Sunday, January 7, 2018

Making Music

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing this all occasions card with a musical theme. The papers are from Die Cuts With a View, purchased at Michael's Craft Store.

The music notes die is Memory Box, the flower petals are Wild Orchid Crafts, the violin charm is from Emerald Creek, the floral wood flourish is Scrapiniec, the bow is made from silk Sari ribbon, the crystal pins are from Michael's and everything else is from my stash. Still playing with new laces!! lol

Today I want to update you on the status of the two baby squirrels that took up residence on my patio back in September. They were orphaned and forced to leave their nest a few weeks earlier than they should have. The boy Zippy, although small, seemed to be in fairly good health. The girl Dolly P was a different story.

Dolly was malnourished and much too tiny for her age, weighing 30% less than Zippy. I worked very hard to get her a high fat diet with nutrients and supplements. For three months I fed her every single day and by the end of November she was starting to look plump and healthy. This was Dolly just before she started to show symptoms.

Around that time, the two babies ventured off on their own to find permanent homes. Wherever they ended up, they picked up some sort of bug. It was either Mange or Mites and Dolly was very sick! I won't show you all of the graphic images, but this is how she looked when she first got sick. By the time I was able to get the medication, this was covering most of the right side of her body and spreading to to her head and left side.

I spent the month of December nursing her back to health and trying to keep her weigh up. She isn't completely out of danger, she has lost almost half her fur on one side making her defenseless against the cold and she's lost weight again. I'm still working hard every day to help her survive the winter, but look how great she looks now!

Zippy has also gotten well and is just as cute as a button!

I realize that Zippy and Dolly are just two squirrels in a world of many, but this is my first successful rehabilitation since I started trying to care for the wild squirrels in my area. I don't often mention the losses in public, but I sure am happy to share a win with you!!

What a great way to start 2018!! Hugs to you all ❤❤


  1. Gorgeous creation, I always love the papers from DCWV. Congrats on helping those 2 needy squirrels, they are looking good, and I hope they get through the winter well. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Loving this card hun!!!! you really must be special to those squirrels hun, hope they continue to be well for you, hugs Liz xx

  3. Love your card, all those fabrics and laces are yummy. Bless you for looking after those two squirrels, they certainly landed on their paws with you. I'm amazed that Dolly P survived, certainly a testament to how much love and dedication you've shown. Lovely that Zippy is looking so happy and healthy too. Hugs x

  4. Well done you Pamellia....such a lot of work to keep Dolly alive and boy is it so worth it. Zippy and Dolly are lucky that they took up residence on your patio. Love all the fun elements on your amazing music themed card x

  5. Anpother totally stunning card Pamellia! I love all the layers of paper and lace and the die cuts and chippies look wonderful!! So elegant and simply divine!!
    Bless you for taking such good care of Zippy and Dolly. They certainly came to the right place when they ended up on your patio. I am so thankful that there are loving and caring people like you in this world that will take the time to look after our small furry friends. You are amazing and I am so glad that you were able to make them well again. Bless you. hugs xx

  6. Wow Pammelia it's a big party to see your fantastic card with music item!
    I love your cards very much and inspire me!
    Zippy and Dolly are very lucky with your kindness help!!!!
    xx Gerie

  7. Hi Pamellia, wishing you and yours (and that includes your squirrels!) a happy, healthy 2018!
    Stunning card very beautiful and those new laces are gorgeous!
    Those baby squirrels are so fortunate to have you to care for them! They wouldn't be here if it wasn't for your big heart and kindness. It must be so satisfying to see them blossoming again, fingers crossed for little Dolly!

  8. Oh my, wonderful!! Your card has so many soft elements, it's fabulous how delicate and elegant it looks!! And that wooden flourish with the lace, the pom-pom and the delicate flower remember me a gorgeous pendant or a dream-catcher!!! LOVE! :) Any detail is just stunning!
    I'm so glad to know that you have had a lot of care for these two little orphan squirrels, and that you continue to be a "Mum" for them, especially for the poor Dolly!! Zippy is so cute (and more lucky than her sister), but my favorite is Dolly, such sweet face she has! The damage on the skin seems gone away, you have had a fabulous work!!
    I think it isn't easy rehabilitate wild animals, especially when you have to medicate them, but you are the most patient and big-heart lady... :)
    Hope they understand that you want help them and that they will be well and safe this winter with your care! :) Well done, it's a great work and a fab result for the New Year beginning!
    Hugs and fingers crossed for the twins!!

  9. Gorgeous card Pamellia, love the shabby layers and choice of embellishments.
    Nature pics are fab as always.
    Paper Talk with Samra

  10. A gorgeous card Pamellia. I love all the lace and pretty embellies. SO romantic! You have been doing great work looking after the baby squirrels and so good to see that your help is doing Dolly well. hugs, Marlies

  11. Wow, what a stunning card, Pamellia!! I could just stare at your cards all day!! The layers are phenomenal!! I love the musical notes and the gorgeous laces!! The chippies and the details you tuck in places are fabulous!! Shabby perfection!! I love, love it!!

    Oh, Zippy and Dolly are so sweet!! How lucky they were to find you!! I'm so glad Dolly is doing better. What an amazing thing you are doing, Pamellia!! Medicating them and giving them the proper diet. You truly are amazing!! A Squirrel Whisperer ;) Have a great day, sweet friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  12. Stunning card love the lace,tulle and little crystals--well done with nursing the squirrels back to health
    Carol x

  13. What a gorgeous card, Pamellia! No one does textured layers like you! Bless you for taking such good care of Zippy and Dolly. They are looking wonderful thanks to you!

