Monday, July 25, 2016

Glittery Season's Greetings

Hello Everyone!
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Another Christmas in July card coming at ya!! Sick of them yet? I find it sort of refreshing working with snow and snowflakes when it's so stinking hot outside. This card was put together using some products from Recollections, sold at Michaels Craft Stores.

The papers are from My Minds Eye - Holiday Cheer paper pad. The wood snowflakes and sentiment are Recollections, I have covered them with Shabby White embossing enamel.

The snowflakes and the brickwork die cuts are Cheery Lynn, the flowers are Wild Orchid Crafts, the snow is a DecoArt Snow Writer covered in Glamour Dust glitter. Some laces and ribbon from May Arts and everything else is from my stash.

It looks like you are all in for lots more Christmas cards in August. I am very excited to announce the upcoming release of the new Pion Design collection "GREETINGS FROM THE NORTH POLE". I missed all the Christmas collections last year, so I am totally stoked about dipping in to this vintage Christmas collection. Hold on to your hats ladies, it's about to get frosty! lol

Hubby and I decided to hike down the Rattray Marsh Trail last weekend. This is one of the most fun trails we have done so far. These wooden trails are suspended just above the wetlands and wind in out through trees! So amazing!! Mind you, much of it was dried out because of the drought, but the 'pot of gold' at the end of this rainbow is just too delicious to pass up (more about that in a minute).

You can see how desperately low the water levels are. So sad.

See that spot of blue way off  on the horizon... that would my 'pot of gold', but there's still a ways to go yet in order to get there.

This little guy was just striking a pose on this stump. Closest I've ever been to a Chipmunk!

and here it is, my 'pot of gold'... LAKE ONTARIO!!!
I took about a billion shots of the beach, best save that for another day I guess. lol

And back on the home front we have a beautiful female Starling at the feeder.

You all know Dina and David, my Morning Dove couple. This is Dina sitting out in the tree. It's odd not to see them together, hope David is OK. (sorry about the railing, couldn't be avoided)

My token morning coffee shot, another fiery sky.

Poor little PRECIOUS, she still struggles with the carpet, she always works out her game plan before attempting the climb. So sweet!

I saved you a spot on the chair, come have your nap! Goofy little monkey!

I have had a couple of visits from a couple of Red Squirrels this week. Haven't given them names yet, can't get close enough to tell the difference between the two! lol

Some very sad new from the vet last week. Our dear sweet little SCULLY is losing her eyesight. She's only 9 years old, way too young to be going through this. She is such a huge fan of all things nature, so I will be cutting back on my walks for a while, and instead will be making sure this darling dog gets to enjoy every minute of the outdoors while she still can. Look how happy she is just sitting on the boardwalk! :(

That's it for today. Thank you for stopping in and for all the amazing comments. If you have any questions or interesting tidbits about today's wildlife, please let me know.


  1. Your card is really really pretty Pamellia!! So happy to see Lake Ontario! :D Those cute little birds and buddies make my day! So sorry to hear about Scully...hope she makes most of her walks! :)

  2. HOw can on be sick of your Gorgeous cards Pamellia ? They are feast for eyes always ! Loved the snowy and beautifully layered Christmas card .

  3. What a gorgeous card Pamellia and that new paper release looks like my kind of Christmas! I'm so sorry to hear that your sweet Scully is losing her eyesight...make the most of those wonderful walks. Your lake walk looked wonderful. Sending hugs from Tuscany xx

  4. I always know there will be things to love when I see a post of yours in my blog feed. Today has cooled me down with the wonderful Christmas card and then the shady and cool places you have on the photographs.

    So sorry to hear Scully is losing her eye sight. She is the star of the photo show today for me.

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Lovely winter card, we need cool thoughts just now. Great photos, you have been having fun! Hugs, Valerie

  6. So beautiful! Love your card and amazing photos.
    Valerija xx

  7. A stunning Christmas card Pamellia with the layers of lace and papers together..beautiful design..fabulous photos and that crazy Junior on the precious Scully..bless her.

    luv CHRISSYxx

  8. Another terrific card. I am so sorry to hear about Scully losing her eyesight.

  9. Beautiful card, Pamellia. I never tire of anything Christmas! Another lovely walking trail you have nearby. Poor Scully--so sorry about her eyesight. My little guy is 8 and I suspect he may be losing his as sometimes he bumps his head on something if turning quickly.

