Monday, August 29, 2016

Shabby Blue Birthday with Video

Hello Everyone!

I have a special card today that was made for a very dear bloggy friend. Even though her birthday was quite some time ago and her card was so so late getting to her, it still carried with it birthday wishes for all the best health and happiness for the coming year!

Please visit Anne - Redanne and give her some belated birthday bloggy love!

For this card I have featured some wonderful products from the Michaels Craft Store: K & Company 8x8 Designer paper pad / Recollections wood frame flourish / Mulberry Butterflies / Burlap-Linen sheets

This one's for you Anne, Happy Happy Birthday!!

There are some things in life that I will jump at the chance to do, and other things in life that I avoid whenever possible. Today I'm sharing a few photos from our trip into the deep, dark, smelly swamp!!

On one of our trips to the river, as we were walking down the path, we started to hear a noise. It got louder and louder and we were both curious as to what it might be. Then we happened across this cow-trail path through the tallest weeds and reeds I've ever seen!! It seemed to lead into nowhere!

So what do I jump at the chance to do? Veer off the safe path and take the serial killer route, of course!! And what do I avoid whenever possible? Portrait style photographs! HAHA!! Bet you thought it would be the other way around!

You can find beauty anywhere!

So this was as close as we could get. I had on sandals and the ground was starting to get really wet and quick-sandy. The noise we heard was the sound of about a ga-zillion frogs all croaking at the same time, and boy did it stink!! What an adventure!

And back on the home front, I have been getting quite a few Woodpeckers lately. I really love these birds, they are so curious and fun to watch!

Getting up close and personal with a male Sparrow

Caught this beautiful shot of a Mourning Dove landing on a branch.

PATRICIA says hello from the tree. She sometimes sits on a branch and watches me for hours while I'm outside. I wonder what she's thinking about?

My beautiful CRAZY KAREN was very curious about my new lens. She actually stuck her face right up to it, so hilarious!  I snapped quite a few cool shots in this moment, so I will share one here and there. I gave her a treat for making me laugh!

Out at Squirrel Alley, MISS CHRISSY is having some lunch.

And let's not forget about my dear JUNIOR. What has him on edge here? Well that would be the big construction machine beeping and making a lot of noise. JUNIOR likes his peace and quiet and the construction has him all stressed out. Me too little dude, me too!

And one of my favourite squirrel pics of all time.
I can almost hear her little voice as she sizes up this children's toy ball...

I finally got a picture of some storm clouds! I waited all summer long for this one! Doesn't that one part look like it's gonna fall any minute. So cool!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Stunning blue and cream creation Pamellia. This bit is c&p just to say my comments may be short and sweet lately but be assured I have taken in every piece of your post.

    B x

  2. Wonderful photos, very pretty in the swamp, we have a lot here and they can be smelly, yes! Love those woodpeckers. Great card, your friend will surely love it. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Well, I can honestly say that this card looks even more beautiful (if that is possible) in real life, I still have it up on the shelf in my craft room and it will likely stay there until Christmas... I love my card, it is absolutely gorgeous with all those wonderful layers, thank you again Pamellia.

    The flowers in the swamp look so beautiful and that storm cloud is amazing!!! Love the expression on the face of the squirrel with the ball, it is hilarious - you really do take the most wonderful photos! Off to have a look at the video now.... Hugs, Anne xxx

  4. This card is full of beauty- I loved those burlap leaves very much! Everything about this card is pretty! Gorgeous pics of the nature and birdies! Say my hello to squirrels friends around! Great shot of those dreamy clouds! :) Have a cool weeke ahead Pamellia! :)

  5. This card is stunning and a great video as always-thank you for sharing how you make these wonders.

    How brave of you to take the road less trodden. We once did something similar and were so pleased to get out at the other end---alive :0) Beautiful photographs of all the wild life

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Hi Pamellia. Stunning again love the blues tones and all the layering your friend will love it.
    What a good idea burlap flowers I'll have to try them.
    Lovely pics.
    Best wishes
    Jules xx. Have a good week.

  7. What a fabulous birthday gift for Anne! Truly beautiful! Makes my day to see a video tutorial as well. Wonderful photos of your furry friends and the area around you. I don't know if you read my blog post, but I mentioned in it that you had inspired me to make a doll tag with your recent blog post in mind of the Julie Nutting doll card. I've spent over six hours on it, so I know all the work you put into your gorgeous creations.

  8. Hi Pamellia,
    what a super and stunning make for Anne.
    She is a very lucky person to have one of your stunning creations.
    Loved the video of how it was made.
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    Great and wonderful photos as usual I could almost smell the swamp from you pics and description.
    My those birds are wonderful, and your squirrel friends are really cute.
    Your stormy sky pic is ace.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  9. What a beautiful card you've made for your friend, bet she was absolutely delighted with it!
    Sometimes it's really great to receive a belated one...just when you thought it's all over and forgotten for another year...makes the birthday last longer that way :)
    Glad you made it out of the swamp never know what might be lurking in there!
    Gorgeous bird and squirrel closeups!

