tina, she certainly has that Junior resting pose down pat!!
    Love your 'coffee shot' - those clouds are amazing

  9. Delightful photo's once again, I love seeing your part of the world depicted here.
    Your card is yet another wondrous sight, filled with interesting details and shabby chic layers that all come together to create this gorgeous creation.

  10. Fabulous colours on this gorgeous card. The layers always intrigue me as does the gorgeous added beauties. Beautiful photos again, lovely sharing.xx

  11. An amazing card and amazing photos! I do love those squirrels.
    Have a great weekend! xxx

  12. very nice card!
    love that park!
    have a nice day

  13. Gorgeous card, so many beautiful details to admire, love those shades of blue and green together.
    Fascinating photo of the old summer home, looking at that bridge I would imagine that the owners had a very peaceful summer...not many visitors would want to tackle that!
    Have a great weekend.

  14. Wonderful details and touches of inspiration in layering up your beautiful card Pamellia right down to the tiny pearls on the seed head die cut. You certainly had a wonderful expedition traipsing around the mountain and captured some great shots of the scenery. I'm sure Junior will stay around as he gets older but in the meantime Tina is doing a good job of emulating him!! Love your posts xxxx

  15. Stunning, so very the pics...xx

  16. Oh, such a delight! The whole card has an adorable shabby look, with amazing delicate colours and a lot of sweet details, love it!! These blue and white colours are so scrummy with all the pearls and the cheesecloth! Fabulous layers and embellishments!!
    Your "easy" trip was surely fabulous, these shots are wonderful and congrats for your courage to make the difficult way next year!! You are so brave!!
    I think that Tiny Tina is the girlfriend of Junior, and she is waiting that he builds their new home :D .... and next year you will look at some little babies of Junior and Tina making their naps on your chair LOL :D

  17. Glorious card, beautiful layering, colours and texture. Fantastic photos of the 'trek' and yes you should document it and compare for the next time! Cute and adorable photos (as always) of your cute and adorable birds and squirrels. I hope Junior doesn't stray too far either as he would be missed too x Yep tiny Tina is definitely related to Junior x
    Chuckled at scrappamondo's comment...x

  18. As always, I am completely amazed by your beautiful card! I just want to reach in and turn it over and over to look at and feel all the layers and textures. I've also enjoyed your photos along this trail. I can't imagine living in that house! But it is so awesome. Love those furry friends, too.

  19. I could just get lost in your world! Beautiful shabbilicious card, sweet girl! <3

  20. I don't think Junior will forget you, it would be nice if he found a mate, had little ones and then they could all visit you (and laze around - lol).

    I am running out of superlatives to describe your cards - this one is stunning and I love the design, the colour tones and beautiful embellishments. Gorgeous! Hugs, Anne xx

  21. Nicely done Pamellia! Love the mute colors and the little rustic frame!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  22. Stunning card Pamellia, beautiful papers and embellishments.
    Your photos are fab, amazing place to visit, but I'm with you on that bridge.
    Love the baby sparrow and his dad, great squirrles too, Kate x

  23. Amazing card again, dear Pamellia! I do not always comment, but I love to read your posts! It´s so beautiful to read about your little visitors, love this! ... and your adventures into the wilderness too Stunning photos!
    xx Evelyn

  24. Fabulous card as always Pamellia, such gorgeous layers! Deb xo

  25. Fabulous card my dear friend, you have packed so much into this design - the more I look at it, the more I am seeing.

    I have enjoyed you adventures of climbing a mountain, in my head I had a little documentary running. Your adventure has been fascinating, I would have liked the film makers to have spent a bit more time explaining the Mack summer house because I am having trouble visualizing it (I even tried finding out more by myself but information seems sketchy).

    Your coffee shot today is stunning, what on earth was going on with your sky?

