Friday, November 4, 2016

Pion Design - At the Garden Gate

Hello Everyone!

I'm super excited today to showcase my first card featuring the new collection from Pion Design called "Where the Roses Grow". This is a collection you are not going to want to miss out on, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

FRANTIC STAMPER (USA) - Where the Roses Grow Pre-Order (Estimated Arrival: Nov 15th)
NOOR DESIGN (UK) - Where the Roses Grow (In Stock Now!)

Click on any thumbnail to view the entire Pion Design collection:


Pion products:
Where the Roses Grow – Scent of Roses PD8201
Where the Roses Grow – Rose Linen PD8207
Where the Roses Grow – Rose Patch PD8209
Where the Roses Grow – Time to Smell the Roses PD8210
Where the Roses Grow – Borders PD8211
Where the Roses Grow – Tags PD8212
Pion Design Palette – Pion Green I PD6107

Before I start, I would just like to extend a huge thank you to everyone for all of your kind condolences on the loss of sweet Linda. I am so very grateful to each of you for your caring support! Your comments brought tears to my eyes, but joy and comfort to my heart! Thank you!

For my landscape photo today, a snap of The Shire where I go to take my photographs. The leaves are starting to fall now, making for a breathtaking walk in the mornings!

A female juvenile Cardinal - "Care to join me in a crazy dance? It goes something like this... One step, two step, flap flap flap!" 

There is a man who roams the woods with a slingshot, he is a horrible man who has taken the lives of several birds just that I've seen, and he takes shots at squirrels too!! This quote comes to mind when I think of him. - "You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him." James D. Miles

Don't give me that look FREEDA, there's a peanut right beside you. It's not my problem you climbed right over it! Silly girl!

"What do you mean you're out of peanuts!" "Nooooooooo!"

BON JOVI looking as beautiful as ever!!

Something has worked up HENRY'S appetite because he is licking his lips in anticipation!!

And back on the home front, my sweet CRAZY KAREN sticks her face right up to the camera. I think she's hoping that a peanut may be hiding inside!! lol

PATRICIA on the other hand, watches from above. Waiting for the excitement to die down so she can eat in peace and quiet. What a shy gal she is.

Last but not least, my macro for the day is this dried up leaf. There is beauty everywhere, don't you think! Notice the detail is a little better, I upped my game as promised! lol

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know. Happy Weekend to you all, see you on Monday!


  1. Oh my, this is gorgeous. The lady looks so elegant, the tags are so pretty and the flowers create the most perfect finish. It really is so beautifully romantic. Have a lovely weekend, Sandra X

  2. Indeed super gorgeous DP from Pion Pamellia. Just love your creation, looks awesome. Great pictures too, as you say there is beauty everywhere one just has to be willing to see it AND appreciate it. I even love watching my chickens sometimes they can be so funny. And they are so smart too. Enjoy the day, hugs Veerle

  3. Wonderful card. Love the photos. Some people are very bad, that's true, they like hurting other creatures. Have a fun day, hugs, Valerie

  4. As always, a lovely creation Pamellia, evokes thoughts of Spring and Summer.

    B x

  5. What an amazing card - just beautiful

  6. Beautiful hun, gorgeous collection and layers, hugs Liz xx

  7. What an elegant card Pamellia and you have showcased these new papers perfectly. Great photos...beware of that man in the woods, he sounds aweful. Yes the macro is brilliant...I can almost touch that dew on the leaf. Hugs xx

  8. What a romantic card you have created Pamellia - love the papers, and you have made great use of them.
    Sorry to hear of the loss of Linda - it always hurts when loved ones die. I don't like the sound of that man at all :-(
    Your Shire photos are beautiful, and you really seem to capture the essence of the character of the creatures! The macro photo is incredible.