  10. LOVE this card Pamellia. Sorry to hear about your fur babies eyesight.
    Julie x

  11. Oh I feel so sad for your scully. I have 2 dogs aged 9 and 10 and am always so worried when they suffer from the slightest of ill health. your card is super gorgeous the traditional red
    Dr Sonia


  12. It does not bore me your beautiful Christmas cards in July Pamellia, I enjoy it!!!
    Pour Scully...good luck with her health!
    Gerie x

  13. Who could get bored looking at your beautiful Christmas matter what time of year!
    Love the touches of red on this one, lovely contrast with the frosty layers.
    So sorry to read about poor Scully, pleased you're making sure she gets the best of what's left of her sight.
    Red squirrels too...they're quite rare in the UK now :)

  14. Hi Pamellia
    Christmas, weddings, bah mitzvahs.......whatever the occasion, your cards are always a treat for the eyes and this is no exception. Stunning!
    That lakeshore looks a lively spot for a picnic. Do you take The Girls with you on the treks? That would be a lovely sight for poor little Scully. Hopefully the degeneration will be slow so that she gets to see plenty more things. What a cute face, you just want to kiss her!
    Nice to see Junior getting a bit of exercise. I did think you were going to have to have him surgically removed from his cushion (note how I say "his" cushion lol!)
    Have a great day and big coochy coos for Miss Scully.
    Ang x

  15. That should be LOVELY spot for a picnic not "lively"............folk will be expecting raves, thumping thumping music and strobe lights lol!
    Ang x

  16. Wow so stunning Pamelia.Fantastic sparkle, it really twinkles and I love all the detailing and pops of red ;D

    xx coops xx

  17. very pretty!
    great photos!
    thank you for sharing them with us!

  18. Stunning card with fabulous texture and lots of elements for the eye to feast on. I can safely say I will never get sick of any cards that you put on the blog...whatever the theme x What a magnificent pot of gold at the end of your hike/walk. I am amazed to see a photo of Junior actually not sitting/splayed or sleeping on your chair! You are lucky to see red squirrels as they are rare here x I am so sad to read about scully, the cutest and prettiest of must be devastated? Enjoy every moment with her and sending virtual hugs x

  19. I will never tire of your amazing Christmas cards my friend!! Wow, this is absolutely stunning!! The layers and texture are amazing!! I love the design elements and the pretty red angel!! Every single thing about this is fabulous!! It seriously takes me so long to comment because I spend so much time looking at the pictures!! Love, love this!!

    I'm so sorry about Scully :( She's so precious. I went through the same thing with my dog and he adapted very well. I carried him everywhere and he was still the happiest dog :) What a gorgeous walk!! Lake Ontario looks so absolutely gorgeous!! And I adore boardwalks!! And I'm so happy to have my Junior fix...he's so entertaining ;) Have a wonderful Monday!! Big hugs sweet friend :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  20. Totally gorgeous card hun, loving the hints of red, but really like the pion hint too, fab photo's and so sorry to hear of your gorgeous dog losing her sight, she looks adorable, hugs Liz xx

  21. Hi there Pamellia, I am so sorry to hear about little Scully's eye problem, hope it goes slowly and even goes into remission, poor wee dog, she is just lovely.
    Another wonderful card from you, the colours and embellishments are amazing.
    More fab photos too, always a joy to see, Kate x

  22. Another fabulous card...wish I could make creations like these. So sorry about your little doggie's problems. Give her a hug from me, please. xx

  23. I just love that soft green with the bright red and all the wonderful decorations you gathered to decorate this lovely card! what a great trail you took - SO sorry for Scully - although when I was young we had a cocker mix dog and she lost her sight but somehow walked around the house like no one's business - going around tables and chairs - we did have a fenced in backyard so when she went out on her own she couldn't wander off -we would go camping and she was fine although tied up on the campsite as you would with any dog (unless they were super obedient and wouldn't run off!) - she lived for many years not seeing - people didn't even realize she was blind until we told them.

  24. I love the colour combo of the rich red and mint green on this card. The layers and snowy touches adding to the gorgeous design. So sorry to hear that your beautiful Scully is losing her eyesight, hopefully it will be a slow process and she has plenty of adventures yet to come.

  25. So sorry for the eyesight of your sweet doggie! Hope that it is a slow process!
    I enjoyed very much your photos of these amazing place! Lake Ontario is really big, your shot remember me a place of Mediterranean sea!
    So glad to meet Dina and David :) I didn't know them. In Italy we call them "tortore" (turtle doves, or lovebirds).
    Love the little and cute red squirrels!
    Junior is always fabulous and so fun! :D
    Your Christmas card is a delight, and I'm not sick of fresh cards!! Love the textures and the stunning layers, and the spots of red give a very festive look to the whole composition! The wall on the back looks fabulous as all this snow!! Love very much your card!

