Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pion Design - It is Your Day Today

Hello Everyone!

I'm sharing today another feminine card featuring my favourite papers ever, "Where the Roses Grow" from Pion Design! I've included the links below for those of you who feel like I do, that this is a must have collection. lol

FRANTIC STAMPER (USA) - Where the Roses Grow Pre-Order (Estimated Arrival: Nov 15th)
NOOR DESIGN (UK) - Where the Roses Grow (In Stock Now!)

Click on any thumbnail to view the entire Pion Design collection:


Pion products:
Where the Roses Grow – With all my Love PD8202
Where the Roses Grow – Climbing Roses PD8205
Where the Roses Grow – In the Garden  PD8206
Where the Roses Grow – Rose Patch PD8209
Where the Roses Grow – Borders PD8211
Where the Roses Grow – Tags PD8212
Where the Roses Grow – Images From the Past PD1623

My landscape photo for today this is magical morning sky.

Out in The Shire we have the Queen of the world here, sitting high up on a tree stump.

"Did somebody say NUT?"

I am so proud of my beautiful BON JOVI - this image of her has been featured in five on-line galleries! Here is what she had to say about the photo...
"OK so, I sit pretty for the camera and you give me a peanut. That's the deal, RIGHT??!!!"

"Whaaaat?? Unless you have a doughnut in that bag human, don't mock me for eating salad!"
On a separate note: doughnut or donut?????

Back on the home front a handsome Sparrow catching some morning sun and a Grackle catches a few rain drops!

MR SCRUFF has a little snack.

I'm going to get real for a minute and ask everyone to send out their best wishes to some of my missing squirrels. This summer, men came with their big noisy machines and cut down too many trees to count. Below you can see JUNIOR trying to figure out where his house went. Since then, the following squirrels have not visited my balcony.

Madonna - Mr Baggins - Princess - Brenda - Precious - Mr Greyson Twitchy - Pumpkin - Tiny Tina - DeeDee - Linus - Taylor

Here's hoping they have all found new homes, rich with food and warmth, far away from that slingshot. I miss them all so very much!

Last but not least, my macro.

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Beautiful creation and wonderful photos, hugs, Valerie

  2. Hi Pamellia,
    what a very superb creation yet again, and the colours and design are ace.
    Always love your wonderful papers you use to a very high standard.
    Wonderful photos of your extended family, and winged visitors.
    So sorry to hear about your about the poor furry friends that are no longer visiting because of their fright, and loss of their homes.
    I do so hope they are all okay, and will visit again soon.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  3. Another simply divine card Pamellia!! Love those papers and you've used them to perfection once again. Such pretty colours and totally glorious layering .. 'sigh' .. pure magic!! Love, love, love your photos of course. That morning shot is spectacular and your sweet little friends are just adorable. So very sorry to read that some of your little ones are missing. I hope and pray that they are alright and, once they've found their new homes, will come back to you for a visit. Love and hugs xx

  4. Another beautiful card Pamellia, those papers are gorgeous.
    Sorry to read about the missing squirrels - I do hope they've found new homes not too far away.
    Avril xx

  5. Such a delicate card with beauty abounding on every layer.

    A terrific morning sky followed by the wonderful creatures and then your amazing 'jewel' photograph. So good to visit your blog and see all of this.

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. This fabulous card would make anyone's day special, it's gorgeous Pamellia.
    So sorry to read about the disappearing squirrels, they must have been so terrified of the noisy machines, hope they have found somewhere safe and quiet to live.
    Amazing macro a beautiful gem!

  7. Gorgeous sky shot! Isn't this world beautiful? If only people would realise that. Love your beautiful feminine card and your animal photos are always a joy. Enjoy your day!

  8. gorgeous card!
    and so pretty photos!

  9. WAHHHHHH I lost my whole comment because I accidentally clicked on OLD POST instead of PUBLISH! Yikes! Where is my mind?

    Hope the words come back - or maybe it is better if they don't ? LOL

    Peaceful, dainty, feminine, gorgeous, special - all speak to my heart through your artwork, but more, I love the hint of mystery with the pretty white lock, and carefully nestled textures and wording.

    Gasping at the incredible magnificence of your morning landscape shot! WOW! Mother Nature at her most amazing self! I, too, revel in greeting the morning prior to the sun rising. It's a special time for me. In fact, coincidentally, my post scheduled for tomorrow includes that very topic. Your photo is screaming out, "make me a blog header" LOL "I need to be a blog header" LOL It really is gorgeously inspiring!