  9. So gorgepus card Pamellia, it take my breath away :)

  10. A very beautiful card with such beauty on every later.

    What an amazing place you can go to take your photographs. It will be different every time with light on the trees and the weather. Thank you for sharing your photographs

    Love Chrissie xx

  11. Such super pretty colours, Pamellia! Love the photo of the 'astonished' squirrel! :)
    Have a great weekend! xxx

  12. Gorgeous card - so soft and feminine. I think the man in the woods is sick and I would be reporting him to the authorities.

  13. Are you EVER right about those incredible "rose" papers, Miss Pamellia! Softness, peacefulness, a certain sanctity of self... beautifully done. I always like the way you tuck goodies into your layers - like the tags, ribbons and leaves - and the pretty horizontal lines that have pearls or provide a break for the background layers. Lovely!

    You certainly captured the sun perfectly in that landscape shot, P. Don't you love the "unexpected" AHHHH moments when the sun filters through the trees and highlights something, as though that moment was created JUST FOR US to view and enjoy, and as though the Artist of the Universe is giving us some sort of amazing gift at that very moment? And of course, we turn another direction, and become just as enthralled with some other Prettiness that is completely different from the one we just enjoyed?

    I was thinking about your quote, and the man with the slingshot. How sorry I feel for him. Something twisted and terrible happened to him to cause him to enjoy harming Nature's gift. Something is missing in his heart. Or worse, something has been taken from his soul at some time in his life. Perhaps it is not that he is terrible, but that something terrible HAPPENED to him, that has caused him to behave the way he does? I always feel sorry for people who cannot feel... cannot feel outside themselves... because I know somehow, they were/are damaged.

    Freeda is too funny! Like you, when I look at things (any thing at all - alive or inanimate - I immediately sense a story LOL too funny! Freeda was just in a hurry to see her dear mom - and when she saw you, she was so happy, she became spellbound for a moment! LOL

    Darling photos as always, Miss P, and I thank you for sharing your wonderland with us.

  14. Too me... this card should be in a museum specifically designed for heirloom quality cards Pamellia. This is sheer PERFECTION. Honestly - I am not even a pink person but I have to just say... this seems to me to be one of the most beautiful cards I have ever seen you make. It's not to much nor to little, it's dainty but rich, it's extremely elegant but gentle. Every inch of it is SPLENDID BEAUTY. I'm awed.

    And your family is so adorable. What incredible pictures. Hheeheheh - so fun to see their little tongues and precious expressions. They truly made me giggle. The cardinal picture is precious. And wow - your leaf is amazing to see. You are so talented and bring such joy to our lives. Thank you. Xj.

  15. Beautiful card, as always, Pamellia! I am so sorry about Linda--I was wondering what happened when I saw her photo on your sidebar. These photos are fabulous! Is there any way you can report that horrible man to the authorities for cruelty to animals?

  16. Let me back up here, Pamellia. I just read your response to my comment on your previous post. I completely forgot Linda was the one with the mass on her face. I was just telling my mother a few weeks ago about how kind you are to her and the other animals. I feel so terrible. The important thing is that she had someone like you who cared enough to do all you could to bring her back to good health. What a blessing you are to her and all the animals. Hugs.

  17. Your card is beautiful, soft serene and gentle ... In total contrast to the evil person in the woods ... How heartbreaking to hear this ... Here's hoping karma come to him!

  18. Oh my gosh, that is the most beautiful card, Pamellia!! It's dreamy and romantic and totally takes my breath away!! What stunning papers!! You've showcased them perfectly!! The design is amazing and the details you added are just perfect!! I absolutely love, love this!! It's shabby chic perfection!!

    Your landscape pictures are quickly becoming my favorites...though I still adore the critters, too :) You capture nature so beautifully!! That shot of the Shire is amazing!! It needs to be framed and hanging in a gallery!!

