Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Anything But Cute - #9 Bring in the New - with video

Hi Everyone!

Well it's back to the grindstone. The holidays are officially over and I have packed away all of the many four or five decorations that I had out (lol). The house always looks a little dingier after turning off the twinkly lights, don't you agree? I'm looking forward to filling my days with crafting and blogging again, so I will slowly make my way around to say hello to everyone as soon as I can.

It's time for our first challenge of the year over at Anything But Cute Mixed Media Challenges, and for this month Anne is our lovely hostess and she has chosen the theme "RING OUT THE OLD, BRING IN THE NEW". 

For this challenge Anne would like you to create a mixed media card or project using something 'new'. Perhaps you got some fabulous new craft item for Christmas or you have something new that you have not used yet - just remember to tell us what the new item is! Be sure to hop on over and see what the other amazing members of the team have created!!

For my something new, I have made this New Years Fireworks 3D canvas with some old DecoArt products that I've had for a while, some DecoArt products I had on hand that I have never used before, AND some new products that I got for Christmas. Viva Croco Crackling Colour and IZINX Gold Pigment.

DecoArt Product List

For the tutorial portion of my project this month, I have put together a video of how I made my New Years Fireworks mixed media canvas. I always appreciate the comments and the 'thumbs ups', so thank you very much for the support everyone!! I hope you enjoy!

My canvas won first place in the following wonderful challenge:
I thought I would branch out from Christmas for today and share a little more of my walks through the parks and around the lake. We have gotten a touch of snow, but it's pretty much all melted away now and we're back to rainy, wet days. 

I kept seeing these arrows on the paths all over the place and I could not figure out what the heck they were for, UNTIL I saw the "to finish" writing. I guess they must have had some sort of marathon or something and the arrows were guiding people where to go. How fun!

I accidentally brushed up against this bush, oh boy, what a freaking disaster trying to get these things off of my sweater and out of my hair!! OMG!! And then when I got home, my little one, Scully was acting peculiar. Turned out she had one stuck to her butt, poor little girl, I HAD TO CUT IT OUT! Dangit! Warning Will Robinson, Warning!!

Token shots of my Cattails and the lake. I can't believe the birds are still here. Fly south little ones, fly I tell you!

How unimpressed was I to see this?? I assume and hope it was a youngster who did this. Someone needs to grab that little hooligan by the ear and march him directly home! PARENTING FAIL! 

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. I read and appreciate every single one! If you have any questions, please let me know.


  1. Happy New Year Pamellia and love the new piece, you got some nice new goodies for Christmas. It's mostly grey and wet here, too, but I'm not complaining as we had a lot of good days. Glad you are enjoying your walks through your lovely, new surroundings. Those burrs are awful, my dog once ran into a whole patch of them and came out looking like a monster! Have a lovley day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Awesome canvas, Pamellia. Loved the video and seeing the details come together. I always find things look a bit depressing when the Christmas decorations come down.

  3. Great drama and excitement on your black and gold canvas, Pamellia. I'm bookmarking the video to watch later, and looking forward to seeing all those textural details.
    Alison xx

  4. Gorgeous with pretty textures!!!
    Thanks for leaving love at my blog, Pamellia...Its such a boost :)

  5. LOVE the dramatic and classy creation. It is after midnight here so I plan to view your video in the morning which I am sure will be as fabulous as they all are. Great pics here as well.....hugs to you.xx

  6. What a fabulous post -although I will have to watch the video another time! This does look amazing! I love the dark colours - looks so dramatic! Your walk photos are beautiful - apart from the dumped trolley -why?why?why? Oh! and poor Scully! Wishing you lots of crafty times and some more exploring of your area this year! Hugs, Chrisx

  7. Fabulous canvas Pamellia, love the dramatic black with the gold crackle, looking forward to watching the video. Lovely pics, apart from the trolley - why do people have to spoil things!
    Here's to a very creative 2016
    Hugs, Avril xx

  8. I like your project
    it is great!
    your photos are nice and I gree with you that is some hooligan.
    nature is very nice,we all shoudl enjoy in nature not destroy it.
    Bad Kitty's Craftroom

  9. Love the black and gold combo and the touches of white are perfect! Great grungy piece, with just the right amount of shine! Brilliant! <3 Hugs, Autumn

  10. Hi Pamellia: Your canvas has all the elements of New Year's - the clocks, stars, fireworks, black, gold and silver! Wonderful!