  14. A stunner of a card Pamellia..just beautiful with all the feminine details of lace and flowers and beautiful..and so very glad there wa a happy ending with your baby squirrels..I've rescued a mother 'kitten' and her babies so know the hard work you put in to keep them safe and healthy..
    Happy New Year 2018..going to be a good one.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  15. Hello Pamellia, what a stunning card, I love all the details, especially the music staves and the gorgeous little violin charm, it's a wonderful design.
    Thank goodness there are people like you who care so much for wildlife. i would imagine not easy to medicate and care for these little critters, but you've done it and made such a difference to their lives, well done and I'm so pleased to hear that Dolly continues to improve, hugs Kate x

  16. What a gorgeous card Pamellia, the colours are wonderful and the tulle/net looks fantastic. I hope that little Dolly continues to improve under your loving care and that they both thrive. You are an amazing person!! xx

  17. Oh Pamellia, you are a miracle worker! Your cards are always magical, but what you have done for Zippy and Dolly is truly amazing!! They are the lucky ones, - a real labour of love, and so worth it, they are super cute and adorable!!

  18. Your card is awesome Pamellia gorgeous lace trimmings.
    It was good to read about Dolly and Zippy, you worked so hard to get them well and you make such a difference to all the squirrels' well being. You are an amazing, loving , caring lady.
    Yvonne xx

  19. Very pretty and lots of lovely layering and it’s just so pretty too. Happy crafting, Sandra x

  20. A truly stunning card - I am always fascinated with the way you combine so many elements, always with such wonderful results! You have also done such a good job with Dolly too! Well done! Chrisxx

  21. Gorgeous card, I love the tiny violin and the notes! Pamellia you are an amazing person!! What a blessing that little Dolly and Zippy ended up on your porch, they obviously wouldnt have survived with your wonderful care! They are cute as can be!!

  22. Oh wow, what an amazing card, so much fabulous lace and I adore the tiny violin and the sweet flowers.

    Your two little orphans are looking so much better and it is great to see Dolly P looking so good, I confess that I have been very worried for her. Does she still have that gorgeous curly haired tail? I aways think she looks like she has just come from the hairdressers. You must be so pleased when you look at the two of them, keep up all of your good work.

    Dionne xxx

  23. Your cards are a treat for the eyes Pamellia, so many beautiful details on this one as always and your new style of pic shows them off to their best.

    I am an animal lover too and so pleased to hear that Dolly and Zippy are doing well especially poor Dolly after her ordeal. What an amazing job you have done, thank goodness they found you and it's heart-warming to see them looking healthy.

    Anne xx

  24. An amazingly beautiful card I love the music notes with the little violin and all the gorgeous lace.

    So happy to here that your love an devotion has paid off. Well done you.

  25. I don't know how you do it! You've made another gorgeous shabby card, filled with layer upon layer of gorgeous papers and trims. Each of your embellishments is perfectly placed! Gorgeous and inspiring! Makes me want to run to the Closet and play shabby, which I haven't done in a LONG time!

    So happy to hear the squirrel babies are progressing in the right direction under your care. You are such a caring person! Sending hugs!

  26. You are absolutely amazing Pamellia and you brought tears to my eyes with your sweet devotion to these babies!!
    Mother Nature has a gem in you,my friend!
    Jackie xo

  27. Hi Paellia,
    what a very amazing card and your design is superbly created as usual.
    Love all the wonderful elements you have used to create this adorable card.
    You are certainly very caring with your wonderful animals, and what a very great acheivement to nurse them back to health so wonderfully.
    You must be very proud of your self too.
    Love and big hugs from my house to yours. Jenny L.

  28. This is so beautiful Pamellia! The tulle takes it to the next shabby level! You are the layering queen. I hope you and yours had a great holiday season and will have a record 2018. Hugs, Autumn

  29. Oh wow Pamellia, Dolly P has made a fantastic recovery, I dread to think where she would be without your loving attention and care. It must feel incredible to have done such great work - bravo to you! Zippy is pretty adorable too!

    As for your card, it is another of your stunning creations, I love all the lace and those beautiful dangly bits, the whole design is wonderful! Hugs, Anne xx

  30. A beautiful card Pamellia, as always, lots of lovely layers and lace.
    Zippy and Dolly are so lucky to have found you and it must be so rewarding for you to see them regain their health,
    Avril xx

  31. Love your cards, but even love more your love for the animals !!! Well done

  32. Happy New Year Pamellia!
    Your card is stunning, beautiful embellishments and design.
    I am glad Dolly and Zippy getting better, they are so adorable. You doing a great job looking after them.

  33. Absolutely in love with this card! The new laces are gorgeous. You are a beautiful soul Pamellia to care these creatures. Hope the wee ones make thru the winter. Happy 2018 to you and family including the fur babies!

  34. Oooh amazingly beautiful and full of texture!!!
    Dr Sonia

  35. So grateful little Dolly is responding to your doctoring, Miss P. They are darling - and it looks so cold there! Your beautiful creation with all those textures and layers is lovely! Again, I like that tulle covering the entire front, and all the laces are quite amazing. Did you fussy cut some of the "dangling" lace pieces? I can always recognize your creations because they are done in that loving "Pamellia" style. Stay warm! hugs, de

  36. Hi Pamellia
    Finally catching up.
    Amazing card. The dangly lace pieces look like fancy earrings.
    As always, your furry photos are always a delight and glad to read that Dolly and Zippy are doing well under your care.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

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