  26. Gorgeous card Pamellia! beautiful layers and those embellishments are stunning..
    Sorry about Scully, they do seem to adapt to loosing their sight, I know an amazing Labrador with no sight! but he knows where is ball is thrown and still walks perfectly.
    Love your shared photos. what a beautiful end at the lake.
    Pam x

  27. Oh no Pamellia, I am so very sorry to hear about Scully, she really is just the most adorable little dog. I hope Scully gets to enjoy many, many more months of nature walks before things deteriorate.

    The chipmunk is just the cutest ever! Your nature trail photos are, as always, brilliant and that really is a lovely pot of gold at the end...

    As for your card, you must be tired of me saying it but it is STUNNING! Beautiful layering, lovely mix of flowers and chippies and I love the spotty ribbon! Hugs, Anne xx

  28. Sorry to hear about Scully hope she enjoys many more wals with you while she can -we had two chipmonks running round our front room a couple of years ago,they got out from a neighbours and into ours -very hard to catch lol,gorgeous view of lake Ontario could do to be on that beach right now need cheering up!!!--Stunning card and fabulous textured layers love all the frosty looking snow and great embellishments
    Carol x

  29. I am always in love with your cards... then I get hypnotized by your beautiful and interesting nature shots! Soooo... I love this holiday card... the glitter is perfect and icy. Love your nature walk! And you are so sweet to love starlings-- it takes a special person!

  30. What a fantabulous creation Pamellia - the red and white and all the texture is awesome.
    Love your walks - what a beautiful part od the world you live in.
    Love your squirrel photos, as ever - Junior in particular - he must be quite the character!! So sorry to hear that your pup is loosing her sight - that is always so sad.

  31. Amazing creation as always Pamellia fab elements, love your beautiful photos they are beautiful scenery, love all the fur babies and beautiful chipmunk .
    Hugs Julie xxx

  32. Oh wow this is amazing, Pamellia! I have to keep scrolling up and down to catch all the incredible detail! So sorry to hear about Scully but dogs do compensate by using all their remaining senses. She looks like a fighter to me anyway! :) xxx

  33. Gorgeous card! Love the red angel and other pretty elements, now I can't wait to see what you will do with the new Pion collection....

    Beautiful photos, that looked like one amazing hike. Terribly sorry to read about poor Scully, but like Jane above says, she does look like a little fighter and I too have heard they compensate with their other senses, specially their sense of smell.. Sending big hugs and thanks for sharing all your beautiful photos!

  34. FAB U LUS! love the red and all the details you always have so many things to look at, but I have seen something I can do, snow writer and glitter, must try it LOL. Such a beautiful card Pamellia.
    Your shots are so beautiful thank you for taking me on your walk I'm exhausted doing it. but your pot of gold is glorious.
    Love your animal shots.

  35. Hi Pamellia,

    Such a gorgeous card, love the little cherub. Loving those Christmas papers too lol! Gorgeous pics hun. looks a lovely walk right down to that beautiful lake.
    Make a change to see junior actually doing something other than sleep, obviously his belly got the better of him lol!
    So, so sorry to hear about beautiful Scully, such a shame, did they give you a time scale? Is it cateracts? They do adapt rather quickly especially in the home if everything is left in a certain place then they know where they can go, she does seem rather young though, poor gal.

    You have a good day hun

    Love & hugs

    Jacquie J xxx

  36. Another gorgeous make Pamellia! Love the pop of red here and there and all the pretty flowers.
    Paper Talk with Samra

  37. Oh my .. I am so enjoying your Christmas cards Pamelia, each one has been absolutely gorgeous and they just keep getting better and better. Love the sweet little angel and all the lovely lace. Thank you for once again sharing your nature shots .. they are so very beautiful.
    So very sorry to hear about your sweet little dog .. she is so adorable. I know dogs do adapt but I hope she will be able to visually enjoy the outdoors (and everything else)for a long time to come yet. Sending love and hugs xx

  38. Who could ever get bored looking at any of your cards they are always so beautiful . So sorry to hear that Scully is losing her eyesight she is so sweet . My dog lost his eyesight as he got older but he adapted well and could still find his way around the house and outside in the yard . Hugs

  39. Oh, poor little Scully, what dreadful news. Perhaps you can get her some toys with bells or use smells to help her find her way around familiar places, I understand that dogs have an amazing sense of smell and it can help them adapt to loosing their sight.

    Another fabulous Christmas card, this ones seems a little more traditional with it's reds and little angel. I love the flowers and pine cones as well as your fabulous snowflake dies. Another truly great make.

    What am stunning place to take a hike, I am constantly amazed at how well maintained all of your tracks are but this one is totally enchanting as well. The glimpse of Lake Ontario through the trees reminds me of the way I always feel at that first glimpse of the sea when we visit the coast, the rush of adrenaline and that sense of anticipation.

