Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Peach Roses

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday this year! I love seeing friends and family and all the activities that come with it, but I'm glad to get back to a regular routine and get back to my craft room too!

I thought I would start the year with something soft and feminine. I have used papers from Graphic 45 and Pion Design to create a card that could be used for most any occasion. I just love this wood frame flourish from Scrapiniec, it makes such a unique focal piece!

I got these peach roses a while back in a package of pink toned roses from Wild Orchid Crafts. All of the pink ones are long used and these peach roses are still there because I have no papers that match. So I decided to make the roses the only peach on the card and let them stand on their own, I think it worked.

Lots of new laces, fabric flowers and lace leaves, all from my birthday stash from my Mom! I still have a couple dozen laces I haven't even used yet! Thanks Mom, you're the best!

It's truly been a Canadian winter so far this year! We had the first white Christmas that I've seen in over a decade and I am just loving all the snow and the chilly weather. This heavy winter has been very tough on the wildlife though, so I have been extra diligent in making sure everyone gets a balanced diet and has access to stuffing to keep their nests warm for the -30C nights!

For today, just some shots left over from last year. Next post I will have all new photos to share and updates on the sick baby squirrels!


Blue Jay

House Sparrow

my best bud Crazy Karen

The Cute Twin

Tubby Tessa

Mr Chubb

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Happy new year dear Pamellia.Such a gorgeous soft feminine card to start the year. The lace is so pretty. Glad to see all your snow but gosh those temperatures would beat me...if it gets to -1c I think it's arctic! Keep snug and wishing you the best of everything for the year ahead. Hugs xxx

  2. Happy New Year hun, glad you had a good time, your card looks gorgeous, loving the lace, we still await the snow!!!!!!!!!!!! cold, wet and very windy here today, yuk!!! lol hugs Liz xx

  3. Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year Pamellia!! What a great way to kick it off with this pretty card, those peach roses are the perfect compliment to those papers. I would love to see some snow, so I envy you that...the temperatures? Not so much!! Stay warm xx

  4. Such a lovely card. And missing our squirrels..had 3 siblings and a few older ones and all are gone. We don't know if it is the terrible below temps or what. He puts corn out and it's not been touched. Always enjoy your nature photos. Happy New Year to You and Yours. Stay warm, just thankful we've had electricity to keep us toasty.

  5. Happy New Year, Pamellia! May it bring many blessings for you and your family! What a wonderful way to start the New Year off with a bang with this stunning card!Love the laces, especially that 'drippy' one which immediately caught my eye! Your Mom is a thoughtful and generous gift-giver! Please thank her for ME, since I am the lucky one to get to see them on your beautiful cards! Oh, that chippie makes a fabulous focal point with your breathtaking rose bouquet to top it! Really one of my favorites, Pamellia!

    Thank you for those amazing shots, too! Congrats on getting a white Christmas...I bet you were like a kid on Christmas morning! We actually have a little of the white stuff in the immediate forecast, but sadly, with a raise in temps later, then freezing again, which always spells power outage for us. But it would be so special to see some snow, as we've had to endure some crazy cold temps this past week or two. Sending warm hugs!

  6. Happy New Year!! What a stunner this card is and I love that frame too... Amazing photos which always make me smile!

  7. Hi Pamellia thank you for your lovely message, glad to here you had a lovely time. Very pretty card to start the year off and I hope todo a bit more crafting as well, did not turn much out last year. No snow here yet, looking forward to seeing all your crafting makes in the weeks to come.
    Jules xx

  8. Hi Pamellia, Happy New Year!! Loooove your first creation of the year, it's so elegant, soft and feminine!!!! Really the peach roses are outstanding and that wooden frame- Wow!- such great focal point!! All the sweet laces and diecuts are adorable, such great gift from your Mum!
    I missed your photos in these few days... :) and I'm so glad to see again your furry/feathers friends with their lovely faces :D They are adorable and sweet!
    Waiting for notices on the sick baby squirrel and hope he is feeling well!!
    Hugs and love!

  9. Cette carte est magnifique.
    Merci de ce joli post, qui pour commencer l'année, nous offre en plus de cette belle création, des photos superbes de nos amis les oiseaux et de ces si adorables écureuils.
    Bonne année 2018.
    Bises de France.

  10. Happy, happy new year, my dear friend!! I hope 2018 is such a wonderful one for you!! What a way to start out with this stunning card!! A perfect use of the peach roses!! They look so amazing against all of the beautiful background details!! That wooden frame is amazing!! The laces are so pretty!! It is so elegant and beautiful and I absolutely love, love it!!

    We had a semi-white Christmas and the snow is still on the ground because it's soooo darn cold!! Though I don't think it's anywhere near as cold as where you are. We did have wind chills in the -20's. The birds are so beautiful!! Mr. Chubb is adorable!! And crazy Karen just makes me smile!! Oh - I almost forgot to tell you this!! I was driving along yesterday morning and saw something huge in a tree. As I got closer, I realized it was a bald eagle!! Oh my goodness, was I excited!! I pulled over and took pics with my cell but I wish I had my camera with the telephoto lens. I almost turned around to get it. It was less than two miles from my house. Now I wish I had. I'm sure I'll never see it again!!

