Friday, August 5, 2016

Live & Love Crafts - GDT - Vintage Pink Garden

Hello Everyone!

I am super excited to be here today as a Guest Designer for the amazing blog Live & Love Crafts! I just love the design team over there, such a talented group of shabby chic ladies, and it is such a complete honour to get to craft along side of them for the month of August!! I will be here every Friday this month with another shabby creation using products from Sandra's shop Live & Love Crafts, so come and join in on the fun!

I have put together this vintage garden card using papers from Pion Design collections Linneaus Botanical Journal, and Easter Greetings. They coordinate so well together! Lots of bits and goodies from Sandra's shop which I have listed below with a link to each product.


All of the following products that I used can be purchased at Live & Love Crafts:

So today I thought I would show you what we discovered up the old stone steps in Belfountain Park. There was a very beautiful landing and some crazy stairs that led to a secret cave in the side of the mountain. So very cool!!

Crazy stairs, told ya!

Then suddenly, we were over top of the river...

right beside the waterfalls...

and underneath the bridge! WHAT!!!

It was pitch black inside the cave and it was barred off, so I turned on the flash, stuck my lens through the bars and snapped off a shot. How freaking cool is this, it's like a torture room in an old dungeon, and I really wanted inside so I can see if it was haunted!! lol

Well that was fun, now to go back up the stairs. These steps were nuts I tell you, just whack a doo! Each one was almost knee high. I practically had to pole vault to get up them! Hey Mister, first day out of architecture school or was your ruler just broken?? lol

Here is the view of the crazy stairs and secret cave as seen from the bridge when we looked back over our shoulder. Good thing I didn't see it from this angle before we went over there (she says as she makes chicken clucking noises)! lol

Well off we go, across the bridge and into the unknown. To be continued on Monday with more crazy adventures of our Escape from Belfountain mountain!! lol

And back on the home front, it seems while I was away, our baby Sparrow has mastered the flight from the tree to the bird feeder and is now right at home on the shelf. So happy for her!! You go girl!

Mr and Mrs Grackle having a wee chat in the tree. Is it just me, or is she giving him the WHAT-FOR!

It seems my dream of having a baby squirrel daycare center might be coming true!! Word is getting around and I have another newcomer to the children's wing of my patio. Everyone meet MIMI. Her name is a variation on the word 'mini' because of her itty bitty teeny tiny tail. So cute!

MR GREYSON TWITCHY says hello from the railing as he chows down on a carrot.

And JUNIOR takes a wee break from playtime and lays down not two feet away from me on the patio floor. Oh how I wish I could scoop him up and put him in my pocket!! Totes Cute!!

and to finish up, my token after dinner shot...

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. What a beautiful card Pamellia - love the soft and subtle colours on this shabby chic masterpiece!! That 'cave' looks so cool!! As for the stairs, I think I might not get up them.
    Your livestock photos are as cute as, especially Mimi and Junior, and I lvoe the sunset.

  2. Your card just oozes beautiful shabby chic goodness in such pretty colours and with wonderful elements, that bookplate is divine. Love those crazy stairs, cave and amazing shots of your walk, under the bridge looks incredible and oh my Pamellia that cute squirrel family of yours is sure growing xxx

  3. No wonder they snapped up your talent and gave you a guest spot Pamellia...this piece is out of this world!! Love your pictures, as always, the cave looks incredible. I wonder what has happened there over the years. Mimi is adorable and I can't imagine it will be too long before you are able to get a cuddle from one of your extended family!! xx

  4. Beautiful card, lovely photos, you visited a fun place! I am sure the cave is haunted, that ghost will now be in your camera....Glad my stairs at home are a bit easier to climb! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  5. O..M...G...Your CARD is drop Dead GORGEOUS,,shabby chic with beautiful layers and pretty colors !

  6. Your card is breathtakingly beautiful Pamellia, the design and detail are stunning as always, congratulations on your GDT. I have loved looking at your pictures they are awesome, have a lovely weekend
    lorraine x

  7. Super gorgeous Pamellia. Lovely soft colors.
    Hugs, Veerle

  8. An exquisite card and amazing photos! Have a lovely weekend! xxx

  9. This really is breathtaking Pamellia, the Pion papers are so delicate, your layering is gorgeous, as always, and the addition of the pearls and pom poms makes this card so elegant. Shabby chic perfection in my eyes!