    Your macro shot is mesmerizing. My favorite part is seeing those tiny leaf veins appear as refractions in the droplet! Never would I have noticed that with the "naked eye". With the help of your macro lens, and sense of artistry, I can appreciate a new dimension of Nature's Artwork. Just imagine those tiny veins never having to do anything aside from being themselves, and then being appreciated by human beings at their marvelous beauty, even though their function to the tree has ended. Just amazing to me. Thanks for sharing both photos -

    I will write you privately about your critters.

  10. PS - I rewrote the comment, clicked on publish, and was directed to the google login - SAY WHAT!? after that, I was directed to a never-before-seen page called "what's new in google" and I'm thinking... am I really going to have to retype my comment yet again. It took me to yet another page, and finally back to your comment field where I clicked Publish. I only tell you this to prove that I CAN be a drama queen on occasion LOL LOL xox

  11. I love the delicate layers and pretty flower details in this design. Another gorgeous card,
    amazing photo's and fabulous post yet again, thanks for sharing.

  12. Adore those soft, uber feminine shades and textures! Lush! xxx

  13. This card just screams celebration and happiness! What a beautiful wedding gift. And look at that sky photo! WOW! Truly, the heavens declare the glory of the Lord! :) Hugs, Autumn

  14. A stunning card Pamellia..soft, delicate and so pretty..fabulous morning shot of the sky and so sad that so many of your furry friends are missing..but maybe they will come back when things quieten down..or maybe they are hibernating already.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  15. Simply awesome Pamellia, love these soft colors. Very feminine.
    Hugs Veerle

  16. I am not in the least bit surprised that those are your favourite papers ever...they are beautiful, as is your gorgeous creation . Fantastic photography too xx

  17. What an amazingly beautiful card! The papers are fabulous but the way you work your magic with them makes this really special! I love your photos! It's a dreadful shame that people who cut down trees don't seem to know when to stop! I am sure your furry friends will have found new homes by now! Hugs, Chrisx

  18. OMG Pamellia...I have missed visiting you!!! I'm getting myself back into blog land...still trying to find the time to get through all my DT personal blog favs seem to be paying the price! I took a few minutes here to relax and ENJOY your post!!!!! Oh my it certainly lifted the spirits!! First of all your creation is only you can do...your nature pics AMAZZZZING!!!! How do you get those little sweet hearts to stay still for you...I have a backyard FULL of squirrels who scatter as soon a door opens...course it could have something to do with two dogs running out to chase! I've truly missed your fabulous posts and must make the time to visit often!!
    Take care,

  19. Beautiful papers and another gorgeous card, it is indeed very feminine, I love the beautiful key and lock.

    As ever, your photos are stunning, the magical morning sky is fabulous and your macro shot is worthy of publication in my opinion! The image of Bon Jovi is incredible, not surprised it was in so many galleries. I really hope your missing furry friends are just somewhere else stocking up for winter, and not lost forever..... Fingers crossed...... Hugs, Anne xx

  20. Oh my goodness, your card is amazing, Pamellia!! Those papers are definite must-haves!! You showcase them to perfection!! I love the design and the details you added!! The lock and key are such beautiful touches!! I absolutely love, love this!! It's dreamy and romantic and stunning!!

    Oh wow, your morning sky is amazing!! It truly is magical!! Bon Jovi is so beautiful and I'm totally not surprised she's been featured in so many galleries!! Not only is she gorgeous, but your photography is spectacular!! I love the bunny eating salad :) I always say donut because it's easier to spell ;) I hope your sweet balcony visitors return soon!! Your macro shot is incredible!! Wow!! Thanks for brightening my dreary day with your amazing photos my friend!! Have a great Wednesday!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  21. Amazing sweet and feminine card, wonderful papers and embellishments! Your design is always super!! Amazing photos, you are getting better and better with your photographing skills!! Adorable critters, I enjoy very much look at them, it seems to me to can touch their fur and looking them in real life :)
    So sad for your last words...and for the damage in this corner of paradise. Very very sad. :( Men are the big Nature's enemy. They always ruin the harmony and the balance of Nature. Poor squirrels, no more home... :( I wish to all them to have found sure and calm shelters, and food and warmth for the winter. I think that some of them could be toghether... Hope that they will come back to claim their peanuts in the next spring. :) A big hug to you, sweet Mum of the squirrels!