    The man with a slingshot makes me sad. That quote is perfect. There is something wrong with people who hurt animals for any reason. Your shots of the crew are stunning!! That "no peanuts" shot makes me laugh!! And your macro is amazing what stunning detail!! I've so enjoyed strolling through the Shire with you this morning my friend!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! Happy Friday!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  19. Hi Pamellia, I think I've missed a post as I didn't know about Linda, so sorry that you lost her, you so love your little critters.
    What a beautiful elegant card, the papers are so delicate looking, and I love your pretty embellishments.
    Wonderful wild life shots, the squirrles are amazing and love the cardinal, keep them coming, Kate x

  20. A beautiful card today, amazing attention to detail as always, these papers are so lovely, perfectly complemented by your beautiful design and embellishments.
    Fabulous wildlife photo's too...LOVE that crazy bird!

  21. Wow so beautiful Pamelia.I love the vintage lady and soft pretty colours and all your details are fabulous ;D

    xx coops xx

  22. Beautiful elegant card the softness of the colours and such an elegant as for the man with the slingshot..stalk him..photograph him..then call me and I will deal with sod.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  23. Oh no... just now I have seen Linda's photo in the sidebar and thought "What"??? ... She seemed feeling well... So so sorry for her and for your lost! She has been lucky in her life... has had your love and care...!
    Your shots today are very fun! The squirrels make me laught and smile, expecially FREDA and CRAZY KAREN! And HENRY and the joung cardinal, too!! They are fabulous!!
    I'm with Lisa: there is something wrong with people who hurt animals for any reason! They doesn't have love in their hearts. So sad. I hope he breaks his leg and stay at home!!! Go away! Grrrrr.... I'm furious with these horrible persons!!! Does the law allow this to him? The Share isn't a protected zone? Can't you do anything?
    Your card has a so sweet feel... really a delicious and delicate feel! These papers are amazing and love very much the sweet lady with the butterflies... she love the creatures :) Your design is amazing, such a talent!! Adorable shabby style, very romantic and soft!
    Hugs my friend!

  24. So soft and beautiful! I love how you cut the papers to make the images dimensional. Great inspiration. Hugs, Autumn

  25. Stunning card Pamellia, love these gorgeous new papers, love those patterns and colours, they are so feminine, beautiful layering and textures.
    Enough said above about that horrible man! your amazing shots today..
    Hugs Pam x

  26. Its easy to see why you love the new products, your card looks gorgeous.
    That horrible man with the sling shot should be taken to task, how would he like to be on the receiving end .
    Your photos are wonderful and I love reading your updates on how the squirrels are getting along .
    Yvonne xx

  27. Oh my, those papers really are quite simply gorgeous ... but in your hands they are amazing, your card is wonderful, feminine and the butterflies are delightful!

    The baby Cardinal is so very sweet, just adorable doing her funny little dance. I am so sorry to hear about that horrible man though, I would definitely report him to the RSPCA if he was over here... it should not be allowed... On a happier note, your macro shot is excellent, you really did up your game. Hugs, Anne xx

  28. Stunning make, so spring like :) Love that shabby bow you tucked in with flower arrangement and those little butterflies all around.
    Paper Talk with Samra

  29. Oh Wow!! Such beautiful papers used to perfection .. absolutely adore your card. Perfect layering and stunning design .. Love, love, love. Your photos are stunning as always I especially love your landscape shot .. so ethereal and so beautiful. Your little friends are always a delight and I cannot fathom that someone is actually going around deliberately to do them harm. It really beggars belief!! I have faith though that he will get his come-uppance one day!
    Thank you for another delightful post!! xx

  30. So pretty! The papers are gorgeous and I love the pretty pastel colors you worked in! The details are amazing Pamellia!!!
    The snap of the Shire is so beautiful...simply breathtaking! Your critters are so darn adorable. It's like they sit there waiting for you so they can show off..I love it! They are so stinken cute!
    Seriously, the guy in the woods should be reported! Shame on him~
    Thanks for sharing your amazing creation and fun pictures!
    Have a super weekend!
    Sherrie K

  31. Sorry I've been AWOL. Your cards are a DELIGHT so many beautiful details. I LOVE my visits. Your photos are just amazing, so many gorgeous closeup shots and so many characters in them. You must have wonderful patience to catch them as they go about. As for your commetn about the slingshot man? So cruel of him.

