Thursday, February 1, 2018

Pion Design - Birthday Wishes with Video

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing this soft birthday card featuring the new Pion Design collection "Days Gone By". The dainty patterns make these beautiful blue tones so perfect for a feminine creation! I have also put together a video tutorial that I hope you will enjoy, stay tuned for that after the photos.

Pion products:

Days Gone By - Evening Sky PD10008
Days Gone By - A Day to Remember PD10005
Days Gone By - Hope & Dreams 6x6" PD11004
Days Gone By - Tags PD10012
Days Gone By - Borders PD10011

I've had some comments about my videos being difficult to watch because they are too fast, so for this video I have slowed it down from 4x to 3x. It makes the video a bit longer, so I would love some feedback about if you prefer the videos to be shorter or slower. Thanks so much, hope you enjoy.

It's been two weeks and this flu is still hanging around, one of the worst flu bugs I've had in many years. We did get a fresh coating of snow though, yay! I haven't been outside so I will share some photos from my last outing. I do hope everyone else is avoiding this terrible bug!!

This is the first White Breasted Nuthatch that I've seen this year! Welcome little buddy!

~Mr Chickadee~

Even on the most dreary of days a Cardinal can light up the world!

"Ahhhhhh, not sure if I've mentioned this, but I'm allergic to snow! Ok, not actually allergic, but I really don't like it!" 
~Crazy Karen~

"I'll just hide behind this branch and the human won't be able to see me!" 
~Baby Chuckles~

A quick update on how Baby Dolly P is doing. Here she is last week eating her high energy breakfast like a good little girl. Her fur is almost completely grown back in now, and she's almost up to the weight she should be. She is full of spirit, and pitter-patters around like a wee ball of energy! My first successful rehabilitation and I am so happy to see her thriving!

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. My friend, I don't think I'll ever be able to properly convey to you how much I love your videos. Yours are the ONLY crafting videos I will watch. I know I've said this before, but they are perfect, so informative without the unnecessary talking and you don't make us watch while you distress the edges of every piece of paper etc. And I love that it's sped up too....though your extra fast "ta-dah" on this one made me chuckle. Thanks for taking the time to do these!!

    Oh, and I love the card, of course. So pretty and feminine! Gorgeous lace and embellishments too.

  2. Totally gorgeous card and tutorial hun, loving the detail and layers, I enjoy your videos any speed, he he
    I must try hot glue with a mould they look fab,have a fabby weekend hun, hugs Liz xx

  3. Hi Pamellia,
    what a exceellent creation and it's so beautiful and stunning.
    Your work is always so superb and very stunning.
    I love your videos at what ever speed you think they should be.
    They are so wonderful my friend and very informative.
    No need for talking and the music chosen is always so relaxing too.
    Your bow has many talents because your photos are so expertly shot as well.
    You are an ambassador for the wildlife and birds with your nutritional program for them.
    I love seeing them and how they are doing.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Your beautiful creation is really breathtaking. Great photos, too. Hugs, Valerie

  5. So, so pretty, all the layers are just exquisite and oh that lace heart, - so gorgeous! A real beauty and of course by now you will know just how much I enjoy your photos! xxxx
    Have a wonderful month!

  6. Hi Pamellia, I've just spent a very enjoyable few minutes watching your's great to watch how you create your beautiful cards step by do make it look easy! (It isn't!!) I think the speed of this is just right. The finished card is another stunner!
    I hope you feel a lot better soon, stay indoors out of that cold wet snow!:)))

  7. Oh wow, this is amazing, Pamellia!! The layers are absolutely amazing!! That lacy heart just catches my eye!! I love the papers and as always, you showcase them to perfection!! Every detail is spectacular!! And yay - a video!! I love your videos!! I've always thought they were the perfect speed...I'll let you know after I watch this one :) I adore this card!!

    That wintry shot of the berries is so beautiful!! I am so amazed that you can get such a stunning shot of the chickadee one handed!! And congratulations on your successful rehabilitation of Baby Dolly P!! She's so gorgeous!! I hope you are feeling much better, my friend. Mine lasted about two weeks but I'm finally over it. No more annoying coughing!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  8. A fabulous card in your signature style Pamellia - absolutely stunning! I love watching your videos and have never noticed them being fast - or that this one was slower. I love the insight that the video gives in seeing how you place everything, so many individual elements lying underneath.