    Great photos, the cave looks positively ancient, love the vaulted ceiling, I wonder if it was used for storing wine or perhaps belonged to smugglers....although the entrance is a bit too impressive for that! Those steps are huge!!

    I just love seeing Junior and his daily escapades and Mimi is just adorable... Hope you all have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Anne xx

  10. A very femininer make today! So pretty with the delicate pinks, lovely papers and fabulous lace! Amazing photos...that cave is so creepy and atmospheric, lucky you didn't do yourself a mischief on those steps! Fab wildlife piccies ...I think Mr Grackle wishes he was somewhere else!!! Have a great weekend.

  11. Such a gorgeous feminine card Pamellia, beautiful colours. Nice to see Junior working hard again ha ha
    Donna xx

  12. Congrats on your GD spot and I love your beautiful card!! Stunning photos once again ... Thanks so much for sharing them!

  13. Supersweet shabby card, awesome!! Fabulous design, great dimensions and very elegant lovely details that make it so romantic! The intricate butterfly with the little pink flower in the center is a true catch-eyes for me, I just adore it!! Congrats for your GD, so well deserved!
    Breathtaking places in your photos, wonderful waterfall and the cave is a bit spooky...
    Mimi is an adorable little squirrel and congrats to the baby sparrow, she did it!! :D Sweet piccies, all delightful!! Thanks for sharing your shots!
    Have a fab weekend in your corner of heaven!

  14. Congrats on your GD spot. Stunning shabby card with such a beautiful feminine feel.
    Julie x

  15. Pamellia, I have been happy dancing all week in sweet anticipation of this post! I am so thrilled you're joining us this month and cannot wait to see the beauty that awaits us for the duration. :o) This card is quintessential Pamellia: soft, shabby, beautiful, and textural. The layers are gorgeous, each one blossoming with all things lovely. I adore the soft trims and gorgeous focal point. The trims, the lacy butterfly.. each one delivering inspiration to us all. :o) Exquisite work, my dear friend!
    And once again I must thank you for taking us on another journey through your gorgeous town. What fun it is to see where each picture will lead us. What an amazingly inspiration area... and of course I love how each post is ended with your sweet furry friends and the beautiful sky above. Congratulations again on being Sandy's GD and I hope you have a lovely weekend. :o)

    Hugs and blessings,

  16. Congrats on your GD post Pamellia and so well deserved, your work will be such an asset to their team. This card is so elegant..gorgeous details as always. Your walk looked awesome but yes those stairs!! Enjoy your ever growing squirrel friends, they know a good place when they see one...the word must be spreading ;0) xx

  17. Glorious photos and glorious card. The most beautiful and pretty project, the very prettiest card x Stunning photos of your climb, sitars etc...really enjoyed them x Finishing off with the ever so cute squirrel photos and the baby sparrow of course x Yep I could scoop Junior up too xxxx

  18. Oh, I'm in shabby chic Heaven!! This is absolutely stunning, Pamellia!! I don't even know where to start because every single detail is amazing!! I just adore the layers!! You've showcased the pretty papers to perfection, as always!! The frantaged frame looks so beautiful!! The laces, ribbons, trim, everything is so gorgeous!! I just love, love this so much!! Of course I've pinned for future drooling!! Huge congrats on your GD spot!! They are so incredibly lucky to have you!!

    As I traveled down the steps with you, I'm thinking, so worth it!! The waterfalls are gorgeous!! And how cool to see the bridge overhead!! And then we come to the cave and ahhhh!! I'm outta here!! Seriously, may have nightmares!! Just kidding ;) But it does look like a medieval torture chamber or something equally terrifying!! Then as we were leaving, I was so glad I was traveling through your lens because my knees hurt just looking at those steps!! I can't wait to see what's on the other side of the bridge!!

    So excited the sweet sparrow finally got the courage to spread her wings and fly!! Mimi is just about the cutest thing ever...but Junior still holds my heart :) What a stunning coffee shot!! Have a great weekend sweet friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  19. Pretty make Pamellia! Love that rustic frame!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  20. What a fun excursion to discover those pretty stone steps to a secret cave and water fall, Pamellia! I always enjoy the smells of different foundations like that - the ways the water interacts with the variety of rocks and granites, and the amazing colors of each hewn step, as well as those that have been left entirely natural. So glad you shared that with us. I can hear the running water, and feel your anticipation at what you will discover.

    Junior looks fabulous, as does Mr. Greyson Twitchy! So pretty in their black frocks. Looks like Mimi is wearing a form of spats with the orange toppers instead of white! The sunset is glorious!