  22. Just stunning card as always, Pamellia!! Amazing layers and colors!! Beautiful!!!
    Hugs :) Max

  23. Its a gorgeous card Pamellia, awesome papers and layers.
    Loved the photos. I hope that all the missing friends have found a safe new home.
    Yvonne xx

  24. Another of your amazing creations Pamellia, love these papers, the colours are so pretty and feminine, your layering and embellishments are gorgeous.
    Fantastic photos, I hope your missing friends come back in spring..
    Pam x

  25. Such an awesome card Pamellia, beautiful as always. How sad, that's a lot of missing squirrels! Oh and we Brits say doughnut 😃
    Donna xx

  26. Once again you have worked your magic with these gorgeous Pion papers!! They start out lovely but you always take them to the next level. I adore the soft shades!!

    On a separate note, I'm so sorry about your missing squirrels!! They lost their homes and are probably struggling trying to prepare for winter on short notice. We lost a chunk of a large tee in the hurricane and for safety reasons must have the tree taken out. It is also home to squirrels. I am so worried about their fate.



  27. Look at all those gorgeous layers on this beautiful card! Fabulous! Love your landscape photo. I do hope the missing squirrels find their way back. Wonderful photos always!

  28. Divine card with such delicate layers and colours, perfect to celebrate something very special. Loveeee your beautifully dramatic morning sky and all your shire photos too. The clarity and composition of your pics are amazing, I too hope that your missing squirrel friends have found new safe abodes for the winter. Huge hugs xxx

  29. Absolutely grgeous card Pamellia, the papers are stunning and all your layers and design are amazing.
    Fabulous photography and I do hope your little friends find new homes, Kate x

  30. Shabby gorgeousness at it's best! Love the choice of embellishments especially heart lock.
    Paper Talk with Samra

  31. Oh my goodness, Pamellia, you have created a shabby heaven! That Pion paper collection is really a must have and you showcased it perfectly! I am completely blown away by your stunningly layered elegant and romantic card! It's breathtakingly beautiful, my friend!
    Wooow, what a morning sky shot! It's really magical! I am in awe! I am sitting with my evening cup of tea enjoying your fantastic photos! Bravo, my friend! Big hugs! Branka xx

  32. Hi Pamellia, I come back to know if you have found someone of the missing squirrels... Finger crossed for you...
    Big hugs

  33. What gorgeous fabulously textured layers you create-fabulous inspirations and love the rich colours on the Crackle
    Carol x

  34. A gorgeous card Pamellia and pretty papers. Lovely soft colours. The details you've added are wonderful xx

  35. Gorgeous card Pamellia, you used those papers to perfection with the lovely layers, distressing and embelliesl! So sad that your squirrels houses were cut down:( I had wondered about Jr. Hopefully they will return!

  36. Another fabulous card my dear friend, so many layers and I love how you have sandwched the gauzy layers betweeen the papers. There are so many gorgeous embellishments too.

    Wow, your sunrise shot is so amazing, just look at those shafts of light and the stunning backlighting. (Do you think I miss sunrises like that most days when I am laying in bed?)

    The little creatures of your shire are so adorable, you must spend hours with them to get them to trust you like this and they are certainly a very healthy population. But on the home front, I had no idea so many of your dear friends had been displaced and moved to new territories, I do indeed wish them all well.

    Dionne xx

  37. Gorgeous Pamellia fabulous design and embellies Hun, I'm so sorry to hear about your fur babies, I hope they all return.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  38. A gorgeous feminine card with so many beautiful layers and details, thanks so much for sharing it and sending positive thoughts for your missing squirrels Pamellia ❤ Deb xo

  39. Your card is just exquiste Pamellia! Where do you find those flowers? I do love the look of them!
    I am so sorry to hear you have little friends MIA, I am sending wishes out as well that they are all fine and have found new homes with loving people like you! XX

    Your Grackle photo is absolutely AMAZING! Gallery worthy!

  40. Divine and fine card you have designed. I can tell you enjoy these papers. Is the sentiment fussy cut from the papers? It really is scrumptiously scrumptious. And of course your pictures make me happy. Huge congrats to Miss Mr. Bon Jovi! That's amazeballs! And you are such a creative photographer! Your eye captures all. Carpe Diem! Hugz to you muffin! ~Doc

  41. Your card is so dreamy and so romantic! The soft colors and beautiful tones are so yummy! I love all the fabulous layers. Always packed with amazing details! Spectacular card once again!
    Oooh my gosh, your picture of the morning sky is amazing! I could just sit and stare at it all day~Great photos!!!
    Sherrie K