    I hope you continue to mend x

  9. I'm glad to hear that your health is going better!
    Awesome composition, so elegant those with amazing ribbons and laces! The papers are very sweet and just love the touches of pearls!!
    I will go to enjoy your video sooner, LOVE really so much seeing you at work! :D
    Your first photo amazed me - wow- the red berries look so vibrant and beautiful under the snow! Great shot!
    I have never seen a White Breasted Nuthatch, how lovely! And the cardinal looks majestic!
    But Mr Chickadee is the best!! Such a great photo you made!!! It has to be published on a magazine!!! He look at you with a particular feel, his wings on movement are just awesome! You have captured his beauty in a incredible way! Big congrats for your amazing talent!
    I'm soooooo happy for the good health of Baby Dolly P !!! Hip Hip Hooray! Great job, Pamellia! You did it!!! Well done!

    Big hugs! Take care

  10. Hello Pamellia, I hope you begin to feel better soon and can get yourself out and about again.
    I adored watching you put this stunning card together, it's quite amazing, lovely relaxing music by the way to.
    Your little wild life cuties are amazing too, take care, Hugs Kate x

  11. I can't tell if I enjoy watching you put this gorgeous together or getting to see you amazing still shots of it. This is one of my favorites of yours, and you are so clever to mount the applique on the acetate for sturdiness. It's so fun watching you place everything so perfectly. Do you work out your plan ahead or create by intuition? Either way, you always make the prettiest cards!

    Your wildlife photos are exceptional, especially Mr. Chickadee landing on your hand. And Mr. Chuckles made me chuckle! Always makes my day to see your creativity and talent! Sending healing hugs!

    1. Thanks so much Sara! I build the card in stages off camera so that I'm not trying to figure out where things should go once the recording has started. I do the papers, then the laces and main elements, then I do the smaller things. I find I get very irritated watching videos when they take 5 minutes just to find the perfect place to put something, so I prefer to know in advance. hugs :)

  12. PS I couldn't tell a difference in your video speed. I prefer to watch your videos over those that are not sped up at all and you have to sit through someone painting on gesso for 5 minutes. I also love your choice of music and addition of the text. I think I'm going to try and case your card and see if I can even come up with something I'd give to someone. I appreciate the measurements, since that is where I REALLY fall short! Ha! Ha!

  13. Stunning creation Pamellia, I popped over to view your wonderful video..perfect speed for me and I too love your music.
    wonderful photos too.
    Hugs Pam x

  14. Its a stunning card and I enjoyed watching the video. The music was soothing, I loved it.
    Super photos of the birds and squirrels, it was good to read that Baby Dolly P is doing well.
    Yvonne xx

  15. Once again I am at a loss for words to describe this wonderful card! I watched the video twice just to enjoy seeing the stages you go through to create your beautiful cards! Love the wildlife of course! Hugs,Chrisxx

  16. Beautiful card Pamellia, I love looking at all the little details. Congrats on saving another furry life too, they’re so lucky to have you watching over them
    Donna xx

  17. Faboulas video Pamellia. Wonderful work and so relaxing to watch just having my breakfast.
    Now I need to go and cut all those elliments out and hopefully put them together as good as you.
    Fab pics

  18. Oh my .. your cards are always so very beautiful Pamellia! I'll just sit here and drool for a few minutes! LOL!! I really love all the beautiful bits of lace that you layer everywhere and I love that you make cards so sturdy and yet they always look so delicate. I have always loved your videos and didn't really notice the difference in speed.
    Your photos are spectacular as always. Really love the one with the Chickadee landing on your hand .. brilliant!! So good that Baby Dolly P. is doing so well.
    Sorry to hear you are still suffering with that flu bug. Hope you will be better very soon. Sending some healing prayers and hugs your way! xx

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous card again, Pameilla! I was so excited to see a video with it. I think the speed of the video is perfect. Love your selection of photos of the critters--always a pleasure to see.