  11. Gorgeous canvas my dear! I just finished watching the video :) Was that alot of work or what?!? But it sure did come out fabulous!
    Regarding the shopping cart in the lake...there are idiots everywhere, let's just hope that carma is a real b#%&ch when she comes around...
    Hugs to you my dear!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  12. Your video is superb Pamellia and I loved seeing the close-ups here. That Croco looks like something I might just 'need' now and I am definitely going to try out your version of Andy's mega crackle. The result of your efforts is a stunning canvas!

    Always love seeing your photos from around the lake - I am not saying what I think about the shopping cart - it would need censoring for sure.... Hugs, Anne xx

  13. PS - meant to say, I hope Scully has recovered....

  14. WOW!! This is stunning! Your video was amazing! I love all the colors, techniques and the end result is gorgeous!!! All the fun layering of the pieces look absolutely fabulous! I would love to dabble someday with these products. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a great day!
    Sherrie K

  15. Wonderful amazing canvas!Thank you for the video!

  16. Big standing ovation on this fabulous New Years canvas! Wow, Pamellia, you had me at the edge of my seat and my chin has slowly made it's way down to the floor and now properly back up in it's place, after hanging down the entire length of your video. You are a treasure to share your gift with us, and you have such a HUGE gift! I love all the techniques, but one that I've got to give a try is your version of mega crackle--I have a bunch of unused DecoArt products, and I'm pretty sure these are included. And that Croco is moving to the top of my list--it'a been on there a while, but you have made it a must have! Words really cannot describe my sincere awe I have in your creativity and talent! You are such an inspiration to so many! Thank you for sharing the video; a lot of hard work went into that as well! Big hugs, my friend!

    PS As always, I enjoy your photography; thank you for sharing that as well. Yes the cart fiasco is probably a hooligan (funny, my daughter uses that term, too!) who needs to understand not only is it bad for the environment, but it is costly to consumers as well. That is a cost to the store from which it came, and will trickle down to those who shop with them. Shame on them!

  17. A video - yay! I know I've said this before, but I love your videos. I actually said my first line of this comment out loud when I saw your blog post.

    But wanna know what I love more....this canvas! It is gorgeous!! Honestly, I truly get inspired every time I come to your blog. So, thank you for that. (And thanks for the tip about the Snow Writer too!)

    I must admit, I chuckled a bit when I read about your incident with the burrs. Not pleasant that you had to cut one out of your poor dog's fur, of course, but I could just picture you having a "what the??" moment when you found them attached to you. (And hopefully your Readers all know Scully is a dog...and not a child or else your post would read quite differently. ;-) ;-) ;-) )

  18. Pamelia the golden heart is simply amazing. Will catch your video later!!
    Dr Sonia

  19. Fabulous canvas...love the dramatic colour combo with the gold splashes...amazing!
    Poor Scully....the indignity!

  20. Sheer perfection! Love those beautiful stars...sublime texture! Uh oh...poor Scully...that's no fun! I can see you are off to one amazingly creative year :) Hugs!!!

  21. Gorgeous canvas Pamellia..loved the video and how you make everything look so easy with no hot glue strings anywhere in sight [I usually find mine after I've photographed my project]..and loved reading your post with the touch of "Lost in space"and "Wizard of OZ" ..and poor Scully..nasty looking things aren't they..as far as the cart in the lake , unfortunately we have them here in our creeks more often than not..plus Television sets!!..just too lazy to take to the right place...such shame..Have a wonderful New Year 2016..

    Luv CHRISSYxx

  22. Hi Pamellia,

    Stunning creation, love your design. Loving all the photos, such a beautiful place. Hope your poor Scully is okay after her ordeal. Shame about the river, we get a lot of that in our country, makes you mad, they do not think of the dangers these cause to wildlife.

    On that note I shall leave you and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful creations.

    Love & hUgs

    Jacquie J xxx

  23. I get inspired and amazed every time I visit your blog and your YouTube channel, Pamellia! You used those Decoart products in such a fantastic, unique Pamellia's way! You always bring something new to us!
    This canvas is amazingly beautiful with lots of symbolic elements! It's a message that time goes by and this New Year brings something wonderful! Oh, what a spectacular way to celebrate it!
    What can I say about that cart in the lake - unfortunately we are surrounded by $&@#* people as well. It's sad but that's the way it is. You should see our parking places along the highway during summer time. Some tourists are throwing their garbage all over the place even there are a tones of containers around! It's disgusting!
    Huge hugs to you! Branka xxx

  24. Fabulous work Pamellia, love the chunky lettering, the stars and little charm look great against the darker colours, I love it, it's fabulous!!
    Hugs Jacee
    Simply Paper Card Design

  25. Wow wow wow hun, This is awesome, love to watch your video's, i am fairly new to mixed media so love all your hints and tips,

    Gorgeous photo's again too, maybe the shopping trolley is modern art, lol hugs Liz xx

  26. Beautiful welcome to the new year!! Love that crackle, and your use of black and gold..... and look forward to watching the video tonight (we are on the road back to Idaho from Seattle today.) Sad that some people don't appreciate the lovely environment you are in - poor shopping cart! xxx Lynn

  27. Hi Pamellia,
    Happy New Year to you, and I love your New Year canvas.
    wonderfully created as usual.
    Love all the gold and glitz.
    Great photos of your walks.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  28. Ho Pamellia I get so much pleasure visiting your awesome blog not just to see your wonderful creations but the lovely photos of your neighbourhood. Pamellia your New Year card is perfection the colours look amazing your attention to detail is brilliant and awe inspiring, it is stunning. Looking at your pictures of the spiky things it brought back memories of years gone by when I used to go for walks and the same thing happened they certainly get stuck on you, I always feel so angry when I see trolleys dumped in the streams around our location it seems that some of the youngsters today do not appreciate God's beauty
    lorraine x

  29. A stunning card with everything on it that should be on a New Year card.

    Love the photographs except for the shopping trolley which isn't a nice idea at all and we have the same thing here.

    Happy 2016

    Love Chrissie xx

  30. Great to see you back Pamellia and with a huge bang...wow what a gorgeous canvas and a great video...I had to laugh at the way that poor kraft paper got distressed.....almost killed in action! Lovely accents and lots of those products are going on my wish list..the golden crackle is brilliant. Lovely to see you photos and yes sad re the trolley. Happy new year xx

  31. An incredible piece of work Pamellia...Love the little timepiece...what a perfect touch. I too am feeling sad as Christmas has been packed away for another year and yes you are quite right, it is a little dingier!! Still, let's look forward to spring!! xx

  32. Happy New Year Pamellia! I love the new awesome canvas and the video!

  33. I think I bruised my jaw from where it dropped to the floor when I saw this!! Oh wow, Pamellia, what a way to start off the new year!! This is phenomenal!! I absolutely love the gold star!! The texture and dimension are amazing!! Each detail is perfection and I can't wait to watch the video (doing cartwheels)!!

    Oh, poor Scully!! Those little ball things are lethal-looking!! They're like a campfire - pretty to look at but do not touch!! I hope no one was holding on to that shopping cart when it went under!! I love seeing your beautiful community...thank you so much for sharing it with us!! Happy Tuesday my friend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  34. Burrs - poor you but especially poor Scully. Yes - we have them here too - not fun... big OUCH. Loved seeing your photos!!!

    But HELLO - this has to be one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES Pamellia.... STUNNINGLY INCREDIBLY FABULOUS. And a canvas too.... you hit me right between the eyes with that!!!! It's just the PERFECT way to begin the New Year seeing your WONDERFUL project. I am smiling - it just seems so full of hope and intrigue and sparkle to me. Thanks bunches.... and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!!!! j.

  35. Gorgeous project, love the deeper colours you used. Super photos, I hope the trolley culprit moves to another place and gets caught.
    Yvonne xx

  36. Wowza- I say the same old thing every time I stop by- Wonderful, beautiful, so Stunning! Yep- your project is all of that- and how I love all of the pictures you take with all of the fab details! Your nature pics are wonderful too- except the Burrs- ouch and poor pooch!
    Just back from traveling over the holiday- hope your Holidays were wonderful, and wishing you many blessings in 2016!

  37. Happy New Year Pamellia. This piece is gorgeous and that gold is so opulent. I love how layered and your textural stars are stunning . Love the little touches of thread too adding further to the texture. I could just reach out and touch this. A fantastic piece for,the New Year. Tracy x X X

  38. Wonderful creation Pamellia, you've summed up New Year perfectly there. Shame about the shopping trolley,sadly these people seem to be everywhere making a mess!
    Donna xxx

  39. Wonderful canvas Pamellia, love all these textures and fabulous colours and layers.
    Will view Video tomz.
    Great photos, sorry had to laugh what you said about poor little scully..
    Hugs Pam x

  40. Wow fabulous as always Pamellia, I love the strong colours and all the details
    Kevin xx

  41. Hi Pamellia, thanks for the lovely comment over at mine. I have just surfaced, been a bit busy with several projects. I am loving the textures on this canvas and your choice of colours. Happy crafting, Angela xXx

  42. Oh Pamellia I love this amazing canvas with all it's gold and grungy goodness going on. It is truly beautiful. Your winter photos are wonderful, and I am amazed at the first one of the ducks with just the two of them - it's so serene. Those burrs look horrible :-( poor Scully.

  43. Happy New Year Pamellia! This is an amazing canvas, the dramatic colourway is stunning. The crackle adds such a fabulous texture and the stars all look wonderful. The video is fascinating to watch. I would have missed half of your techniques without it, so, thank you for that. My shopping list is getting longer ...
    Your photos are brilliant and reflect perfectly this bleak season. I'm glad you rescued Scully's butt, shame about the dumped shopping cart though xx

  44. What a great project to start the new year at ABC! Love the black and gold colour theme and tat amazing crackle! Wonderful like always. I could not manage to load the video, so that will have to wait for later, but I look forward to it!
    Wonderful seasonal photos too!

  45. Very beautiful New Years card. Stunning. Thank you for joining us at Come and Get It this week. Hope to see you back here again soon. Judy DT

  46. Fabulous canvas. It captures the spirit and excitement of New Year's Eve perfectly. Thanks for joining in at Crafty Boots Challenges this time.

  47. Wonderful work of art is your Canvas Pamellia , i love ,love ,love it , great hoe you created the time piece .
    Poor poor Scullie ouch ! so pleased you rescued her .
    We see shopping trollys dumped by the road side, ditched in pools ,thrown on dumps quite often Pamellia and to be honest i don't think it is always the young ones who do this , but shame on whoever is the cause of it.
    I love to see my decorations go up ,but happy to see them come down again .
    Take Care
    Big Hugs
    Elaine H X

  48. Wow Pamellia what a stunning canvas wonderful detail and colours, beautiful scenery on your walk .
    Wishing you a happy New Year hun.
    Hugs Julie xxx

  49. Amazing texture and depth of colour, Pamellia! Looks like a nights sky! xxx

  50. What a superb project ... I so love watching your videos ... Great photos but what a thing t get those spikes on you! As for the trolly ... we get that a lot here too ... makes me soooo mad! Have a beautiful day my friend!

  51. This is absolutely stunning, thanks for joining us at Allsorts this week, xxx

  52. Fabulous New Year's canvas and such a perfect colour palette. Loved watching video and seeing all the crackle and layers of different mediums you added to create this beauty. I sure wish I had as steady a hand as you - my liquid pearls would never have looked as identical as yours do.

    I must say I do agree with your comment on your final photo from your walk. With so much for kids to do these days - why? Back in my day - lol - we only played outside but we managed to find fun things to do and none of them involved vandalism or we would have had to face our Mother.


  53. fab canvas,thanks for joining us at That Craft Place hugs, kay

  54. Another amazingly detailed project, absolutely fabulous, I can feel the celebration in the feeling of it. Off to see the video after seeing your photos. - Wonderful photos, I am getting to know the paths around you. I wish some of these vandals could have some of their stuff destroyed in the same way.

  55. Happy New Year Pamellia! What a wonderful project! Love all the crackle!

  56. Oh wow!!! Loving the whole New Year's party taking place on that fabulous black background here Pamellia! Jenny x

  57. Wow! LOVE the canvas ... and look at all those great new products. So fun!! xx

  58. Happy New Year Pamellia!
    What a gorgeous canvas with all the textures.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely creation over at Allsorts;-))m

  59. wowow! Pamellia!! What incredible textures and rich color choices! (Or dare I say non-color choices?) AMAZING. Such a beautiful project. The fibers actually remind me of the leafless beauty in your photos - Nature is always so wondrous to view - every season She is beautifuller (can that be a word?) Thanks for sharing! hugs, de

  60. Happy New Year another stunning canvas with lots of texture and rich colors. Love your videos so easy to follow

  61. Stunning project, love all that black and gold. Thanks for joining in Come And Get It challenges, Carol DT.

  62. This is super Pamellia, fabulous dimension and so many beautiful details.

  63. Amazing textures and colours on your canvas Pamellia, off to YouTube to watch your video! And yes, watch out for those burrs, they are terrible! Our beloved Emma, who passed on several years ago, was a border collie with a beautiful long flowing tail. She got into burrs like those and we had to cut every stitch of hair off of her tail, she was a very sad looking pup for months! Deb xo

  64. Amazing canvass, I do not know how you managed it, but your canvass seems to have captured midnight on New Year's Eve perfectly - the anticipation and excitement, the fireworks and the sense of occasion. I loved the tutorial, it was so inspirational.

    Thank you for sharing your work with all of us at Crafty Boots Challenges.

    Dionne xx

  65. First of all... thank you for the video, Pamellia... I love when you make these... and a canvas, yet!!! What a fabulous project! The bit of gold embossing on the paper piece is amazing... love the different textures on your stars (how do you come up with all the ideas?) Such inspiration! Thank you, friend!!!

  66. Just finished watching your fab video Bubbles! This canvas is cracklelackin good! Looks like fireworks went off and had a New Years party. Awesome sauce use of the little tags and that gold thread is genius. Love the script stamp and Kraft card, looks like a vintage flag waving in the background. You are Amazeballs with all these creations and videos! Thanks for making the videos and sharing the love. Hugz to you muffin! ~Doc

  67. Chuckling here Pamellia!! What a fabulous read...I can't believe that you mentioned Will Robinson...I loved Lost in Space...I'm always saying "Danger Will Robinson" to my Grandkids...they look at me with odd looks on their faces!!! Oh and as for the reason we're here...your card is STUUUNNNNING!!!! Shouts "Happy New Year!!" Can't wait to hear your about your next adventure...hope poor Scully fairs better next time!
    Take care,

  68. Such a wonderful creation with great attention to detail. Love the colours and embellishments. All the elements work so well together. Thank you for sharing your wonderful project with us at Come And Get It challenge.Neva

  69. Gorgeous canvas Pamellia, I love all of the textures and that fabulous gold crackle paste! Wonderful tutorial too! Happy New Year!
    Hugs, Tammy

  70. Oh how I just LOVE this!! What a beautiful project, I love the viva croco crackle, it's awesome! Happe new year my sweet friend, and thank you for your everlasting and kind support!

  71. Fabulous canvas love the firework effect and great textured stars with the little beads-love all the fabulous pics
    Carol x

  72. Hi Pamellia
    Amazingly atmospheric card. Its New Year encapsulated!
    Did you ever say why you can't touch the catkins? I'm really intrigued so please put me out of my misery on your next catkin post lol!
    Hey, could have been worse, could have been your butt that the seed was stuck to lol!
    Ang x

  73. I am so with you on the parenting fail!! Too much of that going around!
    Thanks for such an inspiring post to ring in the new year!!
    And thank you for your lovely email- you,my dear, are a sweetheart! Sending you huge hugs and looking forward to sharing lots and lots of creativity with you in 2016!
    hugs and love,Jackie

  74. Happy new Year Pamellia! What a great way to start off the new year with a stunning canvas... there's so much to love about your project but I think I especially love the crackle effect on the stars...I bought a few bottles last fall and haven't used them yet, but now I'm inspired (thanks to your project & tutorial!) to give them a try!
    Hugs, Candy

  75. So much AMAZING texture!! I love it!

  76. Oooh this is just gorgeous my lovely!! I can see I'm in for a real treat looking at the gorgeousness I have missed on your blog xx

  77. A lovely card!
    Thank you soo much for taking part in our "something new” challenge over at Come and Get it.
    Hope to see you again in our new challenge as well…

    (DT Penny's Paper Crafty Challenges)

    (DT-Coordinator Creatalicious Challenges)

    (DT Come and Get It)

    (DT Crafty Friends)

  78. Beautiful and inspirational work! Love it!

  79. Hi pamellia,

    This is just to let you know that you 'have been placed in the Crafty Boots 'Something Old, Something New' Challenge. Many congratulations.

    We are offering the winner and two runners up from this challenge Guest Design Team spots for a future challenge, which starts on 29 February. Please contact me at CraftyBootsDT@gmx.co.uk if you would like more information about participating in this new challenge.

    Do not forget to collect a copy of the Crafty Boots Challenge badge from our blog.

    Kindest regards.