    I hope you have a happy, healthy new year, Pamellia!! Sending big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. Hello Pamellia, mega apologies for my lack of visits over the last few months. I've been struggling a lot with things so I've done what the turtle does and retreated into my shell. Having failed utterly to pop around everyone of my lovely mates blogs to wish them a very Happy Christmas I am making sure that I do pop around everyone and especially you to wish you a very Happy New Year! I hope you are keeping well my sweet friend, I've missed seeing your projects and our chats but life gets in the way for everyone. Wishing you the sweetest and happiest of years dear Pamellia, and thank you for all the beautiful photos you share of wild life, it makes me so happy to see them Karen xx

  12. WOW! Your card is GORGEOUS!!! Love that chipboard frame and such an elegant floral arrangement. Stunning creation my dear!!!
    May the new year bring you lots of health, prosperity and happiness, along with abundance of creativity, which you have never lacked :)
    Paper Talk with Samra

  13. A gorgeous card again Pamellia, the frame is beautiful.
    Wonderful photos of the snow as well, it looks so magical.
    I hope you had a good festive time and I send you my very best wishes for the coming year.
    Yvonne xx

  14. Happy New Year Pamellia, wow stunning start to 2018 with your gorgeous card! love the beautiful paper layers & laces, perfect roses too.
    Hope to see your new photos soon and thanks for sharing these.
    Hugs Pam x

  15. How wonderful to have a white Christmas Pamellia!! It must have been wonderful and I love your snowy photo, it looks amazing! I hope the animals are coping with the colder weather, it must be quite the shock for them...

    As for your card, it is gorgeous, the peach roses are beautiful and I love the Scrapiniec frame, it is very elegant, as are those papers!

    As always, a lovely line up of beautiful creatures, Tubby Tessa and Mr Chubb are so adorable! Happy New Year my lovely friend, I hope that 2018 is a great one for you! Big hugs, Anne xx

  16. Happy New Year to you Pamellia, I hope 2018 will bring you Health,Hapinessand Kindness.
    Absolutely stunning design, gorgeous papers and roses, I also love that wooden frame.
    Beautiful photos of your friends, hugs Kate x

  17. Gorgeous card and laces, Pamellia, and happy belated birthday! We didn't have a white Christmas but we did get a couple of inches of snow before New Year's which is still hanging around because of this frigid weather we are having. The good news is that snow is expected tonight even though we are more on the outer edge of the nor'easter.

  18. Happy New Year Pamellia and what a beautiful start to the new year. Truly beautiful delicate card. Love the Die cut focal piece and your beautiful flowers. Hugs. Tracy x

  19. Hi Pamellia, so good to see you back in crafting mood and and blowing my mind once more with the beautiful details and how you put them together on your cards. I love the peach flowers and the frame, such beautiful lace ah! Everything.
    Sorry I was AWOL, most of December.
    Wishing you and yours the happiest of years.
    Love the photos too!

  20. First of all,HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! And such a beautiful card to start off the year! Love that Scrapinec frame and the roses are truly stunning!! How wonderful to have a white Christmas! (We just got a sprinkling on Boxing Day, but it is long since gone).... Your wildlife photos like always, take my breath away! Here is to another year of wonderful creativity and thank you for all your visits, support and inspiration! xxxxx

  21. Hi Pamellia
    I have been absent quite a while, to much happened since my dad passed away
    and it's been a weird Christmas and New Year.
    Anyway, I try to be good this year and be more active with my commenting on other blogs...
    I love your wonderful and soft card, love all the deets and soft colours.
    I heard about the tough temperatures in Canada. Keep warm and I am extremely thankful you feed the wildlife.
    Wishing you all the best!
    xx, Ally

  22. A happy new year to you and your family Pamellia. Your first card of the year is beautiful! So feminine and elegant and with a lovely frame. Your photos are fantastic as allways. It is truly winter over there in Canada. I'm glad it's not like that here in The Netherlands but all the snow does look very nice. Marlies x

  23. Brrr - 30 oC is cold!! Your photos are stunning Pamellia, but that composition is amazing - love that frame, and keeping the roses as the only colour is perfect.
    So glad to hear your holidays went well :-)

  24. Happy New Year Pamellia. I love the soft colours and delicate lace elements you have chosen for today's card and the pretty chipboard is just the perfect centre piece.

