Friday, July 14, 2017

Pion Design - Celebrate Togetherness

Hello Everyone!

Today I'm sharing another romantic card designed with the new Pion Design collection "Patchwork of Life". During the summer, there are always lots of weddings, engagements and anniversaries, and this card would be great for any of those occasions.

Pion products:
Patchwork of Life - Meeting Tom PD9205
Patchwork of Life - Borders PD9211
Patchwork of Life - Family Quilt PD9212
Pion Design Palette - Pion Green II PD6108

Christmas will be here before you know it, and Pion Design has released a sneak peek of this year's Christmas collection, "Long ago in Bethlehem". Release August 3rd!

This has been one of my favourite summers with regards to the weather. I can't believe how mild it has been, with lots of rain and very few days over 35 degrees! I spend my time walking the trails and sitting on my new garden patio. It's almost finished, so I will post pics when it's finished.

I don't see many of these wonderful birds in the summer time. I sure do miss their morning songs and sweet personalities!

My first ever Great Blue Heron! I almost squealed when I rounded the end of the lake and there he was! What a gorgeous bird to see up close. Another one to cross off my wish list for this year!

My first time getting to see a Swan busking (raising their wings in the shape of a heart), so amazing! The lady trying to feed him thought it was a sign of friendliness. I didn't have the heart to tell her he was actually in attack mode. Lol.

"Mum, Mum, Mum, Mum. I think we're being watched!"
How excited was I to see my first baby Raccoon!! And what a cutie he was, hiding underneath his Mom's tail, so adorable!

"The sun makes me sooooo seeeeeepy!" 
~Baby Kay~

"No, I did not lick the cookie bowl clean! What would make you think that!" 

And in the corn cob corner, weighing in at just 400g, we have Teddy the Squirrel! Oooooh, he's going for the difficult full-face technique, scoring a 9.8 from the judges! That's gonna be hard to beat folks!

I would like everyone to meet a new visitor to the Johnson Buffet. This handsome little dude is named Porter and he is so unique with that gorgeous frosted tail! He's very shy, but very brave and I can't wait to get to know him better!

These are the flowers that I decided to plant along the railing. Unfortunately, there's nothing but stems left, as the squirrels love the yummy petals and buds. Oops. I am now in the process of replacing them all with Marigolds, rumours say squirrels won't eat those. We'll see. lol

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Beautiful creation and gorgeous photos. I think it's a grey heron, though, the blue one are really blue. Hugs, Valerie

  2. So gorgeous Pamellia and wonderful Nature pics too. xxxx

  3. Hi Pamellia

    Hope you well and happy.

    The card is amazing and I love the little frame you used.

    What amazing pics of your friends and the swan is my fave it is so beautiful

    Love Chrissie xx

  4. Stunning card Pamellia! Love every single detail!
    Lots of love for you and your little friends- Lula

  5. Yet another fabulous creation Pamellia - you are a real paper florist on your cards!! Loving your wildlife photos - especially the racoon and the swan! As for those squirrels, they are as cute as ever

  6. Good luck with the marigolds!!! So many first's with you capturing those amazing animals and birds. You must be thrilled. Glad to meet Porter and thank you for the funny comments under the photos...Love reading them x Amazing card, so much texture, so many gorgeous elements and so very pretty x

  7. Imagine receiving this on your special day! It's so beautiful! And you are so fortunate to have those beautiful creatures around you ... Wonderful photos!

  8. Hi, Pamellia! Your "celebrate togetherness" are two glorious words - but when put together, they make a statement seldom expressed these days. IT'S BEAUTIFUL - and so appropriate in a number of different ways. Because of that, I'd like to bum the idea from you! And to thank you, for the way the two of us celebrate our "togetherness" via emails and heartfelt sharing. Beautiful card, with it's soft loveliness and sweetness, and sure to make someone feel very special.

    Was I ever surprised to see the raccoons in your photos! We never see them during the day here. The few times we have, the coons were unwell. Your photo depicts a darling pair, so healthy! Cuteness is just about any baby, but cuter still is the way raccoons use their paws and dexterous fingers!

    Your majestic birds are posing so beautifully for you! While we occasionally see the Great Blue Heron (usually in the winter), Sandhill Cranes are what we see and hear most often. They frequently feed in our pastures, and it is a marvel watching the male watch us as the others feed and stroll. Cute squirrels, of course. It's your captions I really enjoy reading. lol

    It's quite steamy and hot here, but I love opening the morning with the sounds of hungry birds, chattering squirrels, and the brief glimpse of the sunrise's left over hues crossing the sky. I've only needed my walker briefly these past 6 months - something for which I am very grateful. Feeling connected to the wonders of life, and the gorgeousness behind creation - how can a day begin any better? xx

  9. A beautiful card Pamellia and in my most favourite colour combo too. Beautiful photographs of your ever expanding family!! xx

  10. Gorgeous shabby card Pamellia! Love the lace in the background, the shabby bow and all the pretty layers of embellishments.
    Paper Talk with Samra

  11. Absolutely stunning, Pamellia!! The layers are so amazing!! I love the colors and the papers!! Your details are spectacular as always!! I love the lace and heart frame and flowers!! Shabby perfection, my sweet friend!! So, so gorgeous!!

    How exciting to see the heron!! Amazing shot!! And the swan in attack mode!! That baby raccoon is so sweet!! I just want to hug it :) The squirrel babies are adorable as always!! Welcome to Porter!! I can't wait to see more of him :) I had a couple of furry visitors to my yard the other day, but they were unwanted...coyotes. I have three outdoor cats so I wasn't happy to see them. I was going to take a picture but I left my camera down in my craft room and they were gone when I came back. Thankfully, I haven't seen them since. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. So beautiful and so romantic, perfect for a wedding or anniversary, a card to delight in and treasure. Love the soft dreamy colours, amazing layers and that fantabulous bow!
    As always your animal photos are wonderful, so entertaining! Love that baby raccoon!

  13. A beautiful romantic card Pamellia,gorgeous details as always.
    Super photos I hope you get to keep the flower heads on the marigolds.
    It was nice to meet Porter, he'll soon feel at home visiting you.
    Yvonne xx

  14. Love your gorgeous card Pamellia, any Bride and Groom would treasure this wonderful keepsake creation.
    Brilliant photo shots you have shared today.
    hugs Pam x

  15. Another fabulous card, Pamellia! Love the soft, shabby chic tones. It is always a delight to see your furry friends. The photos are superb! I can't wait to see your finished patio. I know it must be a delightful place. Weather here has been hot, humid and stormy. I am trying to patiently wait for the Fall!

  16. Another beauty, Pamellia! (I apologise for my previous anxious post - I didn't think to check your blog! D'oh!)

    I love your photos, especially the elegant Mute Swan!

    love Mags B xxx

  17. OMG stunning card, beautiful papers and design, I love the way you've managed the layers and the little framed capturing that little bit of design.
    Fabulous photos Pamellia, that Swan is magnificent, thanks for sharing them, Kate x

  18. Hi Pamellia!! It seems so long since I've paid a visit here and I have missed your wonderful photographs and cards. Hubby and I have been on holidays and then my craft room was getting an upgrade and things just went sideways for a while, but now I'm back, the room is done, and I can get back into a regular routine again .. I hope!! LOL!!
    Your card is stunning!! I love the colour mix .. so very pretty .. and, as always, your layering and embellishments are superb! Soft and romantic and oh, so beautiful!!!
    Your photographs are amazing! The swan and the heron are magnificent and the baby raccoon is just adorable! As always, your little squirrel friends are a total delight and I love the captions you add to each photo! Fantastic post!! Have a wonderful day!! hugs xx

  19. I'm always left in awe with your cards and your photographs, you really are amazing with your skills in each of them. You know I am in your "Appreciative Society" who couldn't be. Your card is jaw dropping gorgeous and so are your photos. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your work.
    Hope your weather keeps doing what you like.

  20. As ever your card is amazing and that tiny little butterfly is adorable. Your photos continue to be astounding and as ever the squirrels are beyond cute. I think I need to visit. Hubby laughs at me as I waste ages staring out if the window watching my two bunnies just being bunnies, how you get anything done when there's squirrels to watch out for I don't know! Have a great week and give those squirrels a love from me. Hope Crazy Karen is still doing well x

  21. WOW! I don't know what caught my eye the most! This gorgeous, soft colored creation or those awesome photos! You are so talented! Well done!

  22. Celebrate Togetherness = love the sentiment! Makes me think of you and your sweet family and friends Pamellia! Your card is just GORGEOUS. Love the Christmas Pion sneak peak too - what a great theme. Thanks bunches for sharing such wonders. Xj.

  23. Oh Wow Pamellia, your card is a real stunner, loving the soft pinks, the beautiful frame and butterfly and of course, you always beautiful bow! I think this may now be my favourite....

    How lovely for you to see the Heron, I guess we are lucky to have one on the pond next to us, he comes every day along with a very elusive Kingfisher. I am not so happy in the Spring though when the Heron eats the little ducklings. Welcome to Porter, his tail is definitely different! Love the baby raccoon, he is adorable! I hope you are having a good weekend! Hugs, Anne xxx

  24. Fabulous post! I do so love seeing the gorgeous layers in your cards!! What a cute tail Porter has! Hugs, Chrisx

  25. Oh Pamellia my favourite colours soft pinks and greens so delicate they are together wonderfull.
    Great pics once again. We get Herons in the garden after the Fish massive wing span they have
    I have to shoo them off.
    Best wishes
    Jules xx

  26. Hi Pamellia,
    What a amazing and beautifull envelop or.card I don't know what iT is anynway iT,is,Georgius WoW WoW WoW.
    And what a beautiful animals do you see,have a great day.
    Mvg Gina Belgium

  27. Absolutely gorgeous card you take shabby chic to the extreme and love the little frame-love the little raccoon and the majestic swan
    Carol x

  28. Gorgeous card, full of fabulous layers and great papers. I love the stunning flowers and your signature bow.

    Amazing wild life shots. The bird photographs are outstanding and I adore all of your furry friends. I think Teddy is going to become a real star and I am completely intrigued by Porter, is he loosing his winter coat or is his fur always like that?

    I cannot wait to see your new patio area, I am loving the glimpses I have so far seen.

    Dionne xxx

  29. Ah, Pamellia, this may be my all time favorite wedding card! Those papers are magically delicious paired with those die cuts, lace and that beautiful frame! Love every inch of this beauty!

    Your photos are some of my favorites, too! Love seeing the babies, especially the raccoon! surely you didn't get this close to this mother/baby pair, but used a zoom! the swan is just stunning and you have shared something about them I never knew-'busking'! So sorry the furry friends ate your blossoms, and hopefully the marigolds are holding up. I've been told the squirrels won't eat safflower seed, and for years I used it in my feeders (at great expense) without a single squirrel having a nibble. Now the squirrels are eating all the food! I am taking a hiatus from bird feeding to see if the squirrels will forget about the feeders. Well, I've got to go pick up my hubby...I hope you have a wonderful day, my friend! Thank you for making mine with your lovely blog posts! One last hug!