Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pion Design - Little Mermaid

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm sharing a land and sea card featuring the newest collection from Pion Design "Legends of the Sea". These fun nautical designs work for male or female creations, and this card could be used for almost any occasion!

Pion products:

Legends of the Sea - Go East PD9008
Legends of the Sea - Navigate PD9009
Legends of the Sea - Pirate's Life PD9011
Legends of the Sea - Images From the Past PD1627

I have added lots of authentic starfish and seashells to give this card a truly beach feel. The waves in the background were cut out of foam giving them a more dimension appearance.

The days have been a little cooler this past week, so I haven't gotten out quite as much, but I did run across this super fun field of mossy rocks! I would love to see what it looks like in the summer time, but I'm pretty sure it would be close to pitch dark underneath the solid roof of bush tops! I had to remove quite a bit of garbage away in order to get this shot, what's wrong with people!

"OK, I can do this. Just flap my wings and push off. Easy peasy, right? Ready, set..." 

"Swinging to and fro on the branch of a willow. Oh what a life!" 
~Red Winged Blackbird~

I've been trying to get a photo of one of the Cormorants ever since we moved here! They're only here for about a week every year, and they rarely come near the shoreline, but this guy did a fly-by! How excited was I!! Next on my wish list will either have to be for one of them to come right up to me, or to get a ginormous zoom lens! Lol

Looks like this Cottontail is shedding off his winter coat. It's about time little dude, you are way behind my squirrel buddies!

"Sorry human, I don't care how many peanuts you have in your little bag, there are just too many dogs in the park today!" 

"Whatchu talkin bout Willis!" 

"I won't apologize for who I am! I'm just not a one peanut kind of gal!" 

For my macro shots today, I zoomed in on one of those mossy rocks from earlier. I thought it would be cool to show you the difference between just getting really close with the normal lens, and using an actual macro lens. SUPER ZOOM!!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Fantastic card with the beautiful colours of the sea and the wonderful layers.

    Amazing photographs today all so crisp and close-up. The cormorany one with the wing reflection is stunning.

    Have a great weekend

    Love Chrissie xx

    ps thought I had already sent this so delete one if I have please.

  2. Wonderful card, love the paper and colours, and the photos are fantastic. I love watching the cormorants, too, they often it here at the Rhine. Hugs Valerie

  3. Gorgeous card once again love the greys and green every detail just perfect t.
    Great pics.
    Have a good weekend
    Jules xx

  4. WOWZER!!! Such a delight, Pamellia!!! I'm speechless!! Your card is really a joy for the eyes!! Amazing choice of colours and how many fabulous details to see!! That fussi cut mermaid is really marvellous and all the added embellishments look just stunning!! Really wonderful papers and fabulous waved strings, net, seashelles and starfishes (I'm a bit sorry for those last... I prefer seeing them living in the sea). Great design with your layers and diecuts, such gorgous lace and flowers!
    On wildlife: Amazing and cute little birds and I'm so stunned to see a cormoran in your place! :) In my zone there are a lot of them, they dry their wings on the rock-clifves in the sea, or on the rocks to the mouth of the streams. However don't have the orange throat as your, but are almost dark gray/black. Great photo, love the mirroring of the wing!!
    Adorable cottontail! Soooo cute!!
    Missy says (LOL) right? There are really dogs in her place?
    Scarlet with the two peanuts makes me laught so much!! She is soooo hungry! :D
    Amazing macro, I have never seen the moss so well before your shot! :)
    Have a fabulous weekend,my friend! Here there are clouds and some rain... Typical for a weekend :(

  5. The starfish and shells really do give this a wonderful beachy feel, love the gorgeous mermaid and those amazing Pion papers! The touches of gauze and your beautiful bow are such lovely finishing touches too.

    Great shot of the Cormorant and I love the shot of the bunny! Hope you are having a lovely weekend. Hugs, Anne xx

  6. Wonderful card, Pamellia! Love the starfish and shells tucked in. Amazing photos, too, especially the close up of the moss.