  32. Your photo of the Shire is just captivating Pamellia!! I do believe it should be in a gallery!!
    hugs,Jackie xx

  33. The card is lighter than air and so pretty - lovely work with the new collection. And I'm just amazed by your photographs. You've really made friends with nature and you capture all these creatures with their strong personalities so perfectly. Wonderful macro leaf too - stunning!
    Alison x

  34. I love this card with the new collection. So beautiful!

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  36. Absolutely gorgeous Pamellia!! SO romantic in lovely soft colours and a beautiful design. The new Pion papers look realy great. Your nature photos are as allways like a professional, or maybe you are an professional, you are so talented! hugs, Marlies

  37. What a scrummy card Pamellia, love the pretty fresh colours and imlressive detail as a,ways. Wonderful photos too, our walks are among a lancet of colour now xx

  38. Stunning feminine card love the beautiful papers and layered embellishments and gorgeous delicate colouring-love the nature pics too
    Carol x

  39. Gorgeous Edwardian lady design today, so delicate and pretty. Beautiful papers and I love the floral arrangement. I can just imagine how thrilled someone would be to recieve this wonderful card.

    More fantastic photographs today Pamellia, I am totally in love with the stunning Bon Jovi, her winter coat and tail are looking amazing and little Henry is so enchanting. It is lovely to see more of The Shire, it is lovely to be able to imagine the setting your photos are taken in.

    Have a great weekend.

    Dionne xx

  40. OMG, Pamellia, this is a shabby chic perfection! You totally blown me away by this absolutely stunning card! A pure elegance with such soft dreamy tones! You have a magic in your super creative hands, my friend! I am in love with this one!

    Another breathtakingly beautiful set of shots! Love them all! I can't tell which one is my favourite beacuse they are all perfect! Bravo!

    I am so sad to hear about that horrible man, if I can call him a man! The quote is so true and I completely agree with you! I am sadly surprised that he is allowed to do that, or he is not?!

    Sending lots of love to you! Branka xx

  41. Geeze, Pamellia! Your creativeness knows no bounds! How you have worked and layered these gorgeous papers is magnificent, and now I have a new favorite! I'm not a pink girl, but I'm in love with it now! The pearls and the flower bouquet are the icing on the cake! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this card and ALL of your amazing work!

    Thank you, once again, for sharing your beautiful photography skills with us! I love seeing things through your eyes, and that photo of The Shire is heavenly! Shame on that man for what he does, but please be careful, Pamellia! People like this are just working up to bigger and better things! REALLY--BE CAREFUL! I adore the cardinal shot and the chickadee eating from your hand...AMAZING! And speaking of amazing, I've never looked at a dried up old leaf and seen such beauty--great shot! Sending you big hugs, my friend!

  42. Oh My! Such a fabulous romantic look to this! Once again your layers have me agape! Your photos are simply amazing! From the misty glimpse into the Shire, the beautiful wildlife and then your brilliant close up of the leaf! Oh I do love to visit here!! Glad to be home for a few days ! Hugs, Chrisx

  43. WOW this is outstandingly beautiful Pamellia, an enchanting, romantic soft pastel work of art, full of awesome detail and design, another exceptional piece to drool over, lol. Love, love your pictures of the animals also the macro shot, brilliant work.
    lorraine x

  44. Victorian beauty with a splash of shabby chic! What a gorgeous and wonderful transformation of those papers. You sure know how to showcase an item dearie. This could be the opening scene for a Victorian movie. Stunning creation and details. The butterflies are the icing on the cake!

    I absolutely adore and love your picture of the Shire! What a magical place and all the furry creatures are fantasmic! So good to see crazy Karen again. And Bon Jovi sure is adorable! Hugz to you muffin! ~Doc