Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Secret Garden

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I pulled out my Graphic 45 papers, and I'm so glad I did because I forgot how much I love The Secret Garden collection! I just love the florals in this collection, and you can never really go wrong with bird images I say! lol

It's been a very snowy week and the world is bright with white again!! My dear Rocky has taken up residence in a heated nest I built for him on the patio, so I've been able to keep a close eye on his progress. It's day five of antibiotics and so far I'm happy with the improvements he has made, but he still has a lot of healing to do. OK, enough about that, time for some snowy pics!

"I'm keeping this!"
~Mr Chickadee~

"Did you see that squirrel fly by here! So glad he didn't see my peanut stash!"
~Mr Cardinal~

"You're so sweet to ask, yes I do enjoy the almonds the best, and yes I will take another one thank you!"
~Triangle Tilly~

"I think I'll just wait up here until all that snow melts!"
~Baby Chuckles~

Everyone say hello to the newest baby to the Johnson buffet. This is sweet Baby Precious. I have never seen such a young squirrel at this time of year before. She's just so tiny to be fighting these horrible weather conditions. I make sure she gets lots of healthy treats and fresh water, so here's hoping she finds her way through this true Canadian winter!

A macro of some frost on the window... the closest I've been to the snow in a while. lol

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Your card is gorgeous, Graphics 45 papers are always wonderful, that's true! Great photos, too, I especially love the frost on the window pane. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Valerie

  2. ooooh wow, this is another of your stunning creations, Pamellia! I love the paper choice and yes, you never can go wrong with bird (or animal) images! Love the peachy colours and all the lush embellies and details!
    I hope Roky gets well soon, thanks for all you are doing!
    Take care, xxx, Ally

  3. Your card is so beautiful Pamellia x Lots of layers of lovely papers and vintage lace etc. Your photos as always are gorgeous and the pattern of the frost on the window really took me back to my childhood as there was no central heating...just the weight of lots of blankets to keep you cosy

    Best wishes
    Annie x

  4. I am glad you chose these papers too, they are incredible, such pretty colours and, as ever, out together beautifully . I love to see your snowy photographs and extended family xx

  5. The papers ARE beautiful, and you've one them justice with this fabulous design. So many gorgeous layers and details to take in, I love the way you soften the design with the layers of lace and tulle, it looks so lovely.
    Glad Rocky is doing ok so far...and your 'new baby' is very aptly named!

  6. What a heartwarming card Pamellia! Love the papers and such a great choice of embellishments!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  7. When are they going to make a link that one can reach in and touch a gorgeous card like this? My hands are just itching to examine it and actually all your cards! So glad to hear Rocky's medicine arrived. How did you make a heated nest for him? Welcome to Baby Precious--so sweet! I am jealous you have snow. All we are getting is rain. When the temps are cold enough, the sun is out! Oh well, I guess I've seen all the snow I'm going to see for this season as there is nothing in the forecast for the near future.

    1. Thanks Patty. Rocky had carved out a little napping spot inside one of the blankets on the patio couch, so when he wasn't looking I wrapped his little spot up with a heating pad and then wrapped another blanket around that to keep the heat in. He seemed to be pretty happy with it because he hides in there all day and night, coming out just for eating and getting some fresh air. lol

  8. Hi Pamellia, beautiful shabby chic card, the most gorgeous for papers and embellishments.
    Wonderful photos, I never fail to be amazed at your photography, Kate x

  9. Beautiful card Pamellia..gorgeous and your new baby squirrel is adorable..

    luv CHRISSYxx

  10. I'm glad you pulled out those papers, too because this is stunning!! Wow, the layers are amazing, as always!! I just love the laces and the beautiful butterfly!! Each one of your cards is a work of art and I absolutely adore this!! So spectacular!!

    I'm so glad Rocky's doing better!! And oh my gosh, how precious is Baby Precious!! I just want to scoop her up and hug her!! The shot of Triangle Tilly is so cute!! Love the macro, too!! I hope you are having a wonderful week!! I'm happy because there's no snow on the ground and the temps are supposed to climb to the 60's by the end of the week!! Woohoo - Spring!! I'll be busting out the flip flops soon (knock on wood ;) Happy Tuesday, dear friend!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  11. How lovely!!! Gorgeous and so sweet with these birds and the flowers arrangement with that bow!
    G45 paper is amazing, and these colors are just perfect for spring. Love that pink hanging (crocheted?) lace and the white wooden butterfly!
    So happy that Rocky lives on your patio, it make things more easy, isn't it? Hope he will feel better soon!
    Love Triangle Tilly, such sweet cutie!! So beautiful! And Baby Precious stunning me: such tiny and cute! Just adorable!! He hasn't a Mum? Hope he could find a sure place to stay!
    So glad you are learning about baby squirrels and I'm sure that your knowledges will be useful and a great joy for you (and them LOL)
    Big hugs squirrel lady! Enjoy your winter! Fab photos and the macro.... Wow wow!!!Such a delight!

  12. Such a lovely card, those G45 papers are so beautiful and you have used them to their best advantage! Wonderful to see more snowy pics that macro looks absolutely amazing! Oh the wonders of nature!

  13. Hi Pamellia,
    what stopped you using those super papers before they are so gorgeous and very beautiful.
    I love Graphic 45 and wish I could afford them all.
    I usually wait till they are in the sales so sometimes miss a few.
    Your card is so dreammy again and the colours are so beautiful.
    I always love everything you use to create such stunning projects.
    As always excellent photos of your feathered and furry friends.
    My I thought it was cold here, but your weather looks so much colder.
    I just wish I had central heating we have storage heaters and they are useless in very cold weather.
    They can be running all night collecting the heat, and in the morning it's still only 18 Degrees in my lounge.
    We have to use calor gas heaters to push the temps up to 20.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. Such pretty papers and such a gorgeous card Pamellia. The layers are stunning as always.Wow that is some snow...glad little Rocky is doing OK. Your furry friends must be so grateful to have you helping them. Keep warm. Hugs xxx

  15. Beautiful and delicate card Pamellia, I always love how you create with those lush papers. Ah poor little squirrel, she looks so tiny
    Donna xx

  16. A gorgeous card with the Graphics 45 papers. I have some of those, but most are still at the just looking at stages. I must use them sometime .
    The photos are a delight to see, I hope all goes well for the squirrels.
    Yvonne xx

  17. A gorgeous card with the Graphics 45 papers. I have some of these paper pads and do have the one you used, But could never do justice to these papers as you.
    Glad your poorly one is improving.
    Hugs Pam x

  18. What an amazing card Pamellia - love your attention to detail, and the gorgeous floral accents you put on your cards.
    Your photos are beautiful as ever, especially the frost one!!

  19. Another treasurer Pamellia, such a beautiful creation, love all the frilly layers and papers. Wonderful photos , that frost piccie is amazing.

  20. Hello!!
    I hope your Valentine is as special to you as you are to me!

  21. What a beautiful card Pamellia! Graphic 45 do make such pretty papers - I haven't bought any for a while so mine are dwindling fast! Love those birds, both on your card and in your photos! Glad that Rocky is staying close by and keeping warm! Baby Precious looks so cute and TINY! We saw lamb out in the snow last week - surely far too early!! Hugs, Chrisx

  22. Just viewing your SPLENDID card is like walking through a secret garden Pamellia. There are so many special embellishments and different designs of paper it was so fun gazing at every inch - my eyes feasted on YUMMY BEAUTY. Very thankful to hear that Rocky is a bit better. Hoping you are better soon too so you can get out in your snow like you usually love to do. Thinking of you... and sending VALENTINE'S DAY hugs too! Xj.

  23. The G45 papers are indeed beautiful and you have used them wonderfully well, as always to create this stunning card!

    The squirrels all look so 'fluffy' so it must be very cold for them... Baby Precious is such a little cutie, I hope she gets through the winter OK. This week we have had a pigeon with a broken wing in our garden, he is quite frightened but we have been feeding him up and giving him some shelter, I really hope he pulls through, I don't like to think he might be in any pain. Happy Valentine's Day!! Hugs, Anne xx

  24. Pamellia, your card is stunning! Yes those papers are pretty but you make them beautiful!

    How did you create a heated nest? And however did you get Rocky to visit it?
    Good for you Pamelia, with the sweet gentle heart! I applaud your kindness to these creatures...you are their Saint Francis!
    love to you xoxo

    1. Thanks Jackie. Rocky had carved out a little napping spot inside one of the blankets on the patio couch, so when he wasn't looking I wrapped his little spot up with a heating pad and then wrapped another blanket around that to keep the heat in. He seemed to be pretty happy with it because he hides in there all day and night, coming out just for eating and getting some fresh air. lol

  25. Another stunning card, I love all those yummy lace elements. Baby Precious is so tiny, I hope with your help she survives the winter. Great news that Rocky is doing well. I have everything crossed (which makes typing tricky!) that he pulls though, you're obviously doing absolutely everything you can to help him x

  26. Stunning card gorgeous lace and fabulous layers-I just have remnants of this paper left unfortunately
    Carol x

  27. Those G45 papers are so gorgeous Pamellia and your card is, as always, simply divine!! Soft and lovely with all that gorgeous lace and the pretty flowers. I adore the little butterfly .. so sweet and so pretty with the pearls on its body!!
    Your snowy pic is gorgeous and isn't Rocky so very lucky to have such a wonderful human as you to build him a little heated snuggle spot .. No wonder he only comes out to eat!! Little Baby Precious is exactly that, so very precious and sweet. All of your little friends are very lucky to have you to look after and feed them! Bless you! Have a wonderful day! hugs xx

  28. The card is so delightful with those airy wisps of gauzy fabric softening the papers - gorgeous work! And fabulous photos as ever... the macro frost is amazing.
    Alison x

  29. Your magical creation really does look like birds preparing their nest with all those loose fibers and the tulle background. Beautiful card, P!

  30. Oh what a wonderful macro shot today and I love the pic of your tiny squirrel, Baby Precious.

    Your card today is like the first signs of spring after a long cold winter, all of those splashes of colour lift the spirit and I love all of the flowers and lace. Such a wonderful card.

    Thank you so much for the update on Rocky, I hope he continues to recover under you dedicted care.

    Dionne xx

  31. Yup! Here I am again, late! But I am working backward through my promotions folder, uncovering these gems/posts! What a fabulous card! I love those birdie papers!

    Ah, those photos! The squirrels just tickle me pink. Sounds like you've been doing some rehab, and I'm getting the progress reports backward! Thankfully, I already know Rocky is doing better. Your macro shot is just AMAZING! Have a great day! Hugs!