    Guess I should comment on your lovely, feminine card. LOL! Pretty laces and pompoms down the side, but what caught my attention from the very beginning are those adorable tiny pink flowers! I love how you have manipulated the top layer of those tee-tiny flowers! Beautiful shaped layers, and a frilly butterfly to top things off. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent, the close up shots, and your photography. Congrats on this month's guest design team gig! xoxo

  21. A shabby heaven, that's what it is, Pamellia! Every single detail here is a pure joy for me! You showcased those beautiful papers in a perfect way and Live & Love Crafts are lucky to have you! Big congrats, my friend, on your GDT spot!
    The waterfalls are fabulous! Fantastic magical place and even more fantastic photos! You are really a pro!
    Oh, Mimi and Junior are so cute! Junior has stolen my heart!
    Have a wonderful weekend, my lovely! Big hugs to you! Branka xx

  22. A stunning pink and detailed masterpiece Pamellia..absolutely gorgeous..Mimi is a little cutie and what a great fun post showing all your walks and "Spooky" dungeon for those steps I would still be at the knees wouldn't make it.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  23. A gorgeous card again today, stunning details and layers. Loved the photos from your walk look awesome. I was surprised that there wasn't many folk around as its so lovely. Did you wait till it was clear to get the shot?
    Poor junior, all tuckered out, he always manages to look so content and comfortable.
    Have a good weekend.
    Yvonne xx

    1. Thanks so much Yvonne! There are hundreds of miles of trails, countless rivers, parks, lakes, waterfalls and beaches... We do see people out and about when we are hiking, but I never have to wait for more than a few seconds to get a shot free from human activity. It's one of the things I love most about where we live, there's more nature than people! lol

  24. Congrats on your GDT spot Pamellia! amazing stunning card..wonderful layers of pretty papers and colours. with embellishments to die for!.
    Fantastic photos, dont think I fancy going in that cave though.. Have a wonderful weekend with those adorable animals.
    Pam x

  25. Stunning card and wonderful photos.
    Valerija xx

  26. Beautiful card, Pamellia! The color palette and papers are so pretty! That secret cave is awesome! How fun!

  27. Congratulations on your GDT spot your card is absolutely gorgeous love the soft pastel Colors with all the ribbon and lace . Great design . Cool pictures today I've visited Belfountain several time but never came across the cave must check it out on my next visit to Ontario. Cute pics of your furry friends .

  28. Congrats Pamellia on your GD spot! I am so excited for you:) Your shabby chic card is fabulous! So many soft colors, beautiful layering and again all those wonderful details just pull it together perfectly! The textures are fantastic~ Love, love this!
    Oh my gosh, look at all these amazing photo's of the Belfountain Park! Wow, so pretty and the COOL! I am anxious to hear all about the bridge to the unknown ???
    All your pics are spectacular~thanks so much for sharing!
    Have a wonderful wknd my friend!
    Sherrie K

  29. I just love this glamorous card, so beautiful and perfectly shabby! And I've just about decided I need to move to Canada! Wow, what an amazing place, utterly amazing!

  30. Gorgeous, there is so much going on here, I am frightened I might miss some of the destail. I always love all of your layering and that butterfly is sooooo lovely but the real wow factor is the bow and floral arrangement.

    I am so intrigued by your photos of Belfountain park, did you ever find out why there is a room in the side of the mountain? Was there once a house or fort there - perhaps built for giants with very long legs?

    Mimi is such a cutie, Junior better watch out of she will be stealing all if his total adorable points .... nugh!

    Dionne xx

  31. Hi Pamellia,

    Stunning creation hun, love it all. Fab piccies, wow those stairs lol!!! Great pictures of the wildlife as always and gorgeous Mimi, how sweet is she and of course the fabulous Junior, aw one day he will be sitting on your lap lol!

    Love &hUgs

    jacquie J xxx

  32. Pamellia Doolittle! that's who you are!! Junior seems to be trusting you more and more! how wonderful!!
    Great shots as you are escaping from the mountain! heehee You must have had a blast as a child with all of your playfulness- it is so infectious Pamellia!
    Your card is beautiful as is all of your work- I am always so inspired!
    So how far from NY are you? Are you on this end of the map?
    hugs,Jackie xx

  33. Stunning card, no wonder they wanted you as a GDT! I totally want to join you on these adventures, just wonderful. Still loving the squirrels! Cara x

  34. A GORGEOUS and so feminine card you are a creative genius, such beautiful details. LOVE your walks and your exciting finds. Your animals are growing into a family who know where they bread is buttered - so to speak LOL
    Have a great weekend

  35. This is one adorable and pretty creation.Those colours are fabulous as is this design.xx
    Enjoy your weekend.xx {aNNie}

  36. Pammelia you cards is SO scrumptious!! I love the beautiful soft feminine colors and lovely elements you combined~~ I tell you those stairs are insane,,,yup think the builder got a little carried away lol! Jr he sure is a character :) Have a blessed weekend!