  10. Your friend Annie is so lucky to receive this delight for her birthday!!! Awesome mixed media card, the sweetness in person!!!! Love, love it! And pinned
    I didn't think that I loved so much the shabby style before seeing your works! :)
    The pastel colours and all the details make it a true dream...I can't stop to look at it!
    Thanks for the videotutorial, I always love see how you work!
    Your trip into the "deep, dark, smelly swamp" :) was so interesting, and you have been so brave with sandals! But the home front shots are aways my favourite :D and I laught so much with the little squirrel in front of the big ball! The birds are really sweet and lovely, but the squirrel's big family, oh, that always makes me smile very much!!!

  11. One more GOrgeous beauty from you ! Anne must be delighted to receive this card.I loved the color combination and do I need so it ?? Yes Layering !

  12. Oh, Pamellia, I simply can't stop to look at this spectacular card! It's brilliant in so many ways! I am sure Anne is going to treasure this stunner and I am so glad you filmed the process of creating this fabulous card!
    There is a magic in your photos! You are a pro, my friend!
    Big hugs to you! Branka xx

  13. Super gorgeous Pamellia I love all the blue tones.
    Looks wonderful. Hugs Veerle

  14. Love your photos and you are so right you can find beauty everywhere including on your card design. I adore that denim blue combined with the other colours and that natural,touch of wood, perfect . Love the ribbon treatment combined with the touch of twine too. Gorgeous flowers and design as always . Hugs. Tracy x

  15. Such a beauty- full of layers of flowers and tags and scrolls. Looks like you had quite fun putting this shabby chic creation together!!! And, I love all of the pics you post of the details! Your swamp pics are awesome- love the close-ups of the flowers, and ohh, the cute squirrels- so fun! Love the expression on the face of the squirrel by the ball. The storm clouds look spooky and what a gorgeous picture!!!

  16. A gorgeous card, your blog friend will love it Pamellia.
    The photos are great and you were very brave to go off the path to the smaller one.
    Yvonne xx

  17. Oh wow, what a stunning card for Anne this is!! I absolutely love it, Pamellia!! The layers are amazing!! I love the chipboard scrolls and the pretty butterfly!! The colors are fabulous!! It's spectacular!! Wow!! Lucky Anne to receive this beauty!!

    Your photos are stunning!! I don't know if I'd have been brave enough to take that path!! I'm glad you did though, because the pictures are beautiful!! I love the head-on shot of the sparrow!! And the squirrel with the ball - priceless!! Love the stormy shot, too!! Have a great day my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  18. A most beautiful card for dear Anne, no wonder she loves it. Love the double butterfly especially. I darent think what was happening amongst all those frogs!! Get your hiking boots on girl! The mourning dove is really lovely. Have a great week. Nicola x

  19. What a fabulous birthday card, that's definitely one to be kept on display all year and cherished. I did giggle at your swamp adventure, hubby and I went for a walk last night with the side plan of getting some forage for the bunnies. Whilst it has been a dry weekend we had flash floods last week and the ground was um, wetter than I had expected. When the mud squelched through my shoes and between my toes, with that wonderful stagnant smell, I knew I should have put my proper walking shoes on rather than just my comfy ones. Oh well, the shoes were dying anyway....
    Wonderful squirrel pics, the ball one is hilarious! Take care, Cara x

  20. Your photographs are amazing and thank you for bringing us another stunning card, is gorgeous. Sandra X

  21. WOW!!..gorgeous Pamellia..what a stunner card and your friend Anne would have been over the moon..beautiful photos..Miss Chrissy eating out of your hand already and poor Junior..we have construction around here through the day and my dog Harry gets very upset with them..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  22. Gorgeous card Pamellia, I love your cards :)
    And you pictures are so great :)

  23. Wow what a beautiful card Pamellia your friend will treasure it I love the softness and the flowers, beautiful pictures too
    Kevin xx

  24. Gorgeous birthday card you have made for Ann Pamellia! love the layers and beautiful colours, sure she will treasure this.
    More great photos, love these beautiful animals.
    Pam x

  25. Beautiful, beautiful card Pamellia - what a gorgeous treat! Just adore your soft, shabby chic style hun xx

  26. Your card is STUNNING, Pamellia! So soft and shabby. I also love your photos! However did you train your squirrels to eat from your hand? Mine gorge themselves at my 'squirrel proof' bird feeders, but scamper away the moment a human is in the area.

    1. Thanks so much Nancy! It just takes a lot of time and patience to get the animals to trust you. You have to be willing to sit or stand very still, in their vicinity until they start to trust you. It's a rush when one finally does! sending hugs :)

  27. Oh my goodness, I absolutely love your shabby blur birthday card! The layers our so pretty and I really like the color combination on this! the pretty lace, cheesecloth and flowers are so beautiful! Your always create the most stunning pieces! You could frame your cards:) SO inspirational! Love, love this and your video is awesome and you seriously make it look so easy! It would take me weeks to make something like this! Nicely done my friend!