  20. OMGosh Pamellia! I am so very happy to hear about little Dolly and your success!1 Congratulations- well done!
    Your photos....OH MY!
    Those berries and the chickadees wings- Incredible shots! You are amazing!
    Hope you are feeling better soon-such a yucky time this year! I hear it is hanging on for everyone! Sending hugs(from faraway...)
    Jackie xoxo

    ps thanks for your wonderful visits and comments! ")

  21. Sigh! such a beautiful card with your wonderful details so perfectly placed and matched. AND your wonderful photos are a joy. I hope you continue to get better, seems this bug lasts a few weeks after you think you are well. - sorry LOL.

  22. I LOVE your slower video, and cannot but admire and appreciate your design and the beauty you make.
    I tried to comment on the video but I got lost LOL.
    PSThanks for the beautiful and relaxing music too.

  23. Can't tell you how thrilled I was to read this post...A video and baby Dolly doing well...happy days!! Another exquisite card, beautiful colours. Can't stop though, I am off to watch the video!! xx

  24. Oh Pamellia, I am so sorry that the dreadful flu is still hanging around, it really has been a dreadful strain this time... I seriously wish and hope that you are back to full health and strength soon!

    I just love the beauty, softness and delicateness of your card, it is an absolute delight - as your cards always are! I love all the crocheted elements too.

    So pleased to hear that the adorable Baby Dolly P is progressing so well - all credit to you my friend, you have done such an amazing job with her - huge congratulations! Please do feel well soon too! Hugs, Anne xx

  25. Such a beautiful card Pamellia, thanks for the video, you make it looks so effortless, well maybe for you! Sorry to hear that you are still struggling with this nasty flu.
    Wonderful snowy photos and I'm please that Baby Dolly is doing well.
    Off for a catch up as I've been a little short of time lately.
    Have a great weekend, Avril xx

  26. Another absolutely stunning card - will try to watch the video later in the week, whe I've got some free time. Sorry to hear that you're still recovering from the nasty flu bug, I hope you feel much better soon. Wonderful photos, so lovely to see Crazy Karen and Baby Dolly P looking so well thanks to your endeavours x

  27. Stunning card Pamellia-brilliant video you make all that gorgeous layering look soooo easy-hope your feeling better-this flu put me in bed for a week never felt so ill -now hubby has it!!!
    Carol x

  28. Oh heaven..I watch, I try to learn, but I make putting this master piece look so easy Pamellia..totally gorgeous, thank you.

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  29. LOVELY. Wonderful video too. I'm making a wish.... for you to be feeling MUCH better by now Pamellia. How AMAZING is the photo of the Chickadee landing - beautiful wings. So thankful that your little Dolly is better too. Xj.

  30. WOW!!! This is a breathtaking masterpiece of a card!!! Love all that lace!!! Where do you get the lace, if I may ask??
    This design is sooo gorgeous my friend, and the colors so soothing.
    Paper Talk with Samra

  31. Of course your creation is beautiful, Miss Pamellia, but I simply must jump down to your wildlife photos. That incredible chickadee in flight gingerly landing on your dear outstretched hand, and Baby Dolly P nibbling as well, just touch my heart at your loving soul so skillfully and humbly expressed. So what does the P stand for in Dolly’s name? Hugs, de

  32. Hi Pamellia
    This would make the most amazing wedding card.....stunning!
    Brilliant furry and feathered photos. The landing chickadee shot is superb.
    Hope you recover from your flu soon.
    Ang x

  33. Amazing card Pamellia. I do not think we can ever really appreciate all of the detail and the dimensions to your cards until we see one of your fantastic videos, there is always so much I miss from just looking at the photos. This card is however exceptional, you have packed so much into it. I love the little hints of baby blue and those beautiful charms.

    Your wildlife shots seem even more real than usual today as I too am looking out onto a frozen garden.

    Dionne xx

    PS I love your new distressing tool. I am hopeless at distressing with scissors, perhaps I should get myself one of these.

    PPS I almost forgot to say that you photograph of the chickadee eating from you hand is outstanding, just look at those wing feathers.