  7. Beautiful creation Pamellia, the papers are gorgeous , love the little mermaids and the shells and starfish. Lovely palette too, that sea green is so pretty.
    Brilliant photos too...the close ups you get with that macro lens are fascinating!

  8. A stunning card and those papers will be good for both male and female cards.
    the photos as always were a treat to see.
    Have a good weekend.
    Yvonne xx

  9. This is simply wonderful Pamellia! I love the colours on this card .. The green ribbon is perfect against the brown and creamy white .. love it!! Also love all the little beachy touches. The shells and starfish, the little mermaid .. absolutely perfect additions. Just adore this!!
    Your photographs just keep getting better and better .. that Cormorant is magnificent and the macro shots of the moss rocks .. brilliant!!! Of course, I always adore your little squirrel friends but the birds and the cottontail are just beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photography!! hugs xx

  10. Stunning card, love those colours. Wonderful photos as always. Love the moss rocks. One of my dreams is a Japanese style moss garden, might just have to steal those rocks.... Cara x

  11. Just how do you do it...How can you make creations out of fabulous papers etc that can be for a man or a woman? Gorgeous colour combination, great texture and superb card x Great macro shoot and great to see the significant difference. As always love your captions and the amazing bird and animal photos. Wow on the cormorant...well done you x

  12. Wowser what a beautiful card Pamellia, the colours are gorgeous and I love all the little seaside accents. Those rocks remind me of the trolls on frozen, if you had waited long enough they would have started singing!! Lovely photographs as usual xx

  13. This may be my favorite card ever, Pamellia!! Wow!! That mermaid is so gorgeous and I love how you've showcased her!! The layers are amazing!! The seashell and starfish touches are just perfect!! The colors are beautiful!! I adore every single thing about this!! So spectacular!!

    I am in awe of the shot of the cormorant!! Wow!! The moss-covered rocks are so beautiful!! I love seeing the difference with the macro shot, too!! Your squirrel and bird shots are amazing as always!! I've had Indigo Buntings and Grosbeaks visiting, but I can't get a good shot of either one :( It's actually sunny today, so maybe they'll stop by and I can try again :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my sweet friend!! Happy Saturday!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  14. Hi Pamellia,
    another of your very super and stunning creations.
    The papers and the colours are so very beautiful, and all the lovely pearly shells and the star fish is gorgeous.
    Beautiful flowers and that ribbon shade is wonderful.
    So cute the lovely memaid looks sitting there amongst this wonderful creation.
    As usual superb photos of your feathered and furry friends.
    Those rocks look amazing and macro shot is outstanding.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  15. Wow so stunning Pamelia.I love all the pretty layers and ocean colours and your mermaid is so sweet ;D

  16. Beautiful card Pamellia and I love the colours..the mermaids tail with that hint of green and the explosion of green colour with the binding and netting..really lovely. The papers are fabulous too along with the snails and starfish..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  17. This is a beautiful card Pamellia, gorgeous papers in a wonderful colour, love the layers and pretty details.
    great photos you have shared again.
    Hugs Pam x

  18. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS!!!! Love this collection, and your card is showcasing it so perfectly! Love the real sea shells and starfish used as embellishments. What a gorgeous make Pamellia!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  19. What a gorgeous ocean themed creation Pamellia - love the way the ribbon is perfectly matched.
    Your wildlife shots are as usual amazing, and I do love your captions :-). The macro shots are stunning.
    So pleased to be able to visit you again...

  20. Fabulous card, love those tuches of teal against the more muted background, beautiful layers and design! And of course your photos are always stunning! Thanks for always sharing these with us too!

  21. Stop it! I just can't contain myself when I see your nautical cards, They are terrific!! Beautiful colours here and I can feel the surf! Wonderful photos as always too!

  22. What a treat to see your beautiful handiwork here this morning! I was hoping something would pop up in my e-mail! Opening your blog is like opening a gift! I adore this card with the brown tones and seafoam green details! You always put the most amazing details on your cards, and this time I'm loving that mermaid and cheesecloth 'wave', and those wee little shells! Gorgeous layers and just the right amount of splash/splatter! Love this to bits!