    Dionne xx

  40. So beautiful, I like how you tucked the bits of lace in the layers and the bow! The pops of red look perfect with it too :) Boy all that green is so beautiful and makes me feel much cooler! Im SO sorry about your sweet Scully Pamellia!! But I have no doubt with your love she will still enjoy life to the fullest :)

  41. Oh, no, I am terribly sorry to hear about Scully! I hope she is going to enjoy the outdoors for a long, long time!
    Pamellia, you do the most beautiful Christmas cards! This one is trully fabulous with all those bits of lace and that sweet little angel! I am keep zooming your photos to see all the amazing details! I absolutely love this one!
    Thank you so much again for your beautiful photos! Love, love, love to visit your blog!
    Sending big hugs to you! Branka xx

  42. Oh Pamellia I am so sorry to hear about Scully, she may be losing her sight but with the love that surrounds her I am sure she will continue to enjoy many happy years with you. Awesome festive creation you have made Pamellia, love the design and embellishments, also your pictures they are superb.
    lorraine x

  43. Oh sweetie, I am sorry to hear about Scully! Did the vet say why? She is such an adorable little one- sending hugs and love your way xo

  44. A very pretty card with all the layers. I enjoy your nature photos on each post. So sorry about Scully, but glad she has you to look after her. Such a cute face!

  45. Oh Pamellia, this post has just showed up on my bloglist. First I must send you and your sweet Scully a big hug . Our dogs have such good hearing as well as their eyesight, I think and hope Scully will be able to continue to have a happy life with you all. Especially how you care, Pamellia, we know you love your animals and you will be her eyes I'm sure.
    The card as always is stunning, your details are awesome.
    Yvonne xx

  46. Pamellia, I read about Scully in your more recent post (getting caught up with you, I hope, today), and I am so sorry to hear the news about her eyesight. Hopefully she will get to see many, many more years of outdoor pleasures! Sending puppy hugs! She is such a sweetheart!

    Your card is so refreshing and full of frosty delight! You have really done those Recollections crafting materials justice with your glitter and snow effects! I see a future on Micheal's design team for you! I never tire of Christmas cards, and in fact, look at those I receive and my vintage collection all year long! I am looking forward to seeing your next frosty creation! Big hugs!

  47. Your card is so beautiful! Your choice of papers and all the elements are always perfect! I could look at your cards all day~They are always stacked with so many amazing details and the textures are spectacular! I couldn't imagine getting a Christmas card like this..I think it would most definitely be framed. Your work is outstanding! You have such an eye for detail!!!! LOVE this!
    Your pictures of the lake are so beautiful! What a view~just breathtaking! I am so sorry to hear about Scully! It is so hard when our furry friends get older. We still miss our Gizzy who has been gone for 4 yrs already:( I hope your Scully has many more years to still enjoy~I know he is in in the best of hands!
    Sherrie K

  48. Another stunning make. That trail looks amazing, would love to walk it. Sorry to hear Scully's news, so sad. Hugs, Cara x

  49. Ohhhh dearie, your cards are so wonderful and full of such special touches only you would think of. Every time I see something you create, I say yeppers, that is a Bubbles original! Love the colors on this one. Your pictures of the furry critters are so fun.

    I am so sorry to hear about little Scully. She is young to be having eye problems. Cataracts or lens sclerosis? I am saying prayers for her. My little 1 year old pup is having eye problems as well. Looks to be a genetic disorder and hopefully after we go to the specialist we will have an idea of what is to come as he gets older. 😞 Bless Scully's little heart. My pups send kisses! Hugz to you muffin! ~Doc

  50. Beautiful Christmas card! Great inspiration! I was unable to see many of your nature photos because for some reason they were not showing up!

  51. I totally adore how you've used these snowflakes! Way cool! And the silhouette angel is perfect with the funky font in Seasons Greetings. Great work with these products! Michael's is so lucky to have you.

  52. Just had a lovely catch up and another stunning card. The trail you took sounds fun, and the beach at the end looks fabulous.
    So sorry to read of Scully's eyesight problems, yes, she is you to be having such problems. A beautiful photo, she's so adorable
    Hugs, Avril xx

  53. Beautifully frosty card, Pamellia - I love that diagonal design with the snowflakes tucked into the layers. The pops of festive red make all the other delicate features even dearer.

    Even when we have been in drought or flood, I enjoy seeing how Nature copes, and how the ecology in general adjusts to the challenges at hand. Your photos display the beauty of deep roots, and the strength of how trees and reeds can grow from beneath the water without rotting, and reach up to the warm sunshine on top!

    Sweet little day time critters, too.
    Wishing you a great week-end!