Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tulip Frame Delight

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing this all occasions card featuring  some beautiful tulip wood embellishments from Scrapiniec and the Pion Design collection "The Songbird's Secret".

Pion products:

The Songbird’s Secret - Apple Blossom PD8409
The Songbird’s Secret - Apple Orchard PD8406
The Songbird’s Secret - Dreamcatchers PD8403

This winter has been quite magical with all the snow, ice and sun we've been having. I've taken thousands of photographs and I haven't even looked through most of them! How gorgeous is the world when it's covered in winter!! Yeah, I know, you think I'm nuts! lol

In the late autumn I decided to defy my neighbours' wishes and hang my suet feeder back up. It has paid off, I've seen at least three Woodpeckers this winter! This isn't the best shot, but I'm excited to even have a shot at all!

A beautiful Sparrow in the falling snow.

"We gave rights to man, slaves and women, but what about the animals? Let's hold up our duties to all life forms." 
~Dada Vaswani~

"Excuse me Miss, will you be done with that camera soon? I'm sort of freezing my feet off down here!"
~a trail friend~

"Dear Santa, when I said I wanted a white Christmas, this is NOT what I meant!"
~The Cute Twin~

"Tee hee, you think I'm a snowman don't you? Fooled you!" 

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments.

Just out of curiosity, has anyone noticed a problem with the 'publish' button on comment boxes? I'm finding that it takes a long time for the comment to actually publish after I hit the button.


  1. More gorgeousness Pamellia, beautiful lace and delicate colours on your card, Love it.
    Wonderful shots of your birds and squirrels, Kate x

  2. Oh my, how beautiful is this?? Your card is simply divine Pamellia! I adore the soft colour palette and the lace!! Aaah!! The lace .. it is to die for! Looove those Scrapiniec chippies too .. so delicate and pretty!!
    I am glad you are enjoying your winter .. it sounds wonderful! Wish you could send some of that snow down our way! We are fully into summer here and it is hot!!! It will be 41 degrees the next few days. That's 41 centigrade, by the way. I think that's about 105 in Fahrenheit I said, HOT!! Will be sitting very close to the airconditioner, that's for sure!
    I thought it was just my computer playing up with the publish button but, yes, I am having the same problem. It takes ages to actually publish a comment. Most frustrating!! Have a wonderful day my friend! hugs xx

  3. Your card is so beautiful, stunning lace and layers, love the delicate wooden flourish!
    Can't say I like snow (because it would be a fib!!) but I can enjoy the beauty of it in a photo! :))
    I have been told that the delay in publishing comments is a Blogger problem...

  4. wow...every time I come here to visit, you blow me away with you wonderful, elegant cards and your amazing photos. I am so amazing at how you add all the details to your amazing projects...I just stare at them in amazement.
    :) Karen

  5. How elegant and delicate is this, Pamellia!! A perfect wedding card, I think! Stunning mix of lace and layers and just LOVE the delicate tinkle bells and the oval in the center!
    So glad that you are enjoying winter and the snow, and such cutie in your photos, as always I smile seeing them and laugh reading the words you put in their mouths!:D
    I'm too much occupied with my work, in this time of the year, to enjoy weather or country life, sadly... :( I would have some vacation and free time for me!!! :)

  6. Another spectacular card Pamellia, I love the frame, the little flowers look just like Lily of the valley. Yes, publish is being a pain, check out Floral Fantasies blog, Brenda has posted a useful tip xx

    1. Thanks Sarah. Unfortunately the tip Brenda published is only for changing the format of how the comment section works on your own blog. That makes it great for the people who visit me, but doesn't change a thing when I'm commenting on other people's blogs. Thanks anyway though.

  7. Yes I am having a time of it with commenting too...takes so long to publish x What a delicate and pretty card Pamellia, love the hint of colour, the layout and all that texture. The wood embellishments are so delicate too. Fabulous nature photos and your photography skills always put a smile on my face. x

  8. Fantastic card, beautiful and elegant and wonderful photos. Hugs, Valerie

  9. Oh my goodness, stunning!! Wow!! I have such a hard time leaving comments for you because I don't want to scroll away from the pictures :) The card is amazing!! The wood embellishments are so beautiful!! The layers and lace are so gorgeous!! I love the soft colors, too!! Absolutely spectacular, Pamellia!!