    Your photo gallery is magnificent and I love the mossy rocks. So hard to get perspective on this and I'm wondering how big those stones were. My guess they are not as large as I first perceived them to be, because I can see the texture of the moss on them. But wow! Your macro shot is amazing! Happy to see the difference of the close up to the zoom. As always your wildlife photos and captions make me so happy; great to see the cormorant--I think Stephen King mentions them often in his novels, and I've always casually wondered what they look like.

    In our local wildlife news: I saw 4 tiny bunnies leaving their nest the other day! Mama didn't seem too upset that they were just feet away from me. So stinkin' adorable! My house wrens fledged earlier this week from the nest over my mailbox and I think I may have forced an early fledge of 2 other baby Eastern Towhees when I was clipping my hedges. These little ones did not look ready to fly with very few feathers on them. I felt horrible, and my hedges are 1/2 trimmed!

    I hope you have a wonderful week, my friend! Sending hugs!

  23. Stunning card my friend, I love that beautiful aqua colour and you have crammed in so much dimension and texture, Another super creation.

    Wow, your wildlife shots are incredible today, you have become the most accomplished wildlife photographer. It is always hard to single out one photograph above the others but I do love your cormorant on the wing, the refection looks amazing. That field of moss cover rocks is a terrific find - you have a fabulous eye for composition.

    Have a great week.

    Dionne xx

  24. A Beautiful mermaid card, with all the colours of the sea, love the "net" which you have in it, so many beautiful details as always. LOVE your photos and yes the lens REALLY works, it's amazing the quality of your photos.

  25. You certainly have achieved the flowing-ness of the ocean in your beautiful card, Pamellia! I love the way the ribbons and fibers flow. It's a beautiful fantasy creation, and so lovely in its peacefulness!

    Leave it to you to discover a field of mossy rocks! We don't even have rocks in Florida! LOL We import them! They are lovely in their green garb, are they not? Whoa! The macro of the moss is amazing! It does not look like the moss here. It's fun seeing how Nature dresses herself in the various locales.

    I especially like the captions of your critters today - had me chuckling and appreciating each one. Our critters grow a slightly thicker coat for the winter, but not enough to really see the difference. You can tell when they "blow" their winter coats, however, because all the bird and squirrel nests contain tiny amounts of hairs/fur in them.

    Sending you a short email today, my friend! xo

  26. Love the colour way of this card - great combination with the neutral papers and then those rich greeny accents. Superb photos as always. I've got a squirrel living in the tree right outside my window here in Brooklyn, but we haven't made friends yet!
    Alison x

  27. Hi Pamellia
    What a beautiful colour palette you have used on this delightful card. Every picture you see a little more detail.
    Sadly, folk are too lazy to put rubbish in their pockets and take it home.
    That was a blast from the past with the Diff'rent Strokes reference lol!
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  28. Hi Pamellia,
    Like you read,what a beautiful card WoW WoW WoW!!!.
    This is 1 of my favorite card really TOP!!!
    Mvg Gina Belgium

  29. What a lovely card. I enjoy seeing the darker paper in the back with the lighter in the front and the bright green netting. It's unique - more of an elegant little mermaid design!

    I adore the micro shot seeing the moss up close after the incredibly love photo of the mossy rocks. Wow. And my other favorite part of todays post was what was "background" - the wing reflection in the water, the fluffy tail blurred behind Missy, and all the blurry tails for that matter as well as the blurry leaf over the bunny's ear. Just love that effect. Thanks for starting off my week in a delightful way Pamellia. Hugs. j.

  30. Gorgeous sea inspired card love the beautiful mermaid and netting embellishment-great pics and love the mossy rocks
    Carol x

  31. So very wonderful in such an amazing palette! Hugs, Autumn

  32. Amazing photos- especially those macros!!
    Love your mermaid- that shade of green is gorgeous!
    Jackie xx

  33. Good morning dear Pamellia..I'm a bit late here...a new darling baby Jack is to blame..LOL.I adore mermaids so this card is a really special one to me...just awesome and perfect colours too.Your moss photo is brilliant! Take care and sending hugs and my best wishes as always to you xxx

  34. I need this in my collection of Bubbles original art. :)