  37. Gorgeous card Pamellia. Love the soft and feminine colours with all that beautiful lace. So delicate. And you find the most beautiful embellishments. Love that diamond studded pearl .... and the beautiful oval frame. Great shots from your adventure ... looking forward to seeing what is across that bridge. :) xx

  38. Hello Pamellia, stunning card, beautiful colours and design, the details are amazing, love it.
    Beautiful photos as ever and I love the wild life, Kate x

  39. A really pretty card Pamellia. The pinks are so pretty and the textures and details are gorgeous. Congratulations on your GDT. I shop regularly at Live & Love Crafts and can highly recommend it.
    Your nature walk photos look amazing and so peaceful. Your balcony must be the talk of the local wildlife xx

  40. Pamellia, Just when I thought I've seen the most beautiful shabby card (your's of course!) you go and make another one! Wow, this is shabby Heaven with the beautiful Live and Love Crafts products! Congratulations on your Guest Designer spot over the course of the month; they are so blessed to have you showcase their fabulous products! Great news for us, because we are going to be treated to even more Pamellia lovelies! Love that shabby bookplate and all those lovely laces, trims and ribbons! This IS Heaven!

    Not only could I sit and stare at your card all day, I could spend hours looking at all your wonderful photography! That Walk through the park looked like quite an adventure, but I'm not sure I'd have the fortitude to walk into that dark hole at the end of the bridge. Great stuff to see and so well maintained! It looks like it's about 30 degrees cooler than it is here! Id love to take a dunk into the pools below the waterfall.

    Those sweet little squirrels just make me smile. Great shot of Junior just 2 feet away! Wow! Mimi's as sweet as could be with her tiny tail! And your after dinner shot is gorgeous! I'd be looking forward to the end of my day every day if we had views like these! Thank you for sharing it all with us, Pamellia! Coming here really makes my day! Big hugs!

  41. Not surprised you got a guest spot there, you are just the perfect fit for it!! Fab card, beautiful and soft and definitely showing your signature style which we all love. Oh and some gorgeous photos by the way hun, you are an amazing photographer xx

  42. Just a dream of a card and such impressive photos ! Amazing dear Pamellia!

  43. Wonderful card!! Loving that you are out exploring. Have you heard of Geocaching? ( Another fun way to get out and find spots you may not find on your own. Though it doesn't look like you are having any trouble with that. My knees are such a wreck that I am sure I would have been going up those tall steps on my rear-end!

  44. Congrats on your GDT, a super pretty and girly card full of gorgeous details.

  45. Sory hunny, nearly missed this, wow huge congrats, Sandra sells some gorgeous stuff, oh by the way waterfalls be still my beating heart, love them!!! lol, hugs Liz xx

  46. Pink does your brain good! This design is beautiful and that layered butterfly! Say what!?! Is it part of the paper collection or a die? Tres Chic! You have gone and made me a believer in paper collections durn you Bubbles! Lol. I can see why pretty papers is a good thing. Love the softness of this piece and all of the goodies.

    Your creepy mountain is awesome sauce and I so would go in there with you! Love creepy stuff! If you want a good haunted graveyard come on down here. Bwahaha! :) Pawsitively brilliant photography skills darlin! And your sweet furries sure are telling everyone where the party house is. Maybe an albino next? Hugz to you muffin! And congrats on your GDT! ~Doc

  47. OOHHHHHHHHHHHH Goshhhhhhhhhhhhh!! This card is drop dead gorgeous! Those declicate butterflies are so beautiful! Love the combination of pink and cream...such a pretty card!
    Belfountain park looks spooky yet adventurous! :P Great shots of natural beauty by you dear! :)

  48. Stunningly Splendid. Delicately Dainty. Elegantly Heirloom. Xj.

  49. Hi Pamellia
    So delicate and elegant.....No, not Junior....the delightful card lol! The little frame is fab.
    Those stairs are really something. Would finish me off at the minute lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang c