Monday, July 24, 2017

Pion Design - A Peaceful Christmas

Hello Everyone!

I love to mix and match Pion Design collections, so today I am sharing a wintery Christmas card featuring the papers from this year's Christmas collection "Long Ago in Bethlehem", and last year's collection "Greetings From the North Pole".


Pion products:
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Church PD9406
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Holy Scripture PD9410
Long Ago in Bethlehem - Borders PD9411
Greetings From the North Pole - Midwinter Night PD7601
Greetings From the North Pole - Snowflakes PD7604
Pion Design Palette - Pion White I PD6101

So I've been quite anxious to show you some photos of my almost finished garden patio, but I thought I should perhaps start with what it looked like before the construction. 

There was no roof and we tried two different umbrellas and one heavy duty gazebo. All three of them busted from the wind, and all three of them had dark brown fabric covers, which meant not only was the patio dark, but it made the house dark too. It was a dumping sight for every leaf, twig and piece of garbage that the wind carried, and the flooring was a complete disaster! Basically it was gross!!

It ended up being a big giant garbage area since it wasn't a usable space.

The clean up...

My first purchase for the new patio was my bird bath fountain...

First we built the frame which was quite tricky to design. I had to follow building codes, but yet allow for the storage room door at the end, the air conditioner unit, and how it was going to be constructed... since we are on the third floor, there's no way to get around to the outside to hammer in nails.

We installed clear corrugated roofing panels which will allow for lots of light but keep the elements and the garbage off of the patio. This part was also tricky since we couldn't get up onto the roof to attach it like you normally would.

Next I installed this 10" shelf to cover up the round plastic railing. This will give the squirrels a safe place to move around and a great photo environment for me.

I installed some lattice thinking it would give us privacy, but as you can see, it doesn't work that well. This autumn I will be replacing it with proper privacy lattice so people cannot stare up at me!

And last but not least, my carpet! This was a game changer. It's so easy to keep clean and it covers up that nasty nasty nasty flooring!!! It makes the whole patio feel like a piece of outdoor heaven!

So I set the fountain out, plugged it in and bought my first plant (which died because we had a cold snap, oops). 

Next time I will share some photos of the mostly finished patio as it looks now. Until then, no post would be complete without a couple of cute squirrel pics, so here we go...

"Listen lady, I haven't seen you in months... I'd take a heck of a lot more than just two peanuts if I could fit them in my dang face! 

"Nope, it wasn't me who ate all the cookies! I'm totally not guilty and you can't prove a thing!"
~Mama Maxine~

Oh Baby Kay, I do hope you grow into those ears! Lol

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. A beautiful card Pamellia and those papers and colours are gorgeous..and what a lovely transformation on your terrace..the Squirrels will love that 10"landing pad and the biggest and fanciest drinking bowl ever..forget the birds this is Squirrel

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  2. Such a wonderful set of papers and you certainly made a magical card from them Pamellia. Love the look of you patio and I am sure you will have lots of creatures visiting there.

    Missy with the two nuts made me smile.

    Love Chrissie xx

  3. The card is wonderful, so many gorgeous details. You balcony is coming along so well, you have done wonders already! Have fun! Hugs, Valerie

  4. A wonderful card Pamellia, so frosty.and lots of sparkly elements. The deer looks fab in there too. Wow what a transformation of your balcony, it really is a perfect outdoor space for you year round now. It must have been so hard to build, great job! Hi to your furry friends too. Take care, huge hugs to you xxx

  5. Gorgeous frosty card Pamellia. Love the white and grey together and the gorgeous Poinsettia.
    Looking good your garden patio have a good week.
    Jules xx

  6. What a transformation of your balcony! It looks fabulous and though it may not offer the privacy you wanted, the lattice does look really lovely! Fabulous idea and no doubt you will use that space far more now!

    Love your beautiful card hun, it's utterly exquisite. Beautiful papers and such a lovely design with that fab deer. Love the white poinsettia and all the beautiful details. Gorgeous hunny. Hugs, Wends xoxo

  7. Its gr8 to decorate your patio ,all on own ! Looks nice and i loved the idea of clear corrugated sheets !
    I loved your card , Beautiful layering and use if neutrals !

  8. Gorgeous holiday card Pamellia and your balcony project is coming along great!!!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  9. Beautiful card, Pamellia! Puts me in the mood for Christmas! Your patio looks amazing. I really like the clever roofing idea. Can't wait to see more of the finished look. That photo of Missy is too cute! Those furry friend photos always made me smile.

  10. Oh wow, what a stunning card!! The layers are amazing, as always!! I love how you tucked the deer in there and the pom pom trim!! Every aspect is spectacular and I keep studying the pictures to see all of the gorgeous details!! Love, love it, my friend!! A Christmas beauty!!

    Wow, what a transformation of your patio!! The clear panels are such a great idea!! It looks amazing!! I love the shelf, too!! What an oasis you are creating!! I'd just hang up a hammock so I never had to leave ;) And the shots of the squirrel babies are precious!! Mama Maxine and her crumb-covered face - too cute!! I hope you have a wonderful, happy week, my dear friend!! Sending lots of big hugs your way :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. Love your amazing peaceful card Pamellia, another masterpiece. I am also very impressed with the transformation of your balcony, perfect for your visitors and I can't wait to see the finished article. Great shots too xx

  12. Hi Pamellia,
    oh my word you card is so pretty and beautifully created.
    Those papers together are gorgeous and all the wonderful layers and embellies are so super.
    Stunning poinsettia also.

    Photos of you balcony refurb are very lovely and such a wonderful bright and cheerful place to sit and wathc the world go by.

    As usual photos of your furry friends are truly amazing and superb.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  13. You are right no post would be complete without those cuties x Loving the before and after photos of the new patio...quite a challenge being as you are on the third floor. What a wonderful card and love the muted colours and all that wonderful texture and design x

  14. Wow, such a fabulous project! Love how you put it together, the end result looks super! As does the new pation, wow, what a transdormation!

  15. It is a gorgeous card, love all the details as you do add such beautiful things to your work.
    The before and after patio photos are great. You have built a wonderful balcony to sit at watch the beauties of nature and of course your animal friends.
    Yvonne xx

  16. Gorgeous card Pamellia, beautiful layers and wonderful papers, with your gorgeous decoration.
    Love your new patio area, what a it was a lot of hard work.
    Pam x

  17. Stunning card my friend, so much detail and all of those fabulous embellishments,wow! I almost forgot all of the gritty, I bet this card looks incredible in the flesh, as it were.

    Who can concentrate on what to say about a card when we at last have pics of your transformed patio. OMG, it looks amazing, did you and hubby do all of this work yourselves, you could hire out your services? The work you must have put into building the roof alone must have taken ages, not to mention all the physical hard work. I love the new shelf and trellis, no more fairy light wires for the squirrels to chew through! You will be able to wrap up warm and sit out there all weathers. I can just see you out there with your camera.

    You have done a great job, you must be so pleased.

    Dionne xxx

  18. Amazing creation as always Pamellia, fabulous embellishments, your patio is fantastic , it will be fabulous sitting out there, gorgeous as ever your little fur babies.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  19. Wow Pamellia you are a woman of many talents, added and abetted by a handy husband - what a transformation of your patio!! For some temporary privacy, line the trellis with some shade cloth.
    Love your card - there is just so much detail there, it would take hours of looking to fully appreciate it!

    Your squirrels are fabulous - especially Mama Maxine - which made me smile as my grandies call me Mama


  20. Well! you have been a busy lady and what a VAST difference a place to call a private retreat and a place to enjoy your little furry animals. As for your card, nothing needs saying but as usual it is Stunningly Beautiful, love the colours and of course the little details.

  21. You took my breath away with the first picture! Your cards are amazing but this one is ....well...exquisite breath-taking beautiful!!! Wow, that's quite a project your patio. I thought you had a house but a third floor condo!? Wow! Look forward to more of the finished pics. I know your little guys will enjoy and so will you. Have a great week. Hugs

  22. Absolutely stunning patio remodel!!!! Bravo! loving the roof to let the sun through!
    and Pamelia, your Christmas card is just lovely! xo

  23. Your card is fantastic, those little icicle drips in the top left corner melted my heart! Love how you've tamed your outside space and made it squirrel friendly. Speaking of which, I looooooove the pics of those gorgeous creatures and your captions make me smile every time x

  24. Oh my goodness I love your card Pamellia, it's stunning, all that frostiness is wonderful, gorgeous papers and embellishments too, as ever your details are awesome.
    Brilliant outside space, what an amount of work you've put into it, totally transformed, looking forward to seeing the finished results.
    More cuteness, lovely photos, enjoy your new patio,Kate x

  25. Looks great, congratulations for your new addition. I know you will enjoy it. Another beautiful and inspiring card, love the frosty colors. Hugs, Autumn

  26. Absolutely stunning layers of gorgeousness you capture Winter so beautifully -and brilliant renovation of your patio
    Carol x

  27. Your card is beyond stunning Pamellia, I am in complete awe!

    Wow, what a transformation, the roof is so impressive and I love the lattice and carpet, it looks so homely now and the squirrels might be tempted to take up residence now!! I would if I were them! I think you will be very happy in your outdoor space, it is beautiful! Hugs, Anne xx

  28. The card is stunning - I'm always a fan of neutrals at Christmas, and this takes it to the next level of sparkly dimensional layered beauty. Always adore that vintage book font too.

    Great to see the incredible progress you've made with your balcony space - bravo! The squirrels won't be able to believe their luck!
    Alison x

  29. Hi Pamellia, my you have been busy, love the way your patio is turning out!
    I've not visited you for a little while (been busy myself) I do soooooo love all of your cards and the photos with your brilliant words really make me feel happy, just adore the squirrels!
    I hope they will come and play on your new patio as your weather goes into autumn.
    Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us, you make a lot of people happy by just being you!
    Best wishes Sandy 😘

  30. What a luscious and beautiful card Pamellia! And I love your new patio... I'm sure you will have hours of enjoyment there! Cute cute cute photos!

  31. What a fabulous post! I love the way you have used the beautiful elements that make this card really special! Oh! Talking of special - what a great space for you and your squirrel friends! Looks like a lot of hard work though! Glad you had room for the photos, especially Missy! Hugs, Chrisx

  32. Your card is so frosty with all it's wonderful layers Pamellia! What a wonderful job you are doing on your patio - i'm sure you will totally enjoy it when it's finished - and love your sweet squirrel photos!

  33. Wow! I am totally in awe of your creative talents Pamellia .. this card is another stunner!!! Love the frostiness of it .. so gorgeous .. and all those delightful details make this card extra special!!
    Your patio has turned out beautifully!!! What a lot of work and what a fabulous result .. looks fabulous!! I think you (and the squirrels) will be very happy in your new outdoor space! Have a wonderful day my friend!! hugs xx

  34. Hello stranger! ;) It's been too long! I'm sorry I haven't visited your blog sooner, but so much has been happening here! And belive it or not - toddlers take A LOT! (or better said: almost all) of your free time. I usually squeeze some "me time" in the evenings when my LO is sleeping, but I'm often too lazy to do blog hopping and just watch Netflix or do a little bit of crafting -if I have the energy. Will try to write you an email later today or over the weekend to see how you're doing. :)
    But enough babbling. I'm here to comment on your card and your patio and squirrels. First things first. The card... Boy oh boy, you still have THE touch! Your cards still leave me breathless and with jaw on the floor. This one is spectacular! Perfectly executed down to the very last detail! <3
    Patio is already looking great - I can't wait to see it completely finished. And those squrrels ... Man, how adorable are they?! Amazing pics of the little fellas and the comments you wrote with the pics made me smile. :D
    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs! xx

  35. Hi Pamellia
    Gorgeous layers of loveliness as usual.
    Quite a transformation on your balcony. Would never have thought of carpet outside but it looks good.
    I'm sure the squirrels love their new space.
    Have a great weekend.
    Ang x

  36. Don't your just love that patterned paper with you deer? It's a beautiful, soft, earthy-yet-fancy card, Pamellia - done in your own style of shabby elegance. Gorgeously layered, with so many interesting shapes, elements and combinations, especially the little tee-tiny pompoms and the pleated tulle! Lovely - and deeply blessed.

    Talk about obstacles with your porch renovations! One thing after another - like not being able to hammer from the outside and not being able to utilize the roof - sheesh! You and hubby must be acrobats! I just purchased a new bird fountain as well - it is solar powered and inexpensive, but hopefully the birds will like it. My goal is to keep the water moving, and possibly eliminate hatching mosquito larvae. I love the way yours looks. I also like the lattice - and yes, privacy is more important than we think, isn't it? Not that we're "hiding", but that we don't need to be "watched". Thanks for the photos from the neighborhood's peanut gallery LOL

    Wishing you all the best, P, and sending my friendship all the way from Brooksville Florida! xx

  37. Pamellia, my friend! You must have thought I fell off the face of the earth! I've been eyeballing those e-mails in my in box, and keep thinking, I want to save my visits for when I have TIME to really soak in all the beauty I just KNOW is waiting for me when I click on the title! It seems that never happens...will send you a proper e-mail to explain what's happening here--a lot of nothing that somehow keeps me busy!

    Now onto that beautiful card! I am so excited to see your Christmas cards coming! That was such a treat last year, and I love, love, LOVE this frosty card! I'm so happy to see the deer made it front and center--one of my fav Christmastime dies! And that creamy, dreamy poinsettia--another favorite! I love the addition of the textiles--the soft folds of the tulle and the fun pom poms add so much movement and fun to your card!

    Your balcony transformation is an engineering feat to say the least! Bravo to you for making it all happen! For some reason, I was picturing you living on the ground floor! Duh! I just know you are thoroughly enjoying this lovely space! My screen porch is my haven, so I can totally relate! Well done, my crafty/tool toting friend!

    Love seeing the squirrel shots, especially Maxine's tell-tale nose! Sending big, big hugs to you, Pamellia!

  38. You've turned this int othe most AMAZINGLY beautiful space Pamellia! Hoe wonderful to be able to sit here and take your photos and watch your furry babies!

  39. Amazing Christmas card, full of gorgous elements!Love the frosty feel and the patterned deer! How many details, anyone just perfect!
    Love seeing your balcony before and later... And it seems impossible that the fab patio I have seen in your last post is the same place of this balcony!!! Wow wow!! You have done a stunning work!! A great design and a brilliant change of mind!!! Love the fountain and the trellis and such brilliant thought put that shelf for a safely walking of squirrels :) I'm sure you and the squirrels will have fabulous times in your patio!! Very well done!!