    Dionne xxx

  26. Oh my goodness, Pamellia, what an absolutely stunning card!! I swear, I'm going to start timing when I visit your blog to see how long it actually takes me to comment!! I study the pictures for so long and just when I think I can scroll away, I see something new!! The layers, the colors, the dimension, all spectacular!! Wow!! I absolutely adore this card!! It's a work of art!! But then, all of your cards are :)

    What a beautiful place to take a hike!! I love when you come across boardwalks and benches and water!! So gorgeous!! I can't believe that cave used to be someone's home!! No way would I cross that bridge!! Tiny Tina is so sweet but oh I miss Junior already, too :*( Stunning coffee shot!! Wow!! Have a great weekend my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  27. Another scrummy yummy card Pamellia, gorgeous colours you've used. Ah little Junior pretending he's all grown up.....don't worry he'll be back!
    Donna xx

  28. Beautiful card Pamellia,love the fabulous papers and gorgeous decorations you have used, wonderful photos again, sure was an old rickety bridge..great animal pics they look so cute.
    Pam x

  29. Ofta, what a gorgeous card!Fabulous papers and amazing textures and dimension! I love all the fine details which really pull you in! Such a beauty!
    I have enjoyed your trip and so glad you've taken us along~your pictures capture the beauty! I am pretty sure I would never cross that Ol' rickety bridge! Great shots and love those furry creatures!
    Have a great weekend Pamellia! We are suppose to have sunny skies and mid 70's for temps~yeah!
    Sherrie K

  30. Hi Pamellia
    Gorgeous Wedgewood shades and papers with lovely fine detail.
    I keep expecting you to have a snap of Kim Richards on that mountain lol!
    When I think of a summer home , its a pretty cottage or beach chalet not a cave lol!
    Awwww, Junior is growing up bless him. Its good that he is making plans for his own home before Winter.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  31. Another gorgeous make Pamellia.
    Loved the rest of the photos, and your intention to try the harder trail next year...good for you. You never know Junior may bring his family to see you some day when he finds himself a mate.
    Yvonne xx

  32. Super gorgeous Pamellia, love this color palette.
    Hugs Veerle

  33. Gorgeous Pamellia, such lovely colours and beautiful stylish finish. I have to apologise for not being round for a while, things have been getting in the way a bit of my visiting. The photographs are lovely too, pleased you enjoyed your adventure. Sending big hugs, Angela x

  34. A wonderful card. Loving your walk photos. I need a summer home like that, just astounding. Still squealing over those cute squirrels. Cara x

  35. What else can I say but gorgeous . Love everything about being this card . Beautiful photos too

  36. Oh how I love your work and this card is no exception! So delicate looking and so elegant .. absolutely divine. Love all the different styles of pearls and there is always so much detail to drool over .. love, love, love!!
    Have to say, if that was the easier trail you took, what on earth is the expert one going to be like??? Yikes!!! Loving your babies too .. I'm sure Junior won't forget you. He's probably just distracted for a while but he'll be back! Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos. hugs xx

  37. My sweet and talented friend, I am so thankful to finally tell you just how much I adore this... it stole my heart at first glimpse on Friday. :o) The ethereal feel to your cards is unlike any other.. the layers of softness just melts my heart. I love your use of these gorgeous papers and the sentiment is a gift in and of itself. The trims and pearliness enhance its beauty to perfection. You are incredible, Pamellia. What a gift you to Sandy! Thank you for the endless inspiration.

    I love that you documented so much of your trip.. it will be fun to compare it with the expert trail. :o) Your pictures are stunning and I am forever wanting to hug your little animal friends. :o) Animals know beautiful hearts and that is why they will always want to be near you. Even when they frolic away for a bit, your heart will draw them back. Have a beautiful day, my dear friend. :o)

    Hugs and blessings,

  38. Cherish this and cherish the magic captured by your expertise hands dear Bubbles! You sure do know how Ronald things flow so gobsmackingly well together. Splendid and fantasmic design made with your golden touched brain. :) Gorgeous and so Wowzers in so many ways. Your dear chitlins are growing up fast and Junior sure will know where to go for a bite to eat and some nice digs maybe he will bring his family to meet you. Hugz to you muffin! ~Doc

  39. wow stunning card love how you cram so much into those fabulous layers and love the little butterfly tucked in-brilliant sky
    Carol x

  40. Soft, dreamy and absolutely stunning piece of art! I adore that vintage look, those perfectly incorporated layers and your fantastic design! Visiting your blog is always a feast for the eyes, my friend! It's breathtakingly beautiful in so many ways!
    You know how much I love your photos! I wish I could take such amazing shots!
    Big hugs! Branka xx