    Your pictures are so wonderful~I'm not sure I would jump at the chance of going on the adventure to the deep, dark, smelly swamp like you did BUT wow, look at the pic's you got? So are brave, hehe! I love your sweet little critters especially Miss Chrissy eating out of your hand~so fuN!
    Have a super day my friend and thanks so much for your visits to my blog~you are so sweet and leave such wonderful comments!
    Sherrie K

  28. Pamellia, this is my favorite way to end a long day... settle into your blog and fall into your creations. Your card is breathtakingly beautiful, filled with all the birthday love in your heart! You layer like none other and I continue to be amazed beyond words. I love the touches of burlap and chipboard, the sweet pearls, the heartwarming flowers.. every little detail reminds me why I love crafting so much. Oh how you inspire me. I am sure this will be treasured forever, my dear friend. What a gift you are to many!

    Your pictures are amazing! You even make swamps look incredible. :o) Hehe! Truly though, the pop of color is so inspiring... you are right, beauty can be found anywhere, just like inspiration. Your animal friends and stormy clouds are stunning. I love your pictures so much, which are even better than the fancy places I peruse because I so love seeing nature and animals. You are a woman of many talents, sweet Pamellia! (And thank you for the video! I will watch it as I lie down to rest. Surely it will give me happy dreams tonight!)

    Hugs and blessings,

  29. Fabulous card. Love the design and embellishments.
    Gorgeous photos too.
    Valerija xx

  30. Oh what a beautiful card - love the fabric leaves!!
    The swamp photos are wonderful - and yes, I know that frogs can be very noisy.
    Love your livestock - poor Junior with all that news :-(

  31. Now that's what I call a birthday card, lucky Anne is all I can say ;)
    Donna xx

  32. OMG!!! This card is so gorgeous! Anne is really going to swoon when she sees it! Love it! Super photos!

  33. Wow, wow, wow....thanks a lot for the video, and Anne is a very lucky girl!!!
    What a beautifull shabby Birthday card!!!! I can not stop watching, hihi
    Have a nice day....x Gerie

  34. Oh, I do love your videos, they are such a treat to watch, it is like therapy for me. Your birthday card for Anne is stunning, I bet she was thrilled to get it. The papers (which are normally hidden by your beautiful artwork, are only really visible when watching your video) are fabulous, so pretty, as is the blue theme - totally fabulous.

    Great nature pics, it is almost like being there and another great sky.

    Have a great week.

    Dionne xx

  35. What a stunning shabby chic card Pamellia! Gorgeous color combo and floral arrangement is so so pretty!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  36. Beautiful and wonderful video too Pamellia. Xj.

  37. What a lucky lady Anne is, to own a wonderful and beautiful creation by you. The colours and details are just GORGEOUS

    Love your photos and before reading this I had gone a walking tour too LOL. Love your cloud, looks similar (but better) than some we had recently. Fab piccies.

  38. Absolutely stunning,gorgeous bow and fabulous embellishments layers and texture
    Carol x

  39. A beautiful card for a wonderful lady, Pamellia!! And fabulous video, as usual!! And a lovely collection of squirrel pictures!! I hope your nearby construction settles down soon so you and Junior can have some peace and quiet! xxx Lynn

  40. When I saw the peek of this card in those yummy colors, I couldn't wait to get on over here! Wow, these really are Anne's colors and I know she was thrilled to receive this, no matter when! What a beauty!!!

  41. A beautiful card, looking forward to watching the video.
    Avril xx

  42. I know Anne will treasure this card! I'd be staring at it all the time, and taking in my hands and twisting and turning it to take some closer looks at all those layers! Beautiful colors and I'm sure Michael's is happy they snapped you up to showcase their goodies, because you are ROCKING it! Thought of you the other day when I was in an out of town Micheal's--I wonder how Pamellia would use that? Looking forward to the video, as I am out of blogging time this morning--back to work! Boo Hoo!

    Your birding shots, as well as swamp shots are fabulous!My favorites are the thistle and the landing morning dove. Perfect! Have a great day, and stay clear of those portrait style shots! Big hugs!

  43. I bet our little Ann loved this card and the video as well. Such a fun wait to share the process so your friend can see it. Makes the card even more special. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! I would have veered off the beaten path as well and searched for an adventure, even if it did ended up a smelly mess. Hehe! Cute pictures and closeups of your furry critters. Hugz to you muffin! ~Doc

  44. Pamellia, your photography only gets better and better!! I soooo love that shot of the thistle flower! Excellent close-up!!
    I think Ms Patricia needs a tweeze- her chin hairs are getting a bit long! LOL
    Have a beautiful weekend my friend! xoxo

  45. Hi Pamellia
    As always, a work of art that I'm sure your dear friend will treasure. The scrolled laser cut is lovely.
    Swamp and sandals, not a good combo lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  46. A fabulous card for a wonderful woman!
    Alison x

  47. Of course Anne loved her card! It is truly beautiful! Great photos once again! Hugs, Chrisx