    Your nature shots are so beautiful!! The birds are gorgeous!! I love the shot of your trail friend!! And Neddie is an adorable!! I need to start taking more winter shots. I have a family of bluebirds living here that look amazing against the white snow. I also have a family of deer that come every day to eat and one lone turkey. I just haven't been motivated to snap away when it's so darn cold outside. I hope you are having a wonderful week!! Big hugs, sweet friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. Oh, I forgot to add that I have the same problem when I hit publish. It's been that way for a while now for me. It's annoying. I'm afraid to click off the page in case it doesn't publish the comment. I hope Blogger fixes it soon :/

  11. Hi Pamellia,
    as usual your card is very stunning and beautifully designed.
    Lots of lovely tule and wonderful elements that are so pretty.
    It must take you ages to create.
    As always your photos are very beautifully captured, and the wording is brilliant.
    I always look forward to seeing your creations and your wonderful photos.
    Yes blogger is taking ages to publish so it takes ages before you can move on to another comment.
    I usually wait till the dot moveing left and right stops, and then I know my comment is there, but it is a pain that's for sure.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  12. Gorgeous!! Those srapinec pieces look wonderful, specially in combination with the other lovely layers and things you have used! Your photos like always are delightful!! Hope you are having a happy week! xxxx

  13. Gorgeous card hun, loving the delicate chipboard, fab layering and detail as usual, fabby photo's too, we were supposed to have snow, we got cold rain and hailstones, typical!!! lol
    hugs Liz xx

  14. Its a gorgeous card, awesome embellishments and lovely papers.
    I loved the photos and I think the trail friends must wait for you coming along with the treats, as much as you like see them.
    Yes same problems with blogger publishing comments for me as well.
    Yvonne xx

  15. Gorgeous feminine card and beautiful tulip frame and brilliant nature pics-I am also having the same problem with commenting-thought my computer was playing up!!!
    Carol x

  16. Gorgeous and truly magical card Pamellia, I could look at the details all day. Love the snow covered critters too. Yes it’s soooo annoying isn’t it, I thought it was my iPad acting up!!
    Donna xx

  17. Quelle jolie carte et quelles magnifiques photos, c est toujours un vrai plaisir de les decouvrir chaque fois!

  18. Wht beautiful photos and a wonderful creation Pamellia.
    Yes - things have slowed down, and I have changed to a popup box for my comments and it works more quickly. I learnt about it over here:
    Hope this helps

  19. OH! EM! GEE! STUNNING is the word,everything on your card is mouth wateringly beautiful.
    Your photos of the ice is fab and your furry friends are well looked after by you, Bless you.

  20. I just love those pieces from Scrapinec- they have such beautiful and delicate designs!!
    thanks so much for getting back to me Pamellia. I will leave the best photography to you and do what I can to capture my friends on my camera heehee
    I just love visiting and seeing your little friends- thanks for sharing! xo

  21. Wow, your card is stunning. Those wooden elements are so incredibly delicate and you show them off perfectly. Fabulous photos as always, I love seeing the branches etc encased in ice, just amazing. Don't you just want to scoop all the squirrels up and bring them inside fir a warm up x

  22. Oh, what a gorgeous card, Pamellia! I love looking at all the fabulous details. I love these winter photos (as you know, my favorite season). I am so glad I'm not the only one having a problem with Blogger publishing comments. I thought I did something wrong to my settings!

  23. Every card I see here is so beautiful yet always different Pamellia. Loving the photos of your furry friends too. happy creative weekend, Angela xXx

  24. Your card reminds me of Spring - which is just as well with those beautiful Winter photos on show! Love that Woody! Hugs, Chrisx

  25. Love love the beautiful card Pamellia! As always your awesome photos are so fun to look at. Here in the desert we dont get snow or have squirrels so love to see your pics :)

  26. Yes, I'm late to the party AGAIN! You've created a stunning card, AGAIN! I love the delicate laces and wood chippie! Squeal! Your paper layers and bow are scrumptious! LOVE!

    Great to see your winter shots of the wildlife! Especially the shy woodpecker! Did I tell you I got to see an owl the other night?

    Yep, blogger publishing had been a nightmare, pared with my slow computer, I simply gave up commenting unless I had to. We have a new ISP now, and things are MUCH BETTER! Now if I can just get myself on a schedule... Hugs!

  27. Hi Pamellia
    Very pretty and love the wooden embellishment.It all works together beautifully.
    Yes, we do think you are crazy loving snow lol!!!
    Ang x

  28. Such a pretty card - and a taste of things to come with that charming Scrapiniec frame! The snowy squirrel pictures put me in a state of complete aaaahh-ness - I hope it's a little warmer for them now.
    Alison x

  29. You have some of the most gorgeous embellishments, not to mention all of that super pretty lace. Of course, without them you would not be able to make these beautifully feminine cards. This one is a real stunner.

    I adore all of these snowy squirrels, they all look so cute.

    Dionne xx

  30. Your little friends are so precious, Pamellia. Animals know true love better than anyone else - and they can tell Love resides and radiates from your dear self. LOVELY combination of elements on your beautiful creation, my friend! xx

  31. A beautiful and delicate card - just perfect for a wedding.
    Lovely snowy photos, and the shot of the woodpecker is fabulous.
    Avril xx