  25. Wow and WoW! What a gorgeous wedding card this would make! I love Scappinec products, I have a few myself.
    So happy to hear your holidays were lovely! yes,yes, time to get busy with 2018!
    Best wishes in all you do and for you and your family my sweet friend!
    Jackie xo

  26. Hi Pamellia,
    Happy New Year.
    what a superb creation to start off the New Year.
    Your design as always is so stunningly pretty and very femine.
    Love all the gorgeous lace and and elements used to create this excellent card.
    As always such super photos of your feathered and furry friends.
    Oh my your weather looks so pretty, but I should imagine you are quite prepaired for that type of weather.
    Makes me feel cold.
    I don't think we shall see a white Christmas here for some time.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  27. Your card is just stunning, I love all those yummy embellishments that you have such a talent for arranging. Wonderful wildlife photos, although I do feel sorry for those snowy squirrels! I pop a snugglesafe (microwaveable pet heat pad) in with Willow bunny if it looks anywhere near freezing now that she's on her own, so it must be so hard for you to respect that wildlife can cope in the cold, or is it just me that's a wuss about these things! Warm hugs to you and the squirrels x

  28. Happy New Year Pamellia, and this is such a lovely start, such a beautiful card. The lace and flowers look absolutely gorgeous and I love the wooden frame.
    How wonderful to have a White Christmas, but it is hare on the wildlife.
    Avril xx

  29. Happy New Year Pamellia! thank you for your kind comment left on my blog - your card is beautiful - love that frame with the grid and your pretty pink flowers - and your little bird and animal children are adorable as ever! Julia xx

  30. Hi Pamellia! Happy New Year!! Sorry I haven't been around much lately but I needed a little break over the holidays! Once again your card is absolutely stunning!! I do love Scrapiniec chippies and wish I could get some for myself but they are difficult to obtain down here in Aus. Your peach roses look wonderful on this card and the laces are really beautiful!
    I think you know by now how much I adore your nature shots .. once again, these are stunning! Your photography skills are simply awesome!!
    Thank you so very much for all your encouragement and support in 2017. Your friendship means a lot to me and I want to wish you and yours all the very best for 2018. hugs xx

  31. Happy New Year hunny! Your card is divine!! A truly gorgeous way to kick off the New Crafty Year! I hope you've had a gorgeous Christmas and wish you love, health and happy crafty days. Huge hugs, Wends xoxo

  32. What a great way to start 2018 off with a beautiful card and wonderful animal photos, Happy New Year sweet Pamellia
    Donna xx

  33. Gorgeous feminine card the peach roses stand out beautifully against the nuetral colours love all the devine lace-we didn't get any of the snow but loads and loads and loads of rain the garden is almost like a swamp!!!
    Carol x

  34. Happy New Year to you my blogging friend, it’s lovely to hear from you, thank you for stopping by. I think your gorgeous feminine project is just a perfect start to the year and I think the rose and lace look so beautiful together. I’m well and happy and I hope that you are too. Your photos are just as stunning as always and even the poor little squirrels look like they’re frozen. I took my two small Grandchildren out for a walk today to a local park, our squirrels were just very wet, but I guess that’s the UK for you. Wishing you a very happy and creative 2018. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

  35. Hi Pamellia, beautiful card and wonderful photos of your friends. Thank you so much for the visit to mine too. I hope your New Year is everything you would want it to be. Happy Creative Year and big hugs, Angela xXx

  36. Oh my friend, your designs just take my breath away!! This is stunning! So glad you had a wonderful holiday! We did too and I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by for a visit ... so sweet of you!
    Of course I always love your photography too! Goodness Gracious ... so much talent in one little lady! LOL Thanks for always inspiring us!! Hugs from Ohio

  37. Beautiful card !
    and so nice photos!

  38. Oh wow, your card is stunning, so pretty. I love the wooden frame and all the beautiful flowers. It is so very feminine and a beautiful work of art.

    Looks like you have finally got the winter you have been waiting for. The photo of the deep snow looks amazing and I can't wait to see the pictures you have taken this week.

    Happy New Year my friend, may it bring you health and happiness.

    Dionne xx

  39. Lucky you to have a Mom who knows just what goodies you need to make your hobby sing. The lace on this lovely card goes wonderfully with the flourish & scrolls on this delicate wooden frame - the peach roses are perfect with the white & cream tones of the rest of your card. As always, it's just lush and gorgeous. So enjoyed seeing the birds and critters. We see blue jays fly, but they don't come to our feeders. We're enjoying some Eastern bluebirds, our brilliant cardinals and we're starting to see the yellow finches. Normally they don't start changing color here until March, but I saw one that was 'primping up' before Thanksgiving. In winter their plumage is a greenish shade of gray with just tiny touches of yellow to tell you it's a yellow finch. Hope you've had 2018 start off great. TFS & Hugs. And thanks for your visit & comment after I'd been MIA so long. Trying to get back in the swing.

  40. Your card is just beautiful. I love everything about your card. Great distressing and fabulous fabric roses. Your mom sure knows how to pick out great crafting supplies. Great picture. I love the one of Chubs. I don't think I have ever seen a black squirrel